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How to Write Articles For Money as a Content Writer

writing articles for moneyEver thought about how to write articles for money? If you are a skilled writer and have a decent level of knowledge when it comes to computers, you have probably thought about a career in online writing a few times. Working as a freelance online writer is a pretty awesome job.

They get to:

  • wake up when they want,
  • work when they want,
  • travel to wherever they want
  • earn money with just a laptop

All sound about right? Wrong. Well, 50% wrong. We do have the ability to choose all of these things, but successful content writers often work the same hours as a normal job, often even more. If they get up too late, they miss deadlines and earn less. They do, however, get to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, which is fantastic.

If you’re interested, here’s how to write articles for money as a content writer.

How to Write Articles For Money as a Content Writer

If writing for money sounds appealing to you, which I’m sure it does, then great. As an industry, we are a pretty welcoming community, we all get along. So as long as you make sure you’re not copying content, you can be sure that you will find friends and mentors to help you along your journey.

So what are the different ways you can make money as a content writer online?

Blogs / Websites

Writing for blogs and websites is the most common way that people earn money from writing online. With:

  • over 60% of online marketers creating a piece of content each day
  • an industry budget of over $4.5 billion dollars a year and rising

There is definitely space for more writers!

To do well at writing articles for websites, I would advise that you get at least a basic level of understanding of the principles behind SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This will enable you to write engaging content that ranks well. This is the most sought after type of content on the web.

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When you start out:

  • make a list of your interests and skills,
  • make sure that when you are creating or replying to job ads 

You make it clear what you are good at. After you have a good amount of experience, you can usually write about anything. But, to begin with, stick to what you know and are good at.

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Publish E-Books

Another really popular way of getting your writing out there is to publish E-Books.

If you have:

  • knowledge of something
  • an interesting story
  • talent for writing fiction

…then you can probably make money by writing e-books.

The benefits of publishing e-books instead of the usual paper and print book are that the overheads are close to 0. You can publish an e-book for next to nothing. This gets rid of the need for publishers and printers.

You don’t have to get approval from a publishing company, so your entire life doesn’t ride on whether one person likes your book or not.

The only hard thing about writing e-books is that you will have to do all the marketing yourself. You will have to promote your book as much as possible if you want to draw interest.

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In Conclusion…

If you really want to write articles for money, you should go for it! We all welcome the idea. These two ways are probably the most popular and easy ways to make money writing online, but there are many more. I wish you all the luck if you are looking at starting a career writing. It is tough but rewarding, and once you start, you will never want to stop.

Are you ready to become a content writer?

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