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Frugal Living With Kids – It IS Possible!

When you think of frugal living, you think of just being cheap. But it’s so much more than that! It is a way of spending so that you can save more in the long run. I personally have set a budget and focus on financial things that will help me sustain my life or build toward my future. And yes, I have kids so I know that frugal living with kids IS possible! Just keep reading below!

Frugal Living With Kids – It IS Possible!

Are you struggling to find a way to keep your budget with the little ones? Well, even though it can be a challenge, you can get a budget together and stick to it. You can even live a frugal lifestyle with the little ones and teach them how to live below their means as well. It is a great skill for them to learn before entering the real world so it’s a win-win! Here’s how YOU can start frugal living with kids!

Frugal Living with KidsStop Paying For Cable

I don’t pay for cable. It’s incredibly too expensive for my budget, plus there are so many TV and movie streaming services that don’t require cable. Everyone is different and I suggest reading reviews and asking friends which services they use to get a feel of what may be right for you. 

Some of my family favorites include:

I get everything my children and I watch on 3 streaming apps without the hassle of paying hundreds of dollars for cable tv service. If you are someone who likes to watch the news first thing in the morning, you still don’t need to purchase cable for basic service. Just go purchase an antenna. I did and the savings were amazing! 

Make sure you’re keeping track of your apps and the cost each month

If you find that down the line you aren’t using one of these services as much as when you first started, be sure to cancel.

There’s nothing worse than paying a monthly fee for something you never use. The goal of frugal living is to save money and live a sustainable life. And all that money adds up in the long run.

Don’t Go Out to Eat

If you want to try frugal living with kids, stop eating out.

You can make the same $40-$50 meal at home (with leftovers!) for about $20. So, instead of going out to eat all the time, I cook at home. It works out great for me because I love cooking/experimenting with new meals in the kitchen AND I get to save money I would normally have spent on eating out. Plus, meals cooked at home and from scratch can taste so much better! You know what you and your family like so just get creative with it.

You can also find super great recipes on different sites like: 

You can even try meals that are simple to cook with your children. It helps them learn the importance of saving money while enjoying a home cooked meal and learning how to cook. Little meals like homemade pizza or Taco Tuesday have been great meals for my toddlers. So many different ways to make it and it helps them be more hands on when it comes to dinner time.

cooking in bulkStart Meal Planning 

If you’re a mom on the go like myself, I’m sure you don’t feel like there’s enough time to stop and cook, so eating out always seems like a viable option. While I know cooking at home everyday can seem like a hassle, it doesn’t have to be. Consider meal planning. It can be SUPER helpful.

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Depending on how my week is going, I either plan for the day or for the entire week and do my grocery shopping accordingly. I’ve learned that a little planning and a grocery list can go a long way. 

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Try Some DIY Projects

DIY projects are my favs!

When things need fixing around my place, it’s a new opportunity to learn something in my opinion. I regularly check my tire pressure and oil in my vehicle. You can never be too careful plus it’s saved me money in the long run. Between my dad and Youtube, I can do a lot with my vehicle.

On top of taking care of your vehicle, some other DIY projects you can do to save money include:

  • growing your own veggies
  • change your air filter
  • repurpose old furniture
  • repurpose old clothing
  • make your own cleaning supplies
  • switch to a low-flow faucet

This is just to name a few, but there are so many more to choose from. Just get real crafty and look for things that you can save money and time just by handling it yourself. 

Buy Reusable Items

Consider buying reusable items. It has made a huge difference in my home.

Buying rolls of paper towels can start to add up over time. Buying cloth kitchen towels can be cheaper and save so much money. If you have newborns, try washable cloth wipes or cloth diapers, you’ll start to see the difference in your savings after a month. It’s the little things that can make all the difference. 

free activities to do with kids - hikingGet Creative With Family Fun Time

Family fun time can be just as fun even if you don’t spend any money. It’s all about what you introduce your children too. We do fun activities at home that don’t cost a dime and they still get to have loads of fun.

I have outdoor children so that makes family fun time that much more interesting. There are many different things to do with your children outdoors at no cost to you.

Free activities like…

  • nature walks
  • skating/bike-riding
  • playing with chalk
  • go hiking
  • climb trees (yes, my lads are true nature boys and love climbing)

You can also find creative things to do indoors like…

  • cooking,
  • board games, and
  • indoor camping.

My kids even enjoy going to the library (our books are now delivered to the house) and taking visits to the park (social distancing, of course). Even in the midst of the pandemic, you can still find fun and frugal activities to partake in. Just get creative with it!

Frugal Living With Kids – In Conclusion

You can enjoy frugal living with kids too. It’s possible, I am proof of that.

All it takes is that first step in the right direction. And, stop wasting money on things you and your children don’t need.

Once you realize you don’t need as much as you thought, you will see the savings start to add up. You’ll be happy with all those savings that you can invest in other places to make money, but that’s a story for another day!

Are there any other ways that you’ve been able to save money with your kids? Have these tips helped you in any way?

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