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Do I Really Need My Home Warranty?

my home warrantyDo I really need my home warranty? Many homeowners ask this question. Keep in mind that there is no yes or no answer.

Your answer will really depend on two things:

  1. the current condition of your home systems and appliances, and
  2. the amount of money you have in your bank account to cover appliance and system repairs.

After a home inspection, you might find out that some of them will fail soon. And you definitely don’t want to bear high costs for home maintenance. But again, this isn’t the only reason for buying a home warranty.

If you’ve been wondering do I need my home warranty, read on and find out more!

Do I Really Need My Home Warranty?

A home warranty can be important for your home, but it really does depend on many factors. If you’re questioning ‘do I need my home warranty?’ and are unsure, it’s okay. Many people are unsure of the answer to this question. However, here is some factors that can help you answer this question. 

Potentially Saving Money

Home repairs can be so costly.

  • They can cost about a few hundred dollars if you don’t have a home warranty.
  • Replacing old systems might cost you a few thousand dollars.

Once you have obtained your plan, you will need to cover a small fee for the service call. When you calculate the costs, you might see that it is quite a feasible option. Remember that during the year, you can face multiple breakdowns which could cost a lot when you get everything together.

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Stress-Free Repairs

Breakdowns are always sudden and unexpected. And you can’t imagine living without the water heater or the washer.

When some appliances or systems fail, you will need to:

  • find a technician to fix them
  • do excessive research to find the right person for the issue
  • read reviews for each of them

However, this will take quite a lot of time. When you have our warranty plan, all you need to do is contact the company. They will send their reliable and trusted technician to your home. If something can’t be repaired, the company will replace the item with a new one.

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Best Value Plans

Plans can range from $300 to $600, depending on the coverage that they offer.

You will see:

  • basic plans that cover only the appliances, or
  • plans that cover the systems
  • Or, they offer a combination of them.

Some companies are more flexible than others, so they will allow you to create a custom plan that suits your needs. This is very important, as some of them might be already covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. And you don’t need to pay for it.

According to comprehensive American Home Shield reviews, homeowners like the fact that they can create their custom plan. They want to cover the expensive home systems and appliances that may cost a lot to repair or replace.

A Legitimate Selling Tool

If you plan to sell your home soon, then you may want to get a home warranty. It is a smart selling tool that could give you a real advantage vs. other homes for sale in your area. Buyers might be turned away because the home was previously owned. They think that the appliances and systems have already experienced enough wear and tear, so they will break down soon. Knowing that the home is already under warranty, they will feel more confident about buying it.

In Conclusion…

To sum it up, if you questioned do I really need my home warranty, many people could benefit from one. You need to pick your plan carefully to make sure that it covers expensive systems and appliances. Read reviews and compare different plans to decide about the perfect plan for you. In the long run, it can be a good decision.

Do you have a warranty for your home? Does it suit all the needs you have for your home safety?


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