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Cheap Vacations: How To Save Money On Your Vacation Rental

cheap vacation rentalWhen you are planning your dream vacation, budget is one of the largest considerations. It is certainly possible to enjoy cheap vacations and still have a lot of fun. You may have an ideal location in mind but are nervous about the costs of expensive accommodations. If you avoid the boring and uncomfortable hotels that are available and opt for a private vacation rental you can save up to 50% on your costs.

With websites like Airbnb and Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO), travelers have been able to stay in the best locations for much lower prices. In order to enjoy cheap vacations around the country, you can rent a private home, condo or cottage. This can help you enjoy the comfort and charm of a home instead of a cookie-cutter hotel room. 

Rental prices for a vacation rental can be found for a fraction of the ticket price for a franchise hotel. However, there are more ways to save. Spend your hard-earned money on the adventure of a lifetime. Here are some frugal rental tips to enjoy cheap vacations by saving money on your vacation rentals. 

Cheap Vacations: How To Save Money On Your Vacation Rental

Everyone should enjoy a vacation every now and then. You can enjoy it more when you can save money by going on cheap vacations. It is certainly possible. Just take a look at some of these tips. 

Negotiate For Cheap Vacations

When you are dealing with a private owner, the rental price is often negotiable. Talk to the owner directly to get all the information about the rental that you need right from a direct source. Ask about any applicable discounts that may be applied for:

  • family rentals
  • student pricing
  • senior benefits

As you develop a rapport, you can discuss ways that you can bring the prices down. If you are flexible on some of the details like site location and amenities, you may be able to lower your overall costs. 

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Consider Size

Bigger isn’t always better. Cheap vacations can be enjoyable if you only pay for what you really need. When you are considering size, make sure to:

  • think about how much time you will be spending inside your rental
  • choose something that has only what you need.

If you are only one couple, there is no need to spend money on a three-bedroom rental. The fact is that vacationers rarely spend a lot of time inside their rentals, but rather enjoy their trip seeing the attractions.


Depending on the type of vacation you are planning, you may be able to say no to some amenities in your rental. Cheap vacations do not require many amenities since you may not spend much time inside your vacation rental. If you don’t think that you will use features like a hot tub or a fireplace, look for something that is a bit more simple. When you book at a resort-style location, you could end up paying for onsite conveniences that you may rarely use. Try looking for something more private or off the beaten path to save some money.

Be Flexible During Cheap Vacations 

Just like when you are looking to book flights, having a flexible schedule can help you save money. Vacation rentals can often be cheaper if you book:

Weekend bookings are often a bit more expensive than reservations that are made during the week. Many private owners will give you a break on the price of the rental when they are looking to fill their property at the last minute.


Cheap vacations can be super fun for the whole family or even just as a couple. If you can manage to save on your vacation rental, you have cut costs for your vacation. With planning and flexibility, you can end up saving a bundle on your vacation booking. There are thousands of available rentals to be found all around the world. Add some extra locations to your travel bucket list with the money that you will save with these frugal vacation booking tips.

Do you plan on taking some cheap vacations before this year’s end?

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