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36 Side Hustles You Can Start Now to Earn More Money

side hustles you can start nowAre you dreaming of sand and palm trees, or wine at the piazza? Do you just know your washing machine is on it’s last leg? Maybe you’re living paycheck to not-quite-next-paycheck and want to bust out of that debt-repayment cycle. Most people need a little extra cash to do the things they want. Whatever your reason may be, we provided the top side hustles you can start right now to earn more money.

36 Side Hustles You Can Start Now to Earn More Money

This post was written by our new writer, Lindsey Smith. It may include affiliate links.

1) Freelance Writing

In our online-driven world, content is needed more than ever. Every website you visit, social media you check, product or service you use, needs content for you to read.

Consider what interests you, and then find products and services within that niche that you could potentially:

  • write blogs,
  • articles, and
  • social media posts for.

Get started on UpWork, Problogger, Fiverr and Contently. While they don’t pay the highest rates, they will get you started, and you can make a few hundred extra dollars per month in your spare time. Another bonus, you’re paid to research and write about topics that you actually enjoy, making this not only one of the best side hustles you can start now, but one that you’ll love doing.

If you love writing fiction, or have a skill you can teach, writing ebooks can be a lucrative way to earn some extra cash.

Platforms like:

…make it easy for anyone to publish their work.

Check out resources like 20BooksTo50K to get a good understanding of how to leverage these platforms.

2) Copy-writing

If you have a love of words and persuasive psychology, copy-writing might be a fun option, that fills your creative well and can bring in a substantial amount of money on the side.

Different from content writing, copy-writing is a form of writing that entices people to opt-in on a website or buy a product or service. It is writing with an end goal, or call to action. Think email marketing sequences, sales pages, landing pages, and sales funnels. The great thing is that all businesses require copy, so, like content, there is no shortage of work available.

As with content writing, copy-writing in niches that interest you will make this work enjoyable, and just one long-term client can net you around $1,500 per month in side income.

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3) Proofreading 

Want side hustles you can start now? Proofreading might just be the ticket for you.

Anyone wanting to publish work needs someone to proofread it. Depending on your background and current skills, you may be able to proofread…

  • scientific papers,
  • essays,
  • ebooks,
  • content, or
  • copy for any number of businesses or professionals.

Check out work on Scribendi, Gramlee, Scribbr or Proofread Anywhere for leads on this side hustle, many of them you can get started on instantly.

work from home professions4) Virtual Assistant

There is a growing demand among online business owners for virtual assistants (VA), which includes anything and everything administrative from the comfort of your own home.

Tasks include:

  • calendar and inbox management,
  • bookkeeping,
  • transcription,
  • compiling meeting notes,
  • research,
  • proofreading,
  • and other administrative tasks.

Most VA’s charge by the hour, and either have scheduled tasks, weekly to-do’s, or work on-call, as needed. 

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5) Virtual Customer Service Representative

Similar to virtual assistants, virtual customer service representatives work from home answering customer requests and complaints, and solving customer issues.

  • Some companies need telephone reps,
  • others will want you to work their online request queue, or
  • their live chat.

Either way, this is a great side hustle you can start now to add some extra dollars to your bank account.

6) Grocery Delivery

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, if there is a grocery store nearby, you can probably shop for others.

Check out:

See if a store near you is affiliated.

What’s great about this opportunity is that you’re able to set the hours you’re available within the app, and then accept jobs as they come for those times. Payment is deposited into your bank account, and you can usually cash out weekly. 

7) Restaurant Food Delivery 

There are a huge number of restaurants that want to deliver to their customers, so why not try delivering for one of them? And, it’s not just pizza anymore!

This is one of those side hustles you can start now, and some even pay out daily.

These are a just few of the many services you can hook up with to get your food delivery money train rolling.

8) Other Types of Delivery

Not only restaurants, but retail shops and convenience stores offer delivery on just about anything else you can imagine.

These are great places to start looking for delivery opportunities that fit your side hustle schedule.

how to start saving money with homeowners insurance9) Home Rental 

Try renting out part or all of your house to make some extra cash.

This works great, especially if you live in a touristy area or near an airport. Renting out a room or your whole house can bring in hundreds of dollars each month.

Platforms like…

…have quick and easy setup, making this a side hustle you can start right now…or after you clean out that spare room. 

10) Consulting

If you have skills and experience in an industry or specialty, and you like data and putting pieces of a puzzle together, consulting could be a great side hustle you can start now. Businesses small and large are looking for people who can come in and add value to their bottom line, streamline their processes, and spot inefficiencies while giving them creative solutions to their biggest problems. 

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11) Ride Sharing 

Have a car? Then this is certainly one of those side hustles you can start now. 

Put your car to work by driving for:

Check out your area to see what platform people are using and work it into your schedule.

12) Simple Tasks 

There are so many small jobs that people either don’t want to do, or are unable to do.

Websites like TaskRabbit allows people to post jobs they need such as:

  • heavy lifting,
  • packing and moving,
  • handyman work,
  • cleaning, or
  • furniture assembly.

Once you set up your account, you can choose from any of the jobs nearby and get started making money for each job you complete.

Similarly, Gigwalk and Field Agent let  businesses post tasks they need completed, some a few minutes, others hours.

Things like:

  • making sure merchandise is stocked and displayed properly in stores,
  • market research, and
  • mystery shopping. 

13) Physical Tasks 

If you have the ability, there are multiple jobs you can do to help others that otherwise can’t, and be paid nicely for it. Gone are the days of posting an ad in the local paper.

With websites like:

…people can post or search for your services, and you can pick up side jobs to garner extra cash.

14) Project Management

Have a knack for organization and great with all types of communication? Project management is another one of those great side hustles you can start now, especially if you have an eye for details while keeping the big picture of a project in perspective.

