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How to Make Additional Income As a Social Media Manager

make additional income as social media managerBusiness owners feel compelled to participate in social media – yet they are typically too busy to mess around with running their own social media accounts. Even though social media is essentially supposed to help your business, it can become quite a hassle. However, if you are looking to make additional income, this creates significant opportunities for freelance social media managers.

Are you looking for a lucrative side hustle, or perhaps even a full-time job you can do from home? It is possible that perhaps managing social media profiles for busy business owners could be an excellent option for you. 

Why Make Additional Income As a Social Media Manager?

The social media manager is one of the best work-at-home jobs you could ask for. You can do the job from anywhere, which makes it an ideal job if you want to travel or stay home with your kids.

The overhead and barriers to entry for this role are low; you might even already have all the tools you need to get started.

For some gigs, all you would need is:

  • an internet-enabled device
  • a connection to the ‘net

Others would require more gear such as:

  • a camera
  • photo editing software

If you’re experienced with social media, there are many jobs available that don’t require intensive formal training. However, some business owners prefer to hire someone with a marketing background. If you want to make additional income as a social media manager, here are some steps to follow. 

How to Make Additional Income as a Social Media Manager

Working from home can be a very lucrative and can give you more free time to do with as you please. You can make additional income as a social media manager and here’s exactly how you can do it. 

5 Steps to Becoming a Social Media Manager:

1. Choose Your Platform(s)

Do you already have thousands of followers and want to make additional income? Perhaps, you’ve mastered the art of telling an entire story in less than 280 characters.

Here are a few platforms you can choose to work from:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

Or maybe you’re a champ at one of the smaller social networks like Ravelry or TastyKitchen. There are zillions of social media platforms, and you probably aren’t an expert at all of them. So you’ll want to choose which ones you’ll want to specialize in.

Your choice of platforms will be influenced by your skillset. For example, if you have outstanding video editing skills, Youtube would be an excellent platform for you to specialize in. If you don’t, Youtube probably wouldn’t be your top choice. If you’re a great photographer, Pinterest and Instagram would most likely be better options for you to start with.

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2. Build Your Business Brand on Your Chosen Platforms

If you really want to make additional income, build your business brand. When you solicit clients in the future, you’ll want to be able to show them compelling proof that you’re capable of building a community on your chosen platforms. One straightforward way to gain credibility is to create a community around your business brand.

It can be beneficial to:

  • narrow your focus
  • pick a highly specific niche to target

Perhaps you’d want to focus on creating interesting money-related quotes to upload to Instagram for finance bloggers, or filming gluten-free baking videos for Youtube’s food vloggers, or managing Pinterest accounts for graphic designers. This is the same type of content you’d want to consistently post on your business’ social media accounts.

3. Set Your Pricing

You’ll have to figure out how to price your services. It can help to create package deals consisting of the types of services you’d like to offer your clients — for example, you might offer a package deal featuring one price for posting a tweet per day for an entire month.

4. Find Clients and Do the Work

In order to make additional income, you need to find clients. Potential clients can be found in all sorts of places. You can find clients in different areas, you just have to be willing to look.

Potential places to do your client search include:

  • Facebook groups
  • on Linkedin
  • via internet searches
  • jobs from job boards
  • help wanted ads

Once you’ve located some potential clients that would be a good fit for your services, you’ll have to figure out how to approach them. If you found them through help wanted ads, this is easy; you just follow whatever instructions they included in their posting. Otherwise, cold calls and cold emails can both work well for approaching potential clients.

Whichever type of approach you choose, you’ll have to work on perfecting a concise and compelling pitch for your services.

Once you land some work, make sure to do your absolute best with completing it.

5. Solicit Testimonials

Testimonials are helpful for attracting more new clients to your business — so, make a habit of soliciting them from satisfied customers.

Earn Additional Income: Become a Social Media Manager Today

Handling social media can be a hassle if you’re not used to it. However, there are people out there who have made social media a huge part of life. If any of this information sounded like you or you find it interesting, then becoming a social media manager may be the career choice you were looking for. 

Would you like to make additional income as a social media manager? Which platforms would you specialize in? 

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