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Treat Yourself: Little Treats That Won’t Leave You Broke

Everyone deserves a treat from time to time and it’s okay to treat yourself. It’s just something that we have to do in order to make ourselves feel better. Sometimes it can feel like all you’re ever doing is treating other people, and we all know how much that can drain the finances. However, when it comes to spending your money on yourself, suddenly this frugal brain kicks in that prevents you from even buying a chocolate bar.

You’ll go into the shopping center with good intentions of what you want to buy yourself. But, you’ll walk away possibly having a bite to eat because seeing the price of the clothes is all too much. When it comes to buying presents for other people, it doesn’t bother you watching the money fly from your bank account. You may even find more joy when you actually see them open the present. However, now we’re well over halfway through the year, which means Christmas jingles are just around the corner.

Before the madness of all of the festivities start and you really can’t afford to treat yourself, look at your options. It’s time to think about the little treats you should be getting yourself that really won’t leave you broke. Keep reading to find ways to treat yourself and save some money. 

Treat Yourself: Little Treats That Won’t Leave You Broke

Sometimes you need to treat yourself, even if only for the small things. Treating yourself doesn’t always have to be expensive and you don’t always have to come last. If you don’t want to keep breaking the bank in order to afford yourself and others, check out these tips to help out. 

Making Your Car A Little More Snazzy

There are three places that you’re going to spend most of your time:

  • In the office or whatever your place of work is
  • Your home
  • Driving around in your car (whether it be to and from work, to the shops, to see family…)

The list could go on. But we don’t often think of our cars as our pride and joy unless of course, you’re someone who is super into their cars. Consider this, we spend so much on our cars. The first initial investment and then everything else that comes with upkeep can be expensive. You should start thinking about how you can make it something far more personal to you and something you will actually enjoy looking at.

So the thing we have in mind is personalized number plates.

It doesn’t matter:

  • how old or new your car is
  • how good or bad it looks

This will make you feel like your car is far snazzier than it is. The great thing is that you can transfer the plates from car to car. Private number plates are not that expensive to buy and they’re a one-off payment that you can carry with you until you decide you don’t want it anymore. Or until you think of another one that you want. If you have a nice new car, then this idea is probably going to appeal to you even more! If this is something you’re interested in, it might be worth getting your order in sooner rather than later. The options that you might like, might not be available in a month’s time.

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A Nice Night Out Can Help You Treat Yourself

Everyone deserves to have a nice night out. It is a great way to treat yourself and you can still save money. A night where you can truly get glammed up and experience something a little different. But by a nice night out, we don’t just mean a cheeky trip to Nandos and call it a day.

We suggest that you:

  • start saving up a little bit
  • get to booking a super fancy meal

If you and your partner, or your friend, saved up over two paydays, you could easily afford to book a table at a super fancy restaurant and feel like you’re being wined and dined in style. Even if it is just a one-off, it would be nice for you to feel all elegant and fancy, just for a few hours. You could even stretch the night out by going for a few cheeky cocktails afterward!

Treat Yourself to Something To Make You Feel Beautiful

Now, this is going to touch on the shopping center conundrum. It can be so hard to pick something out that you like when you know you have to. However, this is good for you in order to properly treat yourself. Online shopping willy nilly is no problem, but when it comes to actually treating yourself to something special, it becomes a little harder.

So try these steps:

  • Think about something that you’ve always wanted (perhaps a new pair of heels, or even just a new handbag)
  • Take a look at discounted designer websites online
  • Save up some money
  • finally, buy yourself something fancy

When that designer label is put on, you can’t help but feel beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with saving for a few months to be able to afford it either!

Start Treating Yourself Today

Treating yourself is part of self-care and it is very important. In order to take care of yourself, you need to treat yourself every once in a while. These are just a few ways to do that but there are so many more. Take some time to focus on you before you focus on others, you can still save money while doing so!

Have you taken some time out to treat yourself and save a little money at the same time?

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