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Living Choices: Why We Want to Live Where We Want to Live

living choices - live wellLiving choices can be based on a number of different factors. Even though people may have many differences in what region they choose to live, there are just as many similarities in those choices. We really do just want to live where we choose to live. Below are some of the factors that influence our living choices. 

Living Choices: Why We Want to Live Where We Want to Live

People choose to live in regions of the country for various reasons. The reasons are usually similar, and the following will explore people’s living choices.

The Weather Attracts

Weather is a big reason people fall in love with a place. Some people like cold, snowy weather and head towards Chicago or maybe the east coast. However, for those who love the sun, they have to look elsewhere.

For example, the demand for Southern California real estate is partly owed to the wonderful weather of the region. Everyone knows that California’s weather is pretty nice throughout the year. You might get some cold nights here and there or a little rain, but that’s about it. If you are looking for general comfort, then you may love this particular state.

Economic Opportunities

Another reason someone decides to stay in one place over another is the economy. If a location has a lot of opportunities for growth and many jobs, people may decide to stay there. In some areas, one industry dominates the job market, which can feel limiting to folks who want to try other things.

Places like Texas and California are filled with all sorts of career opportunities, from regular blue-collar work to tech work. Having good economic opportunities can give you more choices, and that’s always desired.

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Experience the Culture

Culture is another big draw for some people. If you want a place that is proud of its culture, you need to find a place that offers that. You don’t necessarily have to go to the most populated places. You can find places throughout the country where culture is celebrated, such as:

  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Nashville, Tennessee

These places are known for their musical heritage. Find the place that speaks to you, and you should find a place to call home.

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Good Cost of Living

The cost of living is important; it can reveal if you’ll be able to have a financially stable life in the location you choose. There are places in the United States where the cost of living is so high that even with a good-paying job you’ll still have a hard time living comfortably. This is the reason you need a region that offers a flexible cost of living.

It is generally known that Southern states and the Midwest (Derek’s note: Woot woot!! The mid-west is awesome AND cheap!! Can anyone say $100k house?? 😉) are some of the most affordable areas to live in. No one wants to live with financial stress if they don’t have to.

Things to Do

Some people stay in a place because there’s a lot to do. Now, the place you are going to call home should offer the things you like to do. For example, if you happen to love farming or ranching, then there are some interesting regions to consider in the Heartland.

Those who:

  • love the beach,
  • amazing theme parks,
  • great nightlife,
  • wonderful food,
  • a fun environment

…you may want to check out Orlando, Florida or near Anaheim, California.

This is the reason you need to do some research about the region you are considering before making the move.

Living Choices Aren’t Always Easy – What Do YOU Choose?

The points above should help you understand why people decide to stay in one place versus another. Knowing this could help you decide where you want to get settled in.

What region did you choose to live in? What factors may have influenced some of your living choices over the years?

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