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Saving Money on Last Minute Holiday Shopping

last minute holiday shoppingWith time ticking down to make purchases and put gifts in the mail, last minute holiday shopping can easily result in overspending. We worry less about price and focus more on making sure we’ve got something for everyone on our list.

While the best way to avoid this situation is to get your shopping done earlier in the season, it’s obviously a little late for that. The goal now should be to get your last-minute holiday shopping done without draining your bank account or racking up credit card debt.

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Saving Money on Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Here are some ideas to consider for saving money on last-minute holiday shopping:


Most Christmas-themed greeting cards bought at the store cost anywhere between $2 to $6 each… More if they come with bells and whistles. Factor in the postage and the price per card is even higher.

Rather than spend $50 or more to send cards out to friends and family, consider online Christmas greeting card options. For the price of one traditional card, you can send dozens of e-cards out to those on your list. What’s more, the funky and funny options available are more memorable and entertaining than most traditional holiday cards.

Stocking stuffer sales

The candy, small toys, socks, and other items frequently bought as stocking stuffers are often put on sale a few days before Christmas. This works out perfectly for last-minute holiday shopping!

Skip buying these items until the last-minute to take advantage of these discounts. It can end up saving you a good chunk of change.

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Gift baskets

Sending out gift baskets is a more affordable last-minute holiday option than most people think. For one, several companies offer small to medium sized Christmas gift baskets for as low as $20, with fast and free shipping included.

It’s also possible to make your own gift baskets for friends and family, buying in bulk and saving money in the process. 

Baked goods

Baking cookies, pies, and other sweets are great holiday gift options for those on a tight budget. By waiting until the last-minute, you ensure the tasty treats you’re gifting others are as fresh as possible upon opening.

Since the tins and pans used to transport the baked goods will likely be the bulk of the expense, consider buying them at the dollar store to save extra money. Just make sure you’ve got some good recipes lined up!

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Prime time

Are you an Amazon Prime member? If so, the online retailer will prove especially helpful for affordable last-minute Christmas shopping. The options are practically endless, ensuring you can find a good deal on gifts for friends and family.

Fast and free shipping means you can opt to have the items shipped directly to their intended recipients, ensuring their gifts arrive on time despite time running out.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping: It’s Time to Shine!!

Last-minute Christmas shopping is a common ritual for many people. While it’s not ideal, waiting until the final hour can help save you money during the holidays. What’s more, certain steps can prevent you from having to overspend to make up for cutting it so close.

Use this article as a guide to save money on last-minute shopping this holiday season. By doing so you make sure the holidays are as cost-effective as they joyful.

Happy holidays!



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