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Be a Guest Blogger: Why The Guest Always Come First In Business

be a guest bloggerThe last thing you want to focus on is other businesses. Unless it’s competitor research, the best strategy is to concentrate on your company so that it grows and expands. Any extra time you do have need funneling into weak areas to boost the firm further. In short, guests never come first, not when launching a startup is involved. However, this attitude might be your downfall where marketing is concerned. You can be a guest blogger to market your brand.

The truth is that the guest comes first because they gain exposure and raise awareness of their brand. We are, of course, talking about guest blogging. If you aren’t doing it by now, or if you assume it’s not worth your time, it’s worth noting the importance of the technique.

Here are some reasons why you should be a guest blogger. 

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Be a Guest Blogger: Why The Guest Always Come First In Business

Guest blogging is an excellent tool that impacts everything from sales to conversions and bounce rate. If you really want to help your business, you should be a guest blogger. Here some reasons to consider becoming one. 

1) It Builds Loyalty

There’s no doubt that traffic increases as a result of quality guest posts on reputable sites. As long as the content is relevant, the audience will take note and seek you out on your usual platform, your blog. Some websites report a 5x increase in traffic as a result of using this tactic!

However, it isn’t only the number of people who turn up, but the quality of the traffic. Often, guest posts are excellent at encouraging people who are already interested in your products and services. After all, the content should create a connection and fill a gap in the market.

Whether it’s:

  • educational,
  • informative,
  • funny…

…The chances of them returning to your platform is considerably higher. 

Loyalty is what businesses need to make conversions and grow into a successful brand.

2) Brand Diversification Is Possible

Your blog or website isn’t the only thing that you can put out there as a result of guest blogging. Sure, a platform is the first thing you’ll think of, but there’s nothing wrong with advertising other features too. A fantastic example is mobile applications.

Creating an app is straightforward nowadays, thanks to custom software development services. The problem is trying to get customers to download it as the market is so saturated now that apps are more accessible than ever. Guest blogging raises awareness of all your platforms, from your blog to your application. All you need to do is mention the various ways readers can learn more about the brand. This is a brilliant technique as it’s subtle and not a sales pitch that audiences hate.

Aside from your app, you can use:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Be sure to provide details of your social media accounts. They are the tools with the biggest reach and don’t cost a penny.

make additional income as social media manager3) You Become An Authority Figure 

Online businesses and websites fail to gain a foothold in the market as they lack the standing required to make a mark in the industry. Guest blogging solves this problem by building your status and transforming you into an authority figure on a specific sector. Think about Forbes for a moment – everyone who guests on the website is instantly perceived as an expert on their subject.

Publishing content on blogs that have a big following and are reputable will help you to stand out from the crowd. Consumers want to consume content and buy services from industry professionals as opposed to chancers who lack the necessary qualifications. 

The most crucial thing is to ensure the publications fit the bill.

Try to get a spot on the likes of Entrepreneur and Culture Trip by using your story or business idea to garner attention. If you’re unique in any way, the best sites will want you to inform their readers of your journey so that they take inspiration from your story.

4) Build A Portfolio

At some point, you need to encourage people to invest their resources to further your business. There is only so much an individual with limited time and money is capable of without help from a third-party. Of course, investors won’t give you their money unless they are confident there is a high ROI. To analyze their risk-versus-reward ratio, they’ll look at several factors, including your portfolio.

To them, it’s a sign of your status and potential in the industry.

Regardless of size, they’ll be more likely to offer cash for a chunk of the company if they see career progression. Guesting on quality blogs shows that your business model is something big and medium-sized audiences want to hear about, which proves there is interest. A lack of guesting opportunities, on the other hand, signifies that you’re not yet at the investment stage.

Building a portfolio couldn’t be easier in this day and age. You can create a free, online resume that showcases your best pieces and the appropriate byline.

5) Shows You What People Think

Relying on your customer base to inform you when you’re making mistakes isn’t a wise move. While brand loyalty is crucial, it’s also blinkering. Customers and readers that are invested will make excuses or fail to spot potential warning signs, and that’s a problem. Without them acting as your quality control advisors, it’s not easy to tell when you’re standards are slipping, or if you need to tweak your offerings.

A guest blog negates this as it advertises your content to a new audience.

They don’t have any biases, so you can trust their word when they leave comments and mentions. Sometimes, their criticisms are difficult to stomach, especially when you believe you’re on the right track, but you shouldn’t dismiss their experiences. Tracking and monitoring mentions are two excellent ways to locate your weaknesses and fix them before they escalate. 

You can do this in a multitude of ways, yet the best options are:

  • analytics software
  • social media tracking

Both will show you when your quality levels are dropping, with the latter even alerting you to notifications in real-time.

Be a Guest Blogger – In Summary

Guest blogging allows you to raise awareness and make lasting connections. Also, it’s a fantastic way to build a portfolio while enhancing your authority in the industry. Hopefully, now you want to consider being a guest blogger, if not for any reason but to market your brand. 

If you don’t guest blog, what do you find to be the pitfalls?

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