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Motivation in the Workplace: How to Encourage Your Employees

motivation in the workplaceYou’ve built just the right team to help you with your startup. Now it’s up to you to keep them motivated and professional. However, it can be tough to promote motivation in the workplace. 

Studies have shown that the best way to keep employees productive and motivated is by keeping them happy at work. They will be able to produce more for the company and motivation can help decrease burnout.

Luckily, there are quite a few ways that you can keep your employees not only happy and motivated but healthy at work as well.

Motivation in the Workplace: How to Encourage Your Employees

In order to promote a healthy work environment, you need to have motivation in the workplace. This means that you should focus on making sure not only your customers are happy, but your employees as well. Here are some ways to promote a healthy work environment. 

Healthy Employees are More Productive

Everyone knows that healthy employees are more productive, and tend to show up for work more than employees who work in unhealthy surroundings. From having a healthy office water cooler to making sure you hire someone who is capable of cleaning your office building from top to bottom regularly to ensure no germs remain, keeping your employees healthy will keep them productive and happy. It will help your bottom line in the long run as well. After all, an employee who is sick can’t very well do the job you hired them to do, now can they? 

Plan Team Building Activities that Aren’t Work-Related

Most employers already know that team building activities are extremely effective, but most of those focus on the workplace. Why not think outside of the box and schedule some activities that are just about fun for the entire office? Plan social gatherings, such as:

  • visiting an escape room 
  • a movie night that will bring employees together

Help them get to know each other without forcing them to focus on work all of the time. Work is important but you can get more done if your team is acting like a team.

Offer Responsibility, Don’t Just Assign It

Create a friendly competition in the office–but not one that is going to be cut-throat and have employees jealous of one another. Instead of assigning responsibility to a chosen few, offer some responsibility to the whole team and see who steps up to the plate. This is also the perfect way to see who works well as a team, and who works better alone. Both have their place in an office that is trying to motivate their employees and keep them happy. 

Trust Your Team

No one wants to feel that there is no trust in their workplace. In order to get the job done (in life or at work), there must be some sort of trust in the competence of your team. When you delegate tasks to your team, DO NOT:

  • stand over them
  • be a micromanager

That will actually slow down the work and you may even lose some good employees. You trust them enough to bring them into your business, now trust them enough to finish the task at hand. Asking for their input on issues and other things to do with the business will go a long way towards gaining their trust as well, which is also important. 

Set Clear Goals for Your Employees

No one wants to show up for work every day when they aren’t sure exactly what they are in for. Make sure that you clearly communicate the company’s goals. This is important, even if it means holding a meeting every Monday morning like clockwork. While you want to have clear goals for the company, it’s also a good idea to help your employees set individual goals that relate to the company as well. That way you can also motivate them to reach their personal work goals. 

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Encourage Breaks

It is imperative to make sure you encourage your employees to take breaks as well. While you don’t want employees to constantly be on break and accomplish nothing, everyone needs a break. Even if it is just to take a walk or meditate, breaks are important in every job. By allowing your employees to take a breather from the task they are working on, you’ll end up with more employees that are:

  • dedicated
  • focused
  • helpful

This helps them get back to work feeling ready to go and you can accomplish so much more. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.  


These are just a few of the top ways you can ensure that your employees are happy and healthy. This can help promote motivation in the workplace. They will thank you for it and your business will thrive as well, increasing the bottom line for everyone involved. Do you know how you plan to motivate your employees?


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