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5 Fun Ways to Get In Shape

fun ways to get in shapeLet’s be honest. Trying to get lose some weight, get in shape, and become healthier can feel like a chore. Dieting, exercising, weight lifting, counting calories – it all seems so tedious and unpleasant. However, there are some fun and exciting ways of getting in shape. You just have to find out what those ways are! Take a look at 5 fun ways to get in shape today. 

5 Fun Ways to Get In Shape

Exercising can seem like such a boring task. However, the reward for getting in shape can far outweigh the fact that the deed itself is overwhelming. Here are some fun and exciting ways to start getting in shape.

1) Dancing

Dancing can be a great way to lose some weight and tone your muscles. Dancing works all areas of the body, including your:

  • legs,
  • stomach,
  • back,
  • arms

It doesn’t matter if you are into country line dancing, the salsa, ballroom dancing or something more modern and hip. Dancing is a workout! If you want to focus specifically on your midsection, try belly dancing. There are even dancing-related video games that work wonders.

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2) Swimming and Water Sports

Swimming is another great way to lose weight. It is a low-impact activity that won’t put a lot of pressure on your joints, so it isn’t a painful workout. Even so, with swimming or water aerobics, you are working almost every area of your body in some way. If you are self-conscious about putting on a tiny swimsuit, don’t be!

There are some adorable one-piece suits you can find, but tankinis with boy-short bottoms are another option. One of the benefits of boy short swim bottoms for women is that they are longer than regular bottoms and cover more skin. You don’t have to worry about any “unseemly accidents”. Furthermore, they are usually high-waisted and help keep your tummy flat.

3) Hiking

If being in the outdoors is more your thing, then schedule daily (if your schedule permits) or weekly hikes. Getting out into nature has its own proven benefits both emotionally and psychologically. However, hiking also has great physical benefits, as well. Without even realizing it, you’ll be burning calories and building muscle while stopping to smell flowers and take pictures of beautiful birds.

4) Jumping on a Trampoline

Another one of the fun ways to get in shape is by using a trampoline. There is a reason kids love jumping on trampolines; whether you have a full-size trampoline or a mini trampoline, exercising on either is just fun. You can:

  • jump
  • dance
  • jog

No matter what you do on a trampoline, you’re going to feel young and joyful. Furthermore, exercising on a trampoline is a full-body workout, and it burns more calories than doing the same exercises on a flat service.

5) Yoga

Yoga is another low-impact workout that will not hurt your joints or muscles, but it works every single part of your body. Yoga also helps strengthen your core and can be an excellent way to center yourself emotionally. Another added benefit to doing yoga is that it is great for all levels of experience. People who have never worked out before can step into a yoga studio and do fine on their first day.


Whether you decide to swim, hike, dance, jump or something else, the important thing is finding an exercise routine that works for you. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you are definitely going to have more fun. That way, working out will feel less like a chore and more like a hobby. So, find some fun ways to get in shape today!

What are some exercises you think might be fun to get in shape?


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