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Made In Mexico: Import/Export Items You Didn’t Know About

made in mexicoCustoms import and export information is not a topic most people are familiar with. Especially with items made in Mexico. However, it impacts all of us in one way or another. In the past several months, importing and exporting has come to most people’s attention. News events are being highlighted with tariff rates being increased and applied to a product that previously hasn’t had such rates.

  • Do you have a small business, or are affiliated with one?
  • Would you like to source your products outside of the USA?
  • Or maybe you just have a product you would like to sell to other countries?

Either way, it is likely you will need to learn a bit more than you currently know about importing and exporting laws for items made in Mexico.

Here are four quick tips to keep in mind while navigating through customs compliance. 

Made In Mexico: Import/Export Items You Didn’t Know About

Small businesses must know what they are going to come up against when it comes to selling outside the country. With items made in Mexico, as well as other places you may be selling in, importing and exporting laws are important. Below are some items that you may want to consider. 

1) Aerospace

Many companies choose to invest heavily in manufacturing in Mexico as a lower cost center. This has proven to be a collaborative and financial success for the local areas within Mexico and for international business models. One such location, Queretaro, is home to the largest aerospace manufacturing facilities.

It’s at the forefront of innovative products that stem from local university partnerships with:

  • Bombardier
  • government support
  • logistics infrastructure
  • a skilled labor force

As an important hub, Queretaro is home to many companies in Mexico including big names like Bombardier, Airbus, Delta, and more. Aerospace production in Mexico accounts for almost half of the country’s foreign direct investment. It continues to thrive and prove to be a very beneficial investment, both for Mexico’s economy and the companies that have established businesses there.

2) Automotive

Similar to the aerospace industry, many automotive manufacturers, and automotive parts manufacturers, have established facilities all across Mexico.

The main cluster areas are based in:

  • Coahuila
  • San Luis Potosí
  • Baja California
  • Nuevo León
  • Jalisco
  • Guanajuato

The automotive industry in Mexico makes up the 4th largest exporter of auto parts in the world and the first in a volume of auto exports to the U.S.

The main ten automotive original equipment manufacturers in Mexico are:

  • BMW
  • Chrysler
  • Ford
  • GM
  • Honda
  • Kia
  • Mazda
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen

These companies have around twenty plants that rely on a robust supplier presence to enable a smooth operation of exporting parts smoothly and in a timely manner. 

3) Electronics

Mexico maintains a vast array of specialty electronics manufacturing on either side of the beautiful country.

Mexico electronics manufacturing in the west part of Mexico specializes in manufacturing:

  • aerospace
  • hi-tech
  • IT
  • electronic sub-assembly parts

The east part of Mexico specializes in manufacturing parts for:

  • computers
  • home appliances
  • consumer goods

Facilities in the east and west areas have manufacturers that specialize in automotive and telecommunications components. Specifically, Guadalajara, Jalisco holds the largest amount of EMS manufacturing operations in the country.

4) Shoes & leather goods

In Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, resides factories that produce things in a bit more old fashioned type of way. By hand, with some basic machinery, out of very few raw materials.

They are made by classically trained designers and artisans that make well made personal accessories. Most importantly, they are societally relevant, stylish and appreciated by consumers across the globe. More and more people are craving higher quality goods, made from materials that can last a lifetime, and the facilities in Leon do just that.


Many things you purchase as a consumer are made all over the world, including:

  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • United States
  • Germany

For instance, there are certainly quite a lot of items you can encounter in your everyday life that are made right across the border, in beautiful Mexico. Most importantly, having strong trade agreements with neighboring countries provides a healthy economy to both sides, as well as the world. Everyone can participate and share in the success of a global economy.

Have you thought about whether you will outsource your products to Mexico, or any other country for that matter?

Have you considered how you will go about exporting?


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