Duties include:

  • managing teams or writers,
  • designers or developers,
  • delegating tasks,
  • managing a projects’ work-flow, and
  • being on top of deadlines and deliverables.

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risks to take before turning 4015) Affiliate Marketing

If you have a large network, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to leverage that audience for some side income. It is essentially promoting other peoples’ products and services, and earning an agreed upon amount for every sale or successful referral you make. This one works best when you find the right product or service for the right audience.

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16) Dropshipping or Starting an Online Store

When you can identify a need in the market, setting up an online dropshipping store can be the simplest side hustle you can start now. Sites like Shopify make it simple for anyone to set up a store, and places like Spocket can be a great service to fulfill your customer orders. If you have a marketing mindset, this option can be very profitable.

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17) Social Media Manager

Every business is on social media, and they all need someone, or a team of someone’s, to run those platforms effectively. Start with helping smaller businesses to hone your craft, and work your way up from there.

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18) Car Rental

Do you have a car that you don’t use often, or one that’s just sitting around?

Turn your car into cash with:

List your car for free, people can rent it, and you’ll receive 65%-85% of the package price. The app typically even covers the insurance!

19) Parking Rental 

If you have a driveway or curbside parking spot near a large venue or highly trafficked area, consider renting it out using:

This is definitely one of those side hustles you can start now, AND it can be a HUGE money maker!!

investing in college20) Tutoring

Online tutoring has become huge in recent years, with many options to choose from. Whether you sign up to help someone locally, or get in with a company like VIPKID teaching ESL to students in China, there is a tutoring option out there for you.

Decide what hours you’re willing to work, and then check out places like:

Choose from the options above to see how you can turn this into a side hustle you can start now. 

21) Dog-sitting/Pet-watching

Looking for side hustles you can start now…but that you’ll actually enjoy?? Pet lovers can turn their heart for animals into a side hustle by advertising their pet-watching services.

The above options are set up for you to help pet owners find safe and loving places to board their pets when needed. 

22) Mobile Pet Grooming Business

Love to take care of animals but don’t have the room to pet-sit? Try out a mobile pet grooming business. You need some supplies up front and a vehicle, but taking care of pets for a few hours a day can be the side hustle of your dreams. 

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23) Online Surveys

Companies are always looking for marketing metrics and feedback, so why not take online surveys in exchange for money?

…are some platforms that will hook you up with businesses looking for consumer data. 

(Note: This is okay for making a few bucks here and there…but don’t waste your time trying to make big money with it: “Make Money Taking Surveys? I Don’t Think So…“) 

24) Selling Old Stuff 

To make a few extra dollars, consider selling your old stuff on:

To turn this into a side hustle, become a bargain hunter, a yard-sale aficionado, and sell your treasures for a profit.

25) Rent Out Your Stuff

Using a service like Rentah, you can literally rent out anything you own. This peer-to-peer marketplace lists whatever you want to rent, for however long you choose. Have old video games you don’t play anymore but don’t want to sell? They are especially popular here.

things to do on a staycation26) Babysitting

With the advent of online services, babysitting has become even easier to advertise and find work for. Having great references will be required, but this is a great option for stay-at-home moms who might want to make a little extra money.

27) Investing

Wealthy people know that having your money make you money is the key to growing it. Groups like Acorns and Lending Club can help you take a small amount of cash and nurture it. This is a great passive income strategy, and it can earn you enough to become your side hustle you don’t even have to hustle at.

If you’re looking to invest more dollars for an even better return, look into Vanguard or a local brokerage you trust.

28) Art, Design, Crafting

Do you have a creative hobby you already love to do in your spare time?

You can turn that into a side hustle with places like:

29) Give Music Lessons

If you’re musically inclined, offering your expertise to others is a great side hustle you can start right now that brings in cash right away. 

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higher education without student loans30) Selling Photos and Photography

Photography is a hobby that many can turn into one of those “best side hustles you can start now”. Whether you decide to advertise your services, or sell your photos to places like Getty Images or Shutterstock, your love of visual arts can pay off.

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31) Videos

Creating video content can pay off in a variety of ways, including building an audience quickly and through affiliate marketing. Using YouTube or Twitch to build and drive traffic can be a great side hustle for those who enjoy it.

32) Voice Work 

If you have a talent for reading with expression, voice work could be a fun side hustle you can start now. Try Voice Bunny or to audition for people looking for voice actors or readers. You can earn a few hundred dollars per month, depending on the type of contract.

33) Creating an Online Course 

If you have something to teach others, creating an online course can be a side hustle that continues to pay you long after your done creating it. Using targeted ads to find your students is a bit of an investment, but one that can make this side hustle a highly profitable one.

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34) Be a Personal Chef 

Do you love to cook? There are a lot of people who don’t, so listing yourself as a personal chef can be a fantastic side hustle that uses your talent and ability to help others. Websites like help connect chefs with people who want healthy, home cooked meals. 

how to sell your home for more35) Clean Houses

If you love to keep a clean house and have an eye for organization, cleaning other peoples’ houses in your spare time is a great option. With rates around $25/hour, this is a highly profitable part-time gig.

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36) Wash and Detail Cars

Bringing cars back to their beautiful, shiny selves is a satisfying side hustle you can start now. Find yourself a solid roster of clients that want to hire you every couple months, and this is a consistent way to bring in extra cash.

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You’ve Got the Info… Now Start Making Money!!

There you have it! 36 side hustles you can start now. No matter who you are or what your skill-set is, you can find at least one side hustle that you can enjoy and earn money with from the list above. 

  • So which one will it be? 
  • And how much will you choose to make with it?

The answer is completely up to you. So how about it? What side hustle will you get started today?

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