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A Young Couple and Their Struggle Through This Pandemic

young couple surviving pandemicJim and Pam (their real names are being withheld by request) are a young couple and are like most others from Round Rock, Texas. They met during their freshman year in college at Texas A&M University, and nearly everything they own is maroon. Their wedding was just after graduation, and since they had both always loved California they both took promising jobs in San Diego: Jim is in contracting and Pam is a nurse.

They bought a house, got pregnant, and Pam decided to be a stay-at-home mom. Three children later, they moved into a larger house and cornered the market on Aggie-related baby clothes. Their friends think they’re nuts. Let’s look at how they are surviving during this pandemic.

A Young Couple and Their Struggle Through This Pandemic

Some of Jim’s work involves municipal projects, so he continues working. Albeit with an altered way of doing things. He works out of his study at home instead of his usual office, but he drives around to job sites and makes sure everything is under control. 

Pam is on pretty much full-time family duty, and she took the time recently to answer our questions about how they’re coping during these trying times.

With Jim still working, have you noticed a change in your financial situation?

Because he’s the business owner, it’s tricky. He’s still drawing the same salary as usual, but his eye is on things and he may have to take a pay cut further down the line. So for right now the same amount of money is clearing into our account right now, but we have to be aware that this might not be the case indefinitely.

How are you preparing for that?

Jim and I spend several hours a week going over our finances. We have to plan as though construction projects will slow down considerably over the next while. If that doesn’t actually happen, we’ll be happy. But if it does, we’ll be glad that we spent the time planning.

Is there anything specific you can tell us about your plans?

We have consolidated some of our debt into credit union loans. We think we’ve figured out how to keep the house payments going; we’d rather not have to move at this point in our lives.

We know that we could go back home to Texas, but we both love California so much.

I have also kept current with my nursing credentials, and I have done part-time work this whole time so I could still get a job if need be. So I am preparing to re-enter the workforce just in case. It would not be ideal for how we want to raise our children, but we can do it if necessary.

Are you concerned with how a nursing job could expose your family to the virus?

That’s always a fear. We would exercise extreme caution. I think both Jim and I had parents who instilled in us an ethic of being prepared for all contingencies, and that would carry over here as well.

How have your children been coping with shelter-in-place restrictions?

They did not initially understand why we couldn’t go to the beach or the park. In that respect, I guess they’re like almost everybody else around here. (Laughs.) However, they’ve really enjoyed the time spent at home as a family.

We have tried to make a game out of it. And I think we’re doing a good job of not being device-bound. We do a couple of movie nights a week. However, other nights are game nights, or “everybody participates in cooking dinner” nights. We did really want to go back to Texas for Easter this year, but hopefully, we’ll be able to make it for the holidays.

Can you relate to this young couple? How has your life changed during this pandemic? Tell us in the comment section below!


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