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6 Best Frugal Living Tips to Help You Save Money

living in a car to save moneyLiving frugally can be a very nice, fruitful experience. Most people think that frugal living means being cheap. However, frugal living is a way to save money and avoid getting things you aren’t able to afford. You can get some of the best frugal living tips from some really financially savvy people. It can help your life in a tremendous way!

You can become more financially independent. It can also help you reach some of your financial goals since you end up saving a nice amount every month. Sometimes, you just need some help to get started. Here are some of the best frugal living tips to help you start living a more frugal life. 

6 Best Frugal Living Tips to Help You Save Money

You can live frugally and still have a very satisfying life. You just get to save loads more money and time! Below are some tips on how you can start living your best frugal life. 

1) Start living below your means

One of the best frugal living tips is to start living below your means. Or at least start living within your means so you’re not overspending.

There are many reasons why living below your means can be very helpful, including: 

  • saving for your emergency fund/future
  • reducing stress in your life
  • building your confidence

Money doesn’t just take a toll on your financial state but your mental and physical state as well. If you are trying to live a more frugal life and eliminate debt, then you should make this an attempt. 

2) Try biking instead of driving

Riding your bike can help you live a more frugal lifestyle because it’s cheaper and, as an added bonus, you are helping the environment. Cool right? You can even become more in tune with nature and the world around you.

Other benefits can include:

  • great exercise
  • added efficiency in getting to places
  • less maintenance

Biking can overall make you a healthier and happier human being. It wouldn’t hurt to pull out your bike and start riding today. You’ll be thankful you did. 

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3) Manage waste using the 5 R’s

Living a more frugal life can help you reduce the amount of waste you have. When you think of managing your waste effectively in your new frugal lifestyle, use the 5 R’s method:

  • Refuse,
  • Reduce,
  • Reuse,
  • Recycle, and
  • Repair.

How can you use these to your advantage? Well, simply put you will need to go through things in your life and decide what is worth keeping and what’s not. If it’s worth keeping, find a constructive use for it.

Most things you have may have plenty of other uses such as:

  • Old milk jugs can be used in your garden for water irrigation
  • paper towel rolls can be used as holders for cords
  • repair worn jewelry with new chains (it’s cheaper than purchasing all new jewelry

Don’t forget, some tape and a little glue can make something old seem just like new. Also, before making another unnecessary purchase, just refuse to buy it in the first place. Don’t buy anything that you know won’t reduce waste or that can be re-purposed for another use. You can save yourself hundreds in the end. 

best tips for frugal living4) Grow Your Own Fruits and Veggies

This part can be incredibly fun and healthier than going to the store to grocery shop. You can start growing your own fruits and veggies during any season. However, it is best to see what fruits or veggies will grow best during whatever season you choose. In winter, clementines and cabbage grow best. However, peaches, tomatoes, and bell peppers grow best in summer. 

You can decide what types of fruits and veggies grow in your garden and during what season. If you are just getting started on your own home garden, you can find out what fruits and veggies are ready to grow in the season by doing some research. A little research can go a long way, especially when you just start out. You can even can or freeze your produce to save for another day so it does not go to waste. That is why growing your own produce can really benefit your new frugal lifestyle.

5) Learn some DIY skills

You should learn to master new skills in order to live the best frugal lifestyle you can. There are some helpful life skills that you can learn to assist you down the line. Plus, you can save some tons of money by learning to master some super helpful do-it-yourself skills.

Some great DIY skills to master include: 

  • basic car maintenance such as changing your own oil or fixing a flat tire
  • unclogging your sink or toilet
  • basic painting skills in order to spruce up your home
  • building your own bookshelves or dressers

These simple skills and more can really help you out in the long-run. You even get to save some time from calling in someone else to do something that you can now learn to do from YouTube tutorials and helpful books. 

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6) Cut down on utility usage

There are so many ways that you can choose from to cut down on your utility usage. All of which can save you some time and money as well as help you live a more frugal lifestyle.

Some ways you can save money on your utility usage can include:

  • keeping your refrigerator coils cleaned
  • installing solar panels on your roof
  • insulating your home in preparation for colder months
  • use more energy-efficient items in your home
  • try line drying your laundry

These are just a few of the ways that you can try to cut down on your utility usage. They can help in some tremendous ways!

Best Frugal Living Tips – In Conclusion

It is important to find a healthy balance in life and living frugally can help you do that. Sometimes a frugal lifestyle may not be right for you and that’s okay. However, it is still worth an honest try and you may find out that it is the best decision you can make, especially financially.

Are you ready to consider using some of the best frugal living tips to live a more frugal lifestyle?

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