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20+ High-Paying Holiday Jobs

high paying holiday jobsWith the holidays around the corner, many people are looking to earn extra cash, save up for gifts, and more. And while the holidays are also about family and love, extra money from holiday jobs certainly doesn’t hurt!

20+ High-Paying Holiday Jobs in 2019

You know what? Side hustling and earning extra money is even easier during this time of year. With so many different places hiring, side hustles in full swing, and more, you can earn quite a bit of money in the next three months. Here are 20 high-paying holiday jobs and side hustles that you can start with right away.

1) Amazon

While Amazon is almost always hiring at their warehouses, the holidays bring an extra surge of hiring. Each year, thousands of jobs are added for the holiday rush that Amazon receives. And the best part? Pay ranges between $11-$16 an hour based on your shift and experience.

Drivers are paid the most, so if you don’t mind embracing the cold and sometimes dangerous road conditions, you could earn quite a bit of extra money by the end of the year.

2) Costco

Costco is a great employer to work for all year round, with minimum pay starting at $15 plus benefits. But around the holidays, when they experience an increase in shoppers getting their holiday goodies and gadgets, they need some extra hands.

This job is a bit harder to get into unless you know someone who already works there or don’t mind going through a few rounds of extensive interviews. However, if you do get a job there, employees admit to feeling happy and fulfilled in their work. Plus the pay isn’t bad at all.

3) Aldi

Aldi is another grocery giant that takes really good care of their employees. For starters, the pay can start at $12 an hour as a cashier or $15 in their warehouse. Pay is increased based on experience, shifts, and length of stay. Other perks include benefits, being able to sit when serving customers (as a cashier), and great shifts (like not working Christmas!)

Aldi usually has open hire around the holidays due to trying to fill positions as quickly as possible. So, if you want in, check your local store or warehouse and fill out an application.

4) Ikea

Are you a fan of Ikea? Well, you’ll be happy to know they love to hire temporary employees around the holidays to keep up with their influx in customers. If you love working with your hands and keeping things organized, this could be a great opportunity for you.

And the pay isn’t so bad either. Minimum pay is around $14 an hour, but depending on the need, it could go up to $20 an hour during the holidays.

5) Target

While Target isn’t the highest paying on this list, the store does have some huge perks that could make the lower pay worth it. First, employees get discounts, which is great for anyone looking to shop around the holidays. Second, the benefits package isn’t so bad, and it kicks in at the 90-day mark if you decide to stay on after the holidays.

Pay starts at $10 an hour, but overnight stockers and warehouse employees can start at around $13/hour.

6) UPS

UPS is always looking for office employees and drivers around the holidays. While this may require your CDL license depending on what job you’re going for, you can expect a hefty benefits package, bonuses, and more, just by working for the company.

Pay starts at around $10/hour for office personnel and up to $25/hour for drivers. And, if you stay on, even part-time, you can move up quickly too, which isn’t such a bad perk.

7) FedEx

Just like with UPS, FedEx is always looking for people to help in their offices, handling packages, and driving. The holidays are packed with people sending gifts and mailing packages, so expect this job to be super busy. However, pay can start around $13/hour and night shifts can start a little higher.

8) Rent Out Your Room (or Home)

While renting out your room (and the other items down this list) doesn’t really count as a part of holiday jobs, it is a great side hustle that can really rake in some extra change during the holidays. With people traveling to be with family, or go on vacation with their family, they are always looking for places to stay.

If you’re willing and able to rent rooms out of your home, or your entire home, throughout the next few months, you can earn up to a few thousand dollars. The closer you are to a busy city or the airport, the more money you can make.

For example, Airbnb has a calculator that lets you know how much you can make based on your location and how much room you have to spare. Even in my little-ish town, I could make up to $950 a month based on 1/3 capacity. Not bad for a side gig!

pay off debt faster by pet sitting9) Pet Walk/Sit

I’ve worked with dogs on and off since I was 12 years old. My father trained police dogs, and we always had a dog growing up as well. As a college kid, I took a lot of side gigs to survive, including walking dogs and pet sitting during the holidays.

Around the holidays, people are looking for their special pets to be taken care of while they’re busy traveling or planning. While pay will vary based on where you are and what you offer, you could get paid up to $20/hour walking dogs and around $100/night pet sitting. A great place to start out with is Rover, and you can also set up your own pricing through the site.

