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The Pros and Cons of Buying a House Near Good Schools

buying a house near good schoolsWhile buying a house near good schools may seem like a straightforward decision, it can be more complicated than you think. Not only can it be challenging to find such a house, but there are several pros and cons of choosing such a location. Just take a look below at the advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a House Near Good Schools

Wondering if you should move based on the school systems? Be sure to read the pros and cons carefully before you decide.


If you invest wisely, you can profit by investing in a home near good schools. This is because such properties usually appreciate. Specifically, if it’s an up and coming school and more parents are trying to move into the area.

Your property value is also likely to appreciate near good schools if you live in a city that’s adopted a catchment system. In such a system, kids usually attend the school assigned to their neighborhood. If it’s a popular catchment school, then your investment may appreciate even faster.

As a parent, there are other benefits to living near a good school.

Your child is more likely to excel at a highly rated school that offers a program and learning environment that suits their needs. Most parents look for good schools and good neighborhoods to give their children the best chance to thrive.

However, this is easier said than done due to:

  • the competition for such homes being stiff, 
  • data availability can make it challenging to find your dream home in the dream neighborhood near the best school for your children

Thankfully, it’s easier to find excellent local schools in your neighborhood that meet all your criteria by using a website that offers a wealth of curated and easy-to-consume data at your fingertips. What’s more, the website puts you in touch with neighborhood real estate agents. They are passionate about helping people and have a keen understanding of the area.

Another advantage of living near good schools is recreation. Such homes usually see the development of parks and recreational facilities nearby as the neighbourhood grows. Not only is this convenient, but the higher walkability score can further improve property value.

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The biggest disadvantage of buying a house near a good school is that the traffic volume can increase during specific times of the day. You can expect to take more time to leave the house than usual during drop-off and pickup time. Most busy parents line up in their cars outside the school. This can be inconvenient if you have an early morning commute. What’s more, your home may suffer from noise pollution.

Because of these disadvantages:

  • such properties can be difficult to sell to homebuyers who aren’t charmed by the school environment
  • certain homebuyers may be less likely to pay the higher price that such properties may command.

Are Good Schools Worth the Move? 

While it can take longer, you’ll likely sell your property for a good price near the good school system because parents are always on the prowl for such homes.

Also, homes near good schools are easier to rent out. Usually, the tenants are out-of-town teachers who’re looking for a home near their job or parents who like the school for their children. Such tenants make excellent renters because they’re educated, reliable, quiet, well-mannered and will respect your property.

In Conclusion…

There are several advantages and disadvantages of buying a home near good schools. Ultimately, the decision depends on your needs and preferences. So when you’re shopping for places as a parent, try considering these pros and cons. You’ll be happy you did.

Are you currently shopping around for homes near good schools?

Do you live near good schools and want to share your experience with our readers?

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