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Tips for Owner Operators to Help Ensure Success

tips for owner operatorsIf you’re considering becoming an owner-operator in the trucking business, then you need to do some soul-searching to determine if it is, indeed, the right choice for you. There are pros and cons to being an owner-operator just as there are to driving a truck for another company. Sometimes tips for owner-operators can be needed and very appreciated in the business. Especially if you just starting out. 

Becoming an owner-operator in the trucking industry can be a very lucrative business venture. In order to ensure success in this business, there are some helpful tips for new owner-operators that could help.

Below are 4 tips for owner-operators that could help ensure your success in your new profession. 

Tips for Owner-Operators to Help Ensure Success

To guarantee your success, there are a few tips that you will want to follow when becoming an owner-operator in the trucking world. You can find a few of those tips below to help you get started on your own path to success. 

1) Create a Plan

Having a business plan is the first step in starting your own business as an owner-operator.

In this plan, you should include the following.

  • An overview of the business you’re hoping to have
  • A detailed description of the services you are going to provide
  • How you’re going to be different from your competition
  • What type of customers you are hoping to target
  • How much experience you have in the trucking field
  • A financial outlook and hopes you have for the future of your trucking business

While some of these might seem like tasks for the future, with any solid business plan it’s important to plan ahead. That’s why adding these to your plan is extremely important to your success. 

2) Have Money in the Bank/Good Credit Score

Before you begin your new business venture, you should have at least 60 days worth of operating costs in the bank and/or a good credit score. This can help you get a loan to get started. If you don’t have good credit, you can check into leasing a truck instead of purchasing one.

Also, make sure to pay off as many debts as you can before starting to run your own truck. Remember, anything could happen. The less you owe and the more you have saved, the better off you are. 

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3) Purchase a Truck

Once you’ve done the above things, it’s time to start considering the type of truck you want to buy or lease. Do your research by searching for specific trucks online, such as  Peterbilt trucks for sale. You might just find the perfect vehicle you need at an affordable price. 

4) Figure Out a Budget

You’ll want to help ensure your financial success by figuring out a detailed budget before you start taking on customers. Not only do you want to create a business budget but a personal budget as well. 

Your business budget should include expenses such as:

  • certifications
  • fuel costs
  • permits
  • taxes
  • truck maintenance 

Your personal budget should include things such as your house payment, rent, health insurance, living expenses, etc. 

Your business budget and your personal budget should be kept separate, so that money doesn’t get pulled from one to cover the other. This can only lead to disaster for your personal life and your new owner-operator business venture as well. There are many sites and tools online that will help you set up these budgets so you don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to build one yourself.

Is It Time For You to Become an Owner Operator?

It can be tough starting out as a new owner-operator. These are just a few of the tips (out of hundreds or thousands) you need to follow to ensure that your venture into being an owner-operator in the trucking business is a success. It’s a big step and can seem overwhelming. However, with a little faith and these tips, you will soon be on your way to bigger and better things. 

Are you on the path to becoming an owner operator? Leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you!!!


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  1. Having a maintenance budget is absolutely quintessential. Working in the industry I’ve seen this time and time again. Owner Operators not saving back a portion of their earnings and when their truck breaks down they have no money to cover the repair.

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