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Handmade Market: The Old Becomes New

handmade marketIn the handmade market, the expansiveness of new clothes, new shoes, and new accessories are everywhere you look. Ads are fed to you nearly everywhere you turn. Many people are starting to use different places to sell their items, such as:

  • huge department stores
  • discount stores
  • specialty boutiques
  • grocery stores

You can buy clothing, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories with basically no effort whatsoever. However, do we really need huge closets full of stuff? Anything from purses and wallets to bags and keychains is being recreated; everything old is becoming new again in this new market. With the rise in the handmade market, many are turning to create their own clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Find out how and why below. 

Handmade Market: The Old Becomes New

Festivals, markets and specialty boutiques in revitalized downtown areas provide avenues for handmade and second-hand items, as well as newly manufactured options. The popularity of handmade, antique and second-hand items is rising. As the appreciation of these older, personalized and full of character items with usually higher quality and more classic design elements speak to people looking for the simpler and finer things in life. 

Fast Fashion and the Handmade Market

Fast fashion is an entire industry that consists of:

  • making items quickly and cheaply
  • selling items quickly and cheaply,
  • then disposing of items just as quickly, and cheaply

Much of it has a commonly known and expected reputation of coming apart after a few wear and wash cycles. There is little time for people to develop long histories and relationships with their clothing and accessories during these shortened and fast fashion cycles.

If you buy new wardrobes with every new season, the cost can be quite a lot more than buying a few high-quality items that will last for years and years. There’s something special that can’t be captured in fast mall fashion like the nuanced character of antique pocket watches and other antique jewelry.

The longevity of these pieces is astounding. Maintenance and repair are what the pieces were originally made for. This was so they would get better with age and last for decades to come. There’s an element of carelessness that comes with cheaply made items that vanish and transforms into great elegance, care, and reverence with antique pieces.

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Old Fashion Becomes New

On the opposite side of the fast and disposable fashion culture spectrum are articles of clothing and jewelry that have stood the test of time:

  • made from natural and durable materials,
  • well made and made for being worn hundreds of times,
  • repaired and continuing on their wear journey.

Many local geographies have second-hand brick and mortar stores, as well as a wide array of online options.

The actual market for buying second-hand clothes, shoes, and accessories is vast and difficult to measure. There are abundant selling avenues such as yard sales, online yet unmeasured marketplaces and similar.

Millions of people partake in this to procure their own custom and unique wardrobes.

Most outsiders never know the difference between whether they are buying new or second-hand products. Depending on the persistence and savviness of the buyer, and the longevity of each item, most can be extended even longer with repairs and tailoring updates across the years. 

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No matter your income or budget, you can most likely reap extensive financial benefits by shopping second-hand, used and antique items.

Even when factoring in the cost of:

  • repairs,
  • tailoring, and
  • maintenance…

It’s often a fantastic way to live life in a more eco-friendly and financially savvy manner. By saving money on purchases in one area, enables you to funnel those saved dollars into other areas to invest or put away into an interest-earning account. It’s an all-around great strategy for many!


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