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Money Mistakes: 5 Financial Lessons Everyone Must Learn

money mistakes goldMistakes are a part of human nature, especially money mistakes. If you’ve ever made a decision and come to regret it –– know that you’re not alone. In fact, the average person will make just under 150,000 poor choices in their lifetime. That’s a lot of goofs, blunders, and screw-ups!

The good news is, it’s always possible to learn from your mistakes as well as the mistakes of others. With that in mind, today we’re going to take a look at some money mistakes that we can try to avoid. Here are five important financial lessons everyone should learn eventually. 

Money Mistakes: 5 Financial Lessons Everyone Must Learn

Some money mistakes can be hard not to make. However, if you know the mistakes of others, you can try to avoid making them yourself. Check out these five financial lessons you can learn from some money mistakes. Save yourself some stress –– and money –– in the future:

1) The Sunk-Cost Fallacy

If you invest in something, it’s natural to want to see it succeed. However, experienced investors are able to recognize when a good investment has gone sour. Rather than getting caught up in the sunk-cost fallacy –– by pouring additional funds into a bad investment –– it’s important to realize when it’s time to cut your losses and move on.

2) Paying Back Debt

In general, it’s a good policy to pay off any and all debt you have as soon as possible. By prolonging debt payment, you’ll be forced to pay interest rates in addition to your principal payment. What’s more, the longer you wait to pay something off, the more inflation will begin to affect the debt as well.

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3) Price Doesn’t Equal Value

Another one of the money mistakes we make is equating price to value.

Low-prices and sales are eye-catching. And, it’s easy to assume that purchasing the cheapest item is the best way to save money with a given purchase. Yet, this isn’t always the case. For example, it will cost a construction company more money over time to repair and replace cheap, flimsy barricades than if they had simply purchased durable alternatives from a company like OTW Safety.

Bottom line: price and value are not the same things. So while it’s good to look for a bargain, make sure you’re not trading out the value of something just because of the cheaper price. You’ll end up losing money in the end. 

share bank accounts4) Budgeting Requires Planning

In order to achieve any goal, you have to be specific and detailed in your preparation. As such, taking on all of the frugal spending tips in the world won’t help you budget more effectively if you don’t have a reasonable plan in place.

Sitting down and reviewing your financial decisions isn’t fun. However, it will provide you with a blueprint for future budgeting.

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5) Communication is Key

Facing expensive bills and heavy debt can be a sobering experience. Clamming up and ignoring problems like those, though, will not help you solve them. Instead, it’s important to speak up about your financial situation with people close to you.

So, make sure you’re communicating with your:

  • friends,
  • family,
  • bank,
  • accountant

Maybe even your boss can help. Someone who might be in a better financial position that can help you manage your finances more effectively. That way you can work through a difficult financial period. Remember, it’s okay to be overwhelmed and to ask for help!

It’s Your Turn to Learn!

Sometimes, money mistakes happen, it is a part of life. It’s how you get out of a bad financial situation that really matters. Learning from someone else’s financial plunders can really help you make more financially savvy decisions. So remember, talk about those financial mistakes, someone out there has probably been worse off than you and can help you out.

Have you made any bad financial decisions in the past that you think someone out there might benefit from knowing you made it out?


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