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Developing Staff In The Workplace: 5 Things To Focus On

developing staff in the workplaceWhen developing staff in the workplace, it’s important to think of the staff as individuals. They may have similar skill sets, they may all adhere to a similar dress code, partake in the same tasks, and turn up to work at the same time each morning. However, that doesn’t mean they’re the same people, nor are they simply cogs in your machine.

Making sure you stop confusing your staff can help you to this end and may allow you to focus on a positive and wholesome series of workplace optimizations you may wish to make.

Take a look below at some things you can focus on while developing staff in the workplace. 

Developing Staff In The Workplace: 5 Things To Focus On

One optimization that you may rarely discuss is the ability to develop your staff. This happens more often than you may appreciate, as it seems that the more complex the business process, the more confusing things can become.

Confusion cannot be attributed to any one cause, because it is a possibility that all can experience. Thankfully, the following advice will be able to help you overcome your disparate instructions when developing your staff. And, you can also dissect how confusion can spawn in the first place. This can save you from a lack of productivity, and also improve your workplace culture tenfold.

Here’s what this might look like:

1) Clear & Efficient Communication

When developing staff in the workplace, many of us have a penchant for over-explaining. As a business leader, it may be that you think this is a solid strategy, one that will potentially enable you to get your point across more conclusively.

An over-abundance of words can:

  • waste time
  • lead you to contradict yourself multiple times within one email
  • make your staff feel confused as to what instructions they wish for you to address right now

Keeping your communication short and to the point can be effective as a solid strategy in helping most feel confident and comfortable when corresponding with you. It can prevent you from being misheard. If you practice brevity of this nature, you may also see other staff members using this to their advantage. That can be a truly worthwhile and often quite useful tactic in helping everyone remain on the same page.

2) A Strong Vision

A business must always be led with a strong vision and this usually comes from a strong and creative leader.

However, a vision that seems somewhat…

  • too flexible,
  • confusing,
  • misdirected, or
  • weak…

…can leave your staff feeling a little confused about what is needed from them.

Even if they have their tasks right in front of them, the soul they can apply through their work might not be there. They may simply go through the motions to try and impress you throughout their working effort. This is not something you should hope for. It can actually leave you in a worse position than you were in before this.

As an example, in the mid-2000’s Dominoes released a ‘self-awareness’ campaign, in which they admitted their pizzas were not up-to-par, leading them to redesign their entire menu. They started this effort as a re-brand, but it turns out this simply led to slight adjustments on the menu. The staff that was ready to begin anew and grapple with a relaunch found themselves confused as to the scope of the change, which was poorly communicated.

Turns out the branding was a success but there was confusion among many franchises and direct employees throughout the entire process. It’s issues like this that you wish to avoid. If they can happen to large cultural structures like this, you can bet they may happen to an intermediate business.

3) IT Coherence

IT coherence is very important when developing staff in the workplace.

With an IT support partner, you can ensure that:

  • issues are resolved quickly
  • your staff is much more able to understand the problem and enact a solution
  • you can structure your own IT department bit by bit to the fullest possible potential. 

Without IT coherence, such as…

  • minimal yet cohesive suites for a range of hobbies
  • cloud computing that is seamless and accessible
  • security services that are both secure and easy to utilize…

…you can confuse your staff as they try to use their terminals and tools each day to accomplish their goals.

A solid IT system should work seamlessly and require less than a passing thought from many of your professionals. But to begin, you need to pay real attention to the IT coherence your setup and ensure that you never take this for granted.

4) Targets & Goals For Staff Development

The targets and goals you embody as a small firm can help keep you directed and interested in the end result.

It can also help you avoid a range of harmful behaviors that might keep you down, such as:

  • staff becoming aimless,
  • having to hit repetitive quotas, or
  • never being quite sure as to how they should improve.

However, targets and goals that make little sense can also be quite perplexing to your team. For example, you may quickly pivot your approach midway through a project, leaving a real wrench in the spokes of momentum you may have otherwise set up. Additionally, you may find that if your goals are simply to keep your head above water, staff can feel concerned about their job safety and your staff turnover may start to increase.

Make the Purpose Clear

Just as most people need to live with some kind of purpose, a company must strive forward with its intent known by all.

Perhaps you hope to:

  • enjoy a profit of a certain amount this year
  • ship a certain amount of units
  • curate a product by a certain date to launch in international markets

Identify your goals and your reasons for chasing them correctly. You can apply them so your staff feels as though they are part of a team rather than cogs in a machine. As long as you update your staff with regular briefings, you can achieve more. 

Even if most staff do not make high-level decisions of any capacity, it’s measurements like this that can help a firm regain its soul. Some of the best talent and care that could be applied to your firm will be from everyone in your business hoping to make their mark and help pull their weight. You may be surprised to note that through this process.

It’s important to allow staff to fulfill this care they have for their jobs. It is an outdated and harmful impression to believe that most staff simply wish to do the least amount of work for the money. Don’t confuse people about the purposes they are serving. People care about the health of the companies that they work at, so there’s no need to keep them completely in the dark.

5) Branding Uncertainty

Branding uncertainty can be a real issue for many staff working in a firm. Perhaps they felt as though they knew what your firm was, but now they feel as though this official vision has been lost.

For example, it might be that before a company had real artistic ambitions, but now they produce paint-by-numbers products. The design for the products may be cheaper and more disposable than others. There’s nothing wrong with producing a cheap product. However, if the stated ambition of the company was to innovate and create something new and high-quality, you can see how many may feel confused.

Keeping staff updated with your direction and how you choose to brand yourself is vital.

Whether it be that through…

  • graphic design
  • formatting
  • uniform…

…It will allow them to feel as though everything is working together to produce a logical result. This can be important for them to understand.


With this advice, you’re sure to start developing staff in the workplace effectively. You will be able to harness their natural talent and motivation well. Good luck on your journey to better staff development.

Are you ready to take the steps required to build your staff anew?

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