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The BIG Perks of a Small Carrier: Tello Mobile

cheap mobile contract dealsGood wireless service is pretty high in the hierarchy of social needs (and cheap mobile contract deals of course)… If savings are in your DNA but every monthly phone bill is a constant challenge to your financial goals, it’s time you got to know Tello Mobile, a wireless carrier designed to save you money.

Tello Mobile: Cheap Mobile Contract Plans Are Here

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Here’s its elevator pitch: In a world where everything is getting crazy expensive, this budget-friendly phone service has decreased, in June 2019, all plans with up to 30% and not just for newcomers. 85% of Tello’s existing customers got a plan upgrade (more minutes, more gigs or both added to their current phone plan), meaning a smaller price and/or more data.

When actually seeing that basic plans start from $5/mo and you can have 2GB with unlimited talk & text for just $14/mo, you might think it’s too good to be true. That thought is usually followed by the urge to start an emotional support group for all the people that are still overpaying for wireless when such Tello phone plans exist!

This is not a drill: plans start from $5/mo

What Tello does is let you keep all the phone service features that you love and you’ve gotten used to, at half the price.

Plans range between $5 and $39/mo. and data allotments from 0 to 12GB. It’s impossible to get a phone plan over $39/mo (this being the maxed-out combination from Tello including 12GB and unlimited talk & text). However, if you wanted, you could choose a talk & text only plan, with no data.

Savings tip: If you have Wi-Fi virtually everywhere you go, then see if you can switch to a low data usage plan, and add just 1 or 2 GB to your monthly plan.

Customization: Insider trick to a smaller phone bill

Tello’s philosophy is simple: no two people, families or budgets are alike, so why not have a tailored phone plan for everyone?

Customers are in control!

Tello’s flexible approach to wireless lets people build their own phone plans according to their needs. If your kid is dying to get his first phone plan and you’re feeling the need for some cost control, you can customize a phone plan by adding minutes & data until at least one of you is happy. E.g., you can get him 1GB + 300 min + unlimited text for $8/mo.

  • Seniors,
  • tweens,
  • students,
  • small business owners,
  • frugal people,
  • tech-savvy folks with data cravings,
  • families on a budget…

…Everyone can benefit from Tello’s plans.

Want to see how much you’d save? Go to their plan configurator and swipe right/left to see how your current phone plan stacks up compared to the same one at Tello. You’ll like what you see!

tello mobile plan configurator

Wireless Awareness: Aligning your phone plan with your needs is a game-changer. Once you see you can choose the number of minutes and data that you want, without settling for a predefined combo, you can finally let go of all the frustration gathered from previous carriers. You can relax, cross one more thing off your to-do list and trust that you get the right value for money.

Whip your phone bill into shape by switching to Tello

Contracts, ridiculous fees, activation costs, maintenance charges and all the other array of costs weigh your phone bill down. No such thing at Tello! You pay for what you use and nothing more. Cheap mobile contract deals at its finest!

Plus, the freebies take the savings & the satisfaction to another level:

  • Free tethering
  • Free unlimited text
  • Calls to Mexico, China, Canada included in any plan
  • $10 Free whenever you refer a friend to Tello, for both you and the other person
  • No contracts, no extra fees
  • Free shipping

Tello is beloved for its outstanding customer service:

“Switching services involved several calls to Tello to get my phone set up correctly. Each customer service person was friendly, knowledgeable, and really easy to work with. I’m tech-challenged, but no one became impatient with me, and they walked me through each step with respect and immense patience. I couldn’t be happier with this new cost-saving service!”J de haan.

The compact guide to switching to Tello for busy people

Now that you’re dazzled by the savings (and mind boggled you didn’t know about them sooner), here’s a simple guide to making the switch risk-free:

  • Tello runs on Sprint → so check your coverage here by entering your exact address
  • You can bring your own device → unlocked, CDMA & compatible, of course; you can enter your phone’s IMEI/ESN here and see if it’s a match.
  • Can buy a new/refurbished device from Tello → if your phone is not compatible or you want a new one, browse their selection of phones and take your pick. Basic phones, smartphones, refurbished or brand new choices
  • Easy online port in process → with Tello, everything is done online. Create an account in seconds. You can keep your phone number or get another one from them.

You don’t have to be too tech-savvy to switch your cell phone carrier, or too brave to make the huge life-changing decision of porting to another telecom provider.

Smart choices shouldn’t be complicated. Switching to Tello is completely risk-free & easy as pie. If you decide it’s not a match for you and your family, you can cancel the service anytime, with no extra charge.

Are you ready cheap mobile contract deals? This might just be the one for you! Sounds like there’s really nothing to lose!



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  1. I have been a Tello customer for quite a while. I started off with the largest amount of data, then 1 day before they auto bill me I change plans and the data then rolls over….I love it!!

    • Ha, nice! Glad to hear more good things about them! Could be a good option for a ton of people!!

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