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Day 6 Blogiversary Winner – “The One-Page Financial Plan” Goes To….!!!

Dang, we’re just giving away prizes left and right here. I almost can’t keep up! Today’s prize – a fantastic book written by Carl Richards – “The One-Page Financial Plan”.

(Want to get entered for the next drawing?? Go to this post and follow the instructions!!)

Why I Love This Book and Can’t Wait to Give It Away

I read this book a little over 2 years ago. The reason it’s such a great book is that it really forces you to simplify things. Sure, there are about a million and one things you can do with your money, but what are your TRUE goals? What are your top 10-15 financial goals that you want to accomplish in life? Once you get those on paper, it’s just a matter of figuring out a simple plan to achieve each goal. 

After reading the book, my wife Liz and I sat down and wrote out our near-term goals. In fact, here’s our actual list!

one page financial plan

Since writing out all of our goals on paper, we’ve literally crossed everything off on this list other than “Retire at 45” (I’m only 35 now…so we’ve got some time)! Isn’t that just incredible??!

I love this book, and I just can’t wait to give it away to hopefully help that next person as much as it’s helped us!

The 10 Year Blogiversary

Oops… I guess I have to take a step back here. I totally forgot to mention why we’re even doing this giveaway! Today is Day 6 of a 10 day giveaway. The giveaway spans across 10 days to commemorate my 10 years of blogging! That’s right, I started this site on August 27, 2010. I’ve been running this crazy show for 10 years and many of you have been along for the entire ride. So thanks for that!

After today, we still have 4 more days of giveaways:

  • The Four Hour Workweek – by Tim Ferriss
  • A $50 Target gift card
  • A $100 Walmart gift card
  • AND, a $250 Amazon Gift Card!!!

Want to enter? Head to the original blogiversary post here and share it! That’s it!!

And The Winner for Today Is…..!!!

So who’s the winner of this fabulous book already? The new lucky owner of “The One-Page Financial Plan” is…..


Thanks for entering the blogiversary giveaway Petra! I’ve already shot you an email. Just message me back with your mailing address and I’ll send your book in the next couple of days!

As for the rest of you, keep on entering! You can head to the original blogiversary post and share it via social media to enter. It’s honestly really simple and there are some HUGE prizes coming. Don’t miss out!


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