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9 Best Side Hustles For Teachers

side hustles for teachersTons of us are looking to make some extra money outside of our full-time jobs, and teachers definitely fall within that group. After all, teaching is not exactly a traditionally lucrative career. And that’s exactly why we’re exploring the best side hustles for teachers in this post.

This post has been written by our new staff writer, Kate Underwood. It may contain affiliate links.

During my fifteen years of teaching, I usually carved out extra time for side hustles. They’re great for saving towards extra needs or luxuries, or for paying down student loan debt. 

1) Tutoring

Let’s begin with one of the most obvious side hustles for teachers: tutoring. If you’re a teacher, you already have skills in teaching and working with kids. So why not make some extra money after school, on weekends, and during the summer? 

You can arrange tutoring gigs through your school of employment, or advertise your services online and on local job boards. Tutoring can be done in-person or virtually these days, so it’s an extremely flexible side hustle for teachers! 

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2) Coaching

One of the top side hustles for teachers is to coach in your free time. Maybe you’re a teacher with some college basketball playing experience, or some other sport. I coached cross-country as one of my extra gigs, where I got the chance to spend time with athletes who loved the same sport I did. Getting paid for it was just like icing on the cake! 

Schools are always hiring new coaching staff. If you work in the same district, the practice schedule won’t conflict with your teaching schedule. You can build relationships with students in a different atmosphere than the classroom, while making some extra cash. 

3) Club Sponsor

As a teacher, a good side hustle is sponsoring an extracurricular club or activity. For me, being the Student Council advisor helped me in getting to know the kids. 

Schools have clubs for:

  • foreign languages,
  • camping,
  • academic bowl,
  • student government, and much more.

As a club sponsor, you can make extra money by simply hosting a few meetings in your classroom and supervising an event or two throughout the school year. It’s pretty easy money! 

4) Musical Performer

Perhaps you’re a music teacher, or just enjoy playing an instrument in your spare time. One of the side hustles for teachers to consider is performing as a musician! 

Several music teachers I’ve known have made some great side hustle money by singing in weddings or playing with a band on weekends. Heck, I used to get paid for singing the National Anthem at our school’s basketball games! 

freelancer tools5) Freelance Writing

I confess I’m partial to this particular teacher side hustle because I’m a freelance writer. Freelance writing is a natural way for a teacher to earn extra money, since many teachers are gifted with words. 

Freelance writing is one of the most flexible side hustles for teachers; you can take as few or as many assignments as you like. Complete them whenever you’re not busy with school duties. 

Plenty of websites, newspapers, and magazines need quality writers to contribute articles, and many of them pay you well! 

Maybe you’d even like to start your own blog. This can be its own small business, if you work hard at it and create amazing content. Plus, you can use it to showcase your writing talent to score clients! 

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6) Proofreading

Proofreading is similar to freelance writing as a second work opportunity. With all that content businesses are publishing for marketing purposes, they often hire freelancers to handle proofreading those texts. 

You don’t have to have an English degree to have an eye for errors. If you enjoy spotting other people’s mistakes in…

  • spelling,
  • grammar,
  • and punctuation…

…then proofreading might be the perfect side hustle for you. 

People need proofreaders for short articles, marketing email campaigns, court reporting documents, novels, and more. 

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7) Camp Counselor/Seasonal Work

You’re likely tired of sitting indoors after a long school year. Why not get outside and make extra money as summer camp counselor or staff member? 

You might work at day camps or overnight camps in your area, enjoying fresh air and exercise alongside the kids. 

Plenty of other seasonal jobs are often available as well. Here are a few to consider:

  • Holiday retail worker
  • Summer lifeguard
  • Summer school teacher
  • Lawn care and maintenance work
  • Summer custodian in schools

8) Child Care/Pet Care

Chances are, if you’re a teacher, you already have an interest in kids. (At least, I hope that’s true!) A solid side hustle would be to provide child care during your free time. 

  • Maybe you’d watch neighborhood kids during the summer while their parents have to work.
  • Or you could just offer child care on weekends, holidays, or other occasions.
  • Plus, parents might feel more comfortable leaving their kids with you, due to your teaching background and experience. 

Pet-sitting is another way to go.

People are willing to pay good money to ensure their pets’ safety while they’re away. Try a site like to get set up with families who need help with their dog or cat or other pets while they’re on vacation. 

With pet care, you also have a lot of flexibility. You can decide whether you’re able to provide overnight care, or just day care, or even drop-in visits at the pet owner’s home. 

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9) Deliver Driver/Rideshare Driver

Do you love driving? Fortunately, there are many side hustles that let you do that. You can use your car to make money in several ways:

  • Delivery driver for Amazon
  • Grocery delivery driver
  • Meal delivery driver with a specific restaurant or a company like Doordash
  • Rideshare driver with Lyft or Uber

You need a reliable vehicle for these types of side hustles, and a license, of course. You can decide what type of driving for money you’re willing to do. Some require more interaction with people (taking them to the airport, for example), while others only require you to pick up and drop off items. 

Side Hustles for Teachers – Final Thoughts

Teaching can be a terrific profession, with a lot of non-monetary rewards like impacting kids’ lives. If you’re a teacher looking to make some extra money in your free time, there are plenty of fun side hustles for teachers to choose from. 

Are you ready to try some of these side hustles for teachers? Which are your favorites?

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