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This Is How This Guy Made $14,529 Per Month Online

make thousands of dollars onlineIf you’re reading this, there are greater chances that you are looking for that one chance to turn around your life and make thousands of dollars online. However, you won’t make $14,000+ per month while sitting on your hands. You surely would have to work your butt off, follow a schedule, and cut off all the distractions. That’s what Yash Shah did.

Those who aren’t aware, we’re talking about a drop-shipping success story here. We often come across these success stories, but how many of them are based on a true story? Yash Shah was like most of you who are reading this right now – completely green with little to no sales at all. 

What pushed him so far? Was it an overnight gamechanger secret from a marketing expert? Was this just luck? We’ll find out shortly.  

Yash Shah Success Story – From $0 to $14,529 Per Month

Do you own an online drop-shipping Shopify store? Have you been digging into making money online tactics lately? If so, you’ve landed on the right page.

Every time Yash tried to hit his desired benchmarks, he couldn’t get the results promised by those shady courses and gurus. With no marketing or e-commerce experience, he knew if he didn’t do something about it, a decade will pass just like that and he’ll be in the same place as of now.

After he worked his butt off, Yash launched a handful of Shopify stores and started making a considerate income with drop-shipping. You might be thinking, what’s all the fuss about “14,529/month”? What if I tell you that he made all of it from a single winning product? 

Yes! Not all his stores, but he made over $14k from a single product.

What’s the secret?

How was Yash able to hit the bull’s eye? Was it just mere luck or a thought-out strategy? 

According to him, he was browsing through different product research tools a few months ago and came across SellTheTrend. He gave it a shot and on one of the pages inside this product research platform, there was this one expensive product that also had a fair profit margin. 

After setting up his Facebook Ads campaign, he started making $2,000/week right away. In no time, Yash crossed $14,000 in less than a month and he plans on optimizing his ad campaigns for better results.

How to Find Winning Products to Dropship?

Drop-shipping has changed dramatically within the past few years. With tough competition, we’ve seen major improvements in the digital marketing sector. 

There are some awesome product research tools available today. While manual research has its importance, wouldn’t you want to get all that data within seconds?

Let’s take an example of SellTheTrend that helped Yash earn over $14k on one single product. Upon typing a generic keyword “jewelry” in the Nexus Product Research by STT, here are the results:

make thousands of dollars online

Considering the above screenshot, dropshipping jewelry can never be easier when you select the winning products and promote them to their targeted audience. 

Marketing Trending Products: There’s More to It

If you’ve been trying your luck with drop-shipping lately but failed, note that drop-shipping isn’t all about finding winning products to sell on your Shopify store. 

Though SEO remains the best way to drive traffic to your site, it takes months to rank with SEO. That is not the case with paid marketing. If employed correctly, you can start selling your products from the very first day with paid marketing. This is what Yash did!

The product Yash selected had a great influence on Facebook. So, Facebook ads yielded great results for him. He used the Facebook interest targeting efficiently and within no time, the revenue scaled up to $14k/month. If you want to make thousands of dollars online, this might just be the route for you.

“I’m promoting this product along with many other winning products to make over $40k by the end of this month” – says Yash Shah. 

However, the marketing strategy that worked best for Yash may not serve the same deal to you. It all depends on your targeted audience and product type. The following are popular paid online advertising strategies to start selling from day first. 

Influencer Marketing

Did you know that 90% of teenagers trust social media influencers more than conventional celebrities? Moreover, the ROI of influencer marketing is $6.50 for every dollar spent. That’s over 500% profit. 

Influencer marketing is specifically used to target social media users and is a great alternative to paid ads. However, it might be a little difficult for you to find influencers in your niche – especially if it’s your first time doing this. 

Learn more about finding influencers here. One can also rely on influencer marketing platforms i.e. Upfluence, AspireIQ, Viral Nation, Klear, and more

Social Media Ads

There are over 3.81 billion social media users worldwide. Irrespective of your niche, the majority of your potential customers are also regular social media users. 

The majority of your sales can come through social media channels. Make sure to promote your products on social media channels. If you have the capital, run targeted ads on Facebook & Instagram because the majority of millennials claim that ads on these platforms are more relevant than ever. 


Pay-Per-Click is an effective marketing strategy that works well when dropshipping. 

In most niches, PPC yields 65% of clicks as compared to 35% organic clicks. Knowing that PPC visitors have already made up their mind to purchase the product, it can dramatically increase your conversion rate. 

Though it is always recommended to work on your organic reach, PPC can still turn in potential customers from day first. Sounds good? 

Note: PPC can be a bottomless pit for your capital. Unless you analyze your targeted audience, optimize your ads, and double-check the effectiveness of each campaign, you won’t come out on payback. 

Final Verdict

Overall, dropshipping is one of the most profitable online businesses, and the way Yash dominated it, I’m sure you’re determined to do something about your current or new Shopify store.

Success in dropshipping requires consistency. You can’t expect to make $14k by the end of the week. It probably took him a lot of sleepless nights before he was finally able to see the WOW Factor in that product. 

I wish you the best of luck. Thanks!

In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply. 


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