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Sell Cells: 4 Tips to Sell Your Phone While Saving Money

sell cellsThere are a few ways to sell cells (cell phones that is ;)). Selling your old cell phone can be somewhat of a hassle if you don’t go about it the right way. However, with so many different online sites to help you get rid of that phone, you want to make sure you do some thorough research before making a decision. After all, the added research can help you end up with the most bang for your buck. Read on for a few tips to sell cells and still save some money. 

Sell Cells: 4 Tips to Sell Your Phone While Saving Money

Selling your phone can sometimes mean you lose money. You don’t get to sell the phone for what it was when you bought it. However, you can sell cells and be a bit more profitable by saving yourself some money. These tips can help you out so you don’t run into so many problems getting rid of your old phone(s). 

1) Do the Basics BEFORE Selling Your Phone 

You will want to make sure you have removed all of your personal info from your old phone.

That includes:

  • photos
  • old notes/text messages
  • passwords
  • apps

If there is something you would like to save that is personal to you, you can always have the information backed up (like on your computer or external hard drive) so you can add it to your new phone. That way you still have access to it. 

If you have a lock on your phone, remove it. There’s no need for it at this point.

On most phones, there is an option to reset the phone to default mode (this is important when removing your own data). You will want to make sure you reset the phone after you have already backed up the information you want to keep. Once it is set back to factory setting and all information has been removed, you’re ready to sell it.

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2) Is It In Good Condition? Check First

You may think that just by looking at your phone, you are able to tell that it is in good condition. However, you’d actually be wrong to think that. You could think your phone looks like it’s in good condition and it may actually not be. And that may lower the worth of your phone when you go to sell it.

The good news: You can check the condition yourself. You can check the condition of your phone by running diagnostics on it. There are actually ways to run tests on any smartphone.

It can help you check anything from:

  • memory
  • camera
  • Bluetooth
  • audio

You can even run diagnostics on your battery health. You can actually start doing diagnostic checks on your phone even if you do not have intentions of selling your phone. It could allow you to keep your phone going for longer and keep things running smoother. 

3) Find Out How Much It’s Really Worth

Finding out how much your phone is really worth is important so you know you are not selling yourself short. You will have an idea of what to expect when you go to sell your cellphone.

Whether you are looking to sell online or in-person, you can check the worth by simply putting in what type of phone you have. You can then compare prices across different sites. You may need to put in your phone’s capacity, network, and condition in order to get the most accurate pricing for trades or sales. 

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4) Search For The Easiest (Safest) Way to Sell Your Cell

The last tip is to search for the easiest way to sell your cell that makes you the most comfortable. You could sell it to a pawn shop or cell phone store. If you are more into getting the most savings out of your sale, you may want to think about selling it online.

Not all sites are safe, which is why you would need to do some research first. You can sell cells a few different places, but I personally like going to SellCell. They already work with all the top cell phone purchasing businesses, and they make it easy to give you an instant quote for your phone. It’s easy, quick, and quite safe.

Sell and Save! 

Selling your cellphone can save you lots of money if done correctly. If your goal is to trade-in your phone for a new one, these tips can help you just the same. Don’t let selling your phone be a hassle or a pain when it doesn’t have to be. And don’t just give it away for nothing either! Chances are you can still get $100 or more for your phone!

Did these tips help you save money selling or trading in your phone?


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