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Why Using Business Checks Still Makes Sense in 2020

using business checksIt’s not like we live in the 20th century anymore. You would think everything’s online, so why do I need physical money? Cash and checks (even using business checks) seem old-fashioned and in the past. I don’t even need to visit my bank anymore. I can do quick deposits and transfers on my phone from the comfort of my home (or from my toilet).

Yes, it is finally the year 2020 where technology, data, and convenience are central. The Internet is high-speed, shopping is all online, delivery is faster, prices are cheaper, and products are most customized. It is the era of Generation Y-ers that are game for progressive culture and research. So why does it still make sense to order checks for business use in 2020?  

Why Using Business Checks Still Makes Sense in 2020

Believe it or not, there are quite a few reasons why using business checks still makes sense!

1) Tradition

There are still old-timers that do not know how to use newer technology. Keep things traditional for them.

2) Choice 

As an employee, I LOVE receiving a business envelope from my employer with my monthly salary inside. Your employers will see it on your beautiful and modern business check. Yes, it could be faster to receive a salary via instant deposit to one’s checking deposit. If someone has several banking accounts, maybe they want the choice of where the money will be deposited via mobile deposit. Your employee may take more pride in their work if you have invested in better business checks. Just a thought.

3) Customers 

If you need to refund a customer for a product, using business checks with your company’s custom logo represents brand recognition. You want your customers to view your business as professional, reliable, and honorable.

When working with the best businesses, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation advances a company’s integrity and the customer’s trust in their unwavering commitment to them.  For a modern company, business checks are essential to show a professional persona to their…

  • customers,
  • vendors, and
  • clients.

To give the company legitimacy, research the best places to order business checks.

4) Support

When you support someone else – whether a charity, theatre, or the educational system – you want your name to be on it to exhibit a trustworthy and loving identity in your community.

5) Rent

There are plenty of landlords and real estate companies who prefer checks. Using business checks gives off a professional identification when you pay for your office space’s rent and its utilities. Utility companies and government agencies may charge you an extra processing fee for using a credit card to pay a bill, while there is no fee for using business checks.

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6) Ease

Using a check is the easiest option aside from cash. A business check will have a paper record with a connected ledger and a receipt. It’s convenient especially if an individual hasn’t downloaded mobile payments or a financial app. 

7) Secure

Confidentiality is key to a business’s success with its clients.  Business checks even use watermarks and other such measures to remain secure.  They are required to secure their company’s documents from fraud.  For a modern company, business checks are essential to its legitimacy to its vendors and clients. 

8) Taxes

You can pay your taxes by mailing a business check to the IRS. There is no fee for using a check, while you will be charged an extra processing fee for using a credit card.  Filing will be much easier with separate checks and bank accounts during tax season.

9) Generation

In 2020, 16 million people are self-employed in America with half of them being millennials. These independent contractors would use checks 51% of the time for business-to-business transactions. 18% of the self-employed workforce is from the millennial generation and 42% still use checks.

10) Business

Business checks are simple, functional, and represent their business. Their size allows for the company logo and other information to fit.  Administrative employees use business checks only for company use. 

When employees work with their business’s clients, they want the business-to-business transactions to be as easy and as confidential as possible.  A business check provides a ledger where the employees can record and organize the business’s finances.  This ensures that the business keeps its professional image and persona within their community. 

Using Business Checks – In Conclusion

In conclusion, the above is a list of ten reasons why using business checks may be necessary for businesses and the economy.  Yes, the world is evolving, the expectation is that we will evolve with it, yet some things still stay the same.

For example, many millennials still use checks.  Their use in the office seems to make for happier and more involved employees.  Business checks allow for confidentiality with their customers and the brand’s professional identity in the community.

Are you using business checks? Why or why not?



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