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Investing In College: Is Going Back to School Worth It?

investing in collegeContinuing one’s education past the undergraduate level can bring with it advantages. Of course, there are also concerns that can come along with it. You might worry about the cost, your age, length of time since your last semester in school, and a myriad of other things. These worries can make you ask yourself, “Is investing in college really worth the investment?”

The short answer to that is, of course, that it depends. A degree does come at a cost. Investing in college won’t come cheap. Pursuing it can mean making financial and time commitments that are not insignificant. It can mean decreasing or eliminating current employment in order to be able to commit to one’s studies. It can mean decreased amounts of time and energy for one’s family, friends, and social commitments.

There are important decisions to be made before you should consider going back to school. However, it can be a pretty good investment. Here are a few reasons why investing in college may be right for you. 

Investing In College: Is Going Back to School Worth It?

For some people, going back to school is a significant investment of money and time. They also believe that the investment will not result in notable gains in earnings potential or increased access to a preferred job. However, for many people, continuing on to a higher degree can prove quite rewarding on a number of levels. Just take a quick look at these benefits to investing in college.

1) Competitive Advantage

In some fields, getting another degree means having a significant competitive advantage over others in the field. A good example of this is architecture, which is currently a growing field. While there are more jobs forecast by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the next several years, there is also increased competition for internships and jobs due to more people getting bachelor’s degrees in the field.

As a result, further education leads to more opportunities for advancement in your field. For example, having a Master of Architecture degree places you at an advantage over those in the construction industry with only an undergraduate degree.

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2) Investing in College Can Lead to Higher Pay

In many fields, a Master’s degree is not only a competitive advantage for a job. Investing in college can also likely translate into higher earnings potential. A good example of this is nursing.

Someone holding a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree can reasonably expect to earn $20,000+ more per year than someone who holds only a bachelor’s. In that case, it is pretty clear that the higher degree would more than pay for itself over the course of a few years.

3) New Job Opportunities Arise from Investing in College

No matter how good you are in a field, you might still lose to someone who may have a bachelor’s degree. There are simply some careers that are closed off to those without a Master’s degree or beyond. A good example of this is an instructor or professor. Short of having another credential such as a bestselling book to one’s credit, even the most humble of these positions tend to be only available to someone with a Master’s degree.

4) New Direction

Investing in college can take your life on a different course. Of course, this is another one of the advantages of going back to school. Moving in a new direction can sometimes really help your life.

Gaining that additional degree means:

  • having the chance to change fields
  • finding something in life more lucrative and fulfilling

This is a huge advantage to consider when thinking of investing in college. 

5) The Joy of Learning

One cannot dismiss the joy of learning, of course. Learning is always a plus when investing in college. While it does not monetarily pay for the degree, it is still important to note this advantage. However, it should not necessarily be a sole motivating factor for pursuing another degree, it does certainly hold its place.

Of course, that joy of learning may actually result in longer, happier life. While there is no guarantee, studies have shown that better-educated people tend to live longer. Something to definitely think about. 

Invest in College or Choose a Different Path

Investing in college can be tough but rewarding. When you start thinking of the investment, consider these advantages. Plus, college is just an overall great learning experience. However, it is important to note, the investment is not for everyone so make an informed decision for yourself.

Are you considering investing in college in the near or distant future? Tell us about it below!!

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