10) Christmas Decorating

Do you have a good eye and a ladder? You could be earning money as a Christmas decorator. Some people don’t have the time, capacity, or tools to hang up their Christmas lights, put up their trees and other decorations, or even set up a whole Christmas display. So instead, let them know you’re for hire and get to work.

11) Shovel Snow

I don’t know about you, but I hate dealing with snow. And lucky me, I live in the mid-west, so I’m constantly dealing with it once winter hits. And the last thing I want to worry about is shoveling my way to my car. So just like I hire someone to shovel my snow, so do many other people who think just like me.

If you don’t mind being in the cold and putting in a little manual labor, you could make quite a bit during the holiday season. The side hustler that we hired told my husband and me that he usually clears around $5,000 over the course of the 3-4 months he shovels, and he does it part-time!

12) Do Other Odd Jobs

Along with decorating and shoveling, you could also do other odd holiday jobs around your town.

  • Putting together furniture or gadgets that someone got for Christmas
  • Catering Thanksgiving dinner, and other holiday type gigs could earn you quite a bit of side cash.

If you’re looking for some side holiday jobs that you can do on your own time, check out if TaskRabbit is in your area.

13) Sell On eBay or Amazon

Got items you no longer need or want? Sell them on eBay or Amazon!

Because people are already looking for Christmas gifts, they may just be looking for what you have. Now, this doesn’t mean sell everything you own. But you could get a few hundred dollars by selling old electronics, toys, and even holiday baking items.

14) Sell Handcrafted Items On Etsy

If you would rather create some gifts to sell, try selling them on Etsy.

Etsy sees a huge spike in shopping around the holidays. Many people love buying handcrafted, small business based, or unique items. If you have a talent, like calligraphy or candle making, you can try your hand at selling your items on Etsy.

15) Be A Black Friday Shopper

Do you shop on Black Friday? Did you know that you can get paid to stand in line and get elusive items? Yes, people have made hundreds, and even thousands, just for standing in place and grabbing a special gift, like the new iPhone or a deeply discounted TV.

If you can handle lines, the cold, and even going store to store in search of a coveted item, you can earn quite a bit of cash in just one day.

16) Help With College Essays

Now is the time of year where high school seniors are spending their days off applying to colleges, scholarships, and more. And many who are looking to get into top schools have to write spectacular essays as a part of their application. Due to that, many parents are willing to pay top dollar for essay help.

If you plan on doing this, keep in mind that you are not to write the essay yourself. That could be considered plagiarism and could get you, and the student, in trouble.  It’s okay to edit what they have and offer your input, but they do need to actually write the paper themselves.

17) Drive For Lyft Or Uber

People get drunk on the holidays, travel to see family and don’t want to rent a car, and more. So driving for a company like Lyft or Uber is perfect around the holidays, and could earn you up to $25 an hour. It’s worth noting to be careful if you’re driving in icy conditions, and remember to be smart about who you allow in your vehicle, but overall, this can be a great side gig.

18) Tow Cars

Have a large truck that has towing capacity? You could tow small cars for a small fee and keep them from being stranded on the road when it’s cold and/or snowing. While some people can call their insurance company, some don’t have access to roadside assistance or have to pay a heavy fee to get a tow truck company to them. So offering your services at a discount could make you a big hit this holiday season.

Of course, before doing something like this, make sure to check the laws in your city. In my city, all you needed to do was get extra car insurance and have a contract in place in case something went wrong. But depending on your city, you may need to file for an LLC, have a specific driver’s license, or any other number of things.

19) Write Resumes

You aren’t the only one looking for high-paying holiday jobs! So are many other people who are looking for ways to earn extra money. Why not offer your services as a resume writer and get them the perfect job for the holiday?

I know holiday resume writers who charge around $50 per resume, and people are willing to pay it, especially if you can get testimonials!

20) Be A Holiday Photographer

Do you love photography and have a good eye and a great camera? You can take photos for:

  • family holiday cards,
  • Christmas engagement announcements,
  • and more…

While amateur photographers can expect to earn around $20-$25 an hour, if you’ve done this before, you can often charge more. And, it could also help build a portfolio if you’re looking to do photography full-time.

There Are So Many High-Paying Holiday Jobs

As you can see, there are so many different high-paying holiday jobs that can help you earn at least a few hundred bucks this year. Even if just for a few months, these jobs and opportunities are great ways to increase your skill, earn some extra cash, and even get discounts on your own gift shopping and holiday planning.

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