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20 Best Frugal Mom Blogs: Frugal Living Tips and Ways to Save Money

I started my blog 10 years ago when I was newly married and really didn’t have that much to do. It was easy. Instead of watching TV with all my spare time, I just blogged instead. All you moms out there – you already have NO TIME. And then what do you decide to do? Start a blogging business! What are you, nuts?? And quite a few of you end up pulling it off, too! I have so much respect for all the frugal mom blogs out there that I decided to feature a ton of them below. Check them out, leave comments, show them your love! They deserve it!

Frugal Mom BlogsTop 20 Frugal Mom Blogs

One of the absolute best communities I’m a part of is the FinCon community. Thousands of finance-minded people, all in one place, helping each other out. It truly is a great place to teach, learn, and grow all at the same time.

When I thought about this idea of highlighting the top frugal mom blogs, I thought, “Who better to identify the top blogs than those who read them and develop them all the time?!” 

So, I posed the question to the FinCon Facebook community. Sure enough, they came through with dozens of nominations. And, out of those nominations, I chose the Top 20 Frugal Mom Blogs below.

If you are one of the writers of the below blogs, congratulations! I hope this post drives plenty of traffic and long-time readers to your site. Keep up the awesome work and keep delivering! Your message is certainly making a difference!

If you are just coming here for a great frugal mom blog resource, then that’s exactly what you’re getting below!

1) Frugalwoods

Frugalwoods homepage

First on the list is a name I’ve heard of for many years, and quite frequently as well. Liz and Nate have a captivating story about their new adult lives, marriage, housing purchases, extreme frugal living, and extremely early retirement. 

Today, they live on 66 acres in Vermont and have two young kiddos. They are living their dream and it’s hard not to fall in love with Liz’s writing and her continual positive message on this fantastic site! Of all the frugal mom blogs, I’ll likely always have this one on top!

2) Big House in the Woods

I actually met Lindsey a few months ago when she reached out to me via email. She and her husband are rock stars. I mean, c’mon – completely debt free by the time they’re 25?? Who does that?

Lindsey continues to work feverishly on her blog and always has a helpful message to share. It’s great already, but I know it will just keep getting better!

Be sure to check her out!

3) The Curious Frugal

Suchot is the brains behind the Curious Frugal. She’s been a hard worker all her life and isn’t afraid of starting new things (the list of things she’s done is ALREADY quite long!). Recently, she and her husband hit a HUGE milestone and paid off their house! Congrats, Suchot!

Want to learn about budgeting and saving money? Suchot can definitely help!

4) Modern Frugality

Jen started this blog with the focus on spending intentionally and setting (and hitting) goals!

She and her husband got married in 2015, and together they had $78,000 in debt. Yikes! BUT, guess how fast they paid it off? 

It took them just 23 months… Whoa. 

If you want to learn about cutting your spending, setting goals, and hitting them, Jen’s blog may just be the one for you!

5) The Frugal Cottage

Nicola is from the UK, north of England. She blogs about her life and all that she has learned along the way. Her “About me” section says it best:

“I’m hoping that this blog will educate and inspire others in the world of finance, and hopefully will be a tool for me to see our progress as time passes. I want to show people that living a more simple life, being content with less and enjoying life more is possible on a budget. I want to show that you don’t have to conform to society’s view of “normal” and that creating experiences and memories is a better way of life.”

6) Shopping Kim

Kim started dabbling in website building back in 1998 already! She has formed quite a few sites, but the one we’re highlighting here is 

Kim posts articles nearly every day and shows you how you shop and save (instead of just cutting out shopping entirely!). 

If you’re a shopper at heart and want to find some deals, this site is a good one for you!

7) The Budget Mom

This blog is captivating. Kumiko Love is the real deal. She battled and scraped her way to where she is today, and she’d love to help thousands more do the same.

“Before there was a successful finance blog. Before the life-changing budget and fully funded emergency savings account…there was a “broke rich” girl. Spending money on things that didn’t matter. Desperately trying to fit in. Not knowing how she was going to keep up with the minimum payments or put food on the table.”

I truly believe this is one of the best frugal mom blogs to follow. Check her out! You’ll be glad you did!

8) Frugal Confessions

I started my blog in 2010 and I think Amanda, the originator of Frugal Confessions, did as well! As she said recently, she and I are dinosaurs in this personal finance space. But that just goes to show you how much we love it!

Amanda is an awesome writer that has worked her way out of $60,000 in debt and will stop at nothing to show you how to do the same! 

She’ll teach you about money management, how to save money, and even tips about marriage!

This one easily makes the top 10 frugal mom blogs! Keep up the awesome work, Amanda. Let’s do another 10 years! Lol. 🙂

9) Frugal Chic Life

Nicole has been called cheap her whole life. Of course, like the rest of us, we’d rather be called frugal! Her blog offers advice on budgeting, minimalism, financial independence, and making money! And, by the looks of her work, Nicole is an expert on all of it. What a great resource! 

She’s got a great sense of humor and if you’re looking for another frugal mom blog to follow, this one would be an awesome addition!

10) Centsable Momma

So I thought I was in this blogging game for a long time… Corrie has me beat! She started her money saving blog back in 2008! Dangggg!

As you may have guessed, there’s a ton of content here for you to dig through!

Corrie is a mom to two boys. She’s a former finance professional but decided to become a stay at home mom early on. With her many skills, Corrie’s blog is expansive as well – teaching you how to save money, clean, DIY, cook, how to coupon, and how to find deals!

11) Living Well Spending Less

Ruth looks and sounds like an awesome personality – the one you absolutely HAVE to invite to a party to make it lively and fun. 

She wears many hats. She’s an author, entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster, product creator, and a CEO of her own company. Wow. 

Check out her story below, in her own words:

“I started writing Living Well Spending Less in 2010 as a stay-at-home mom of two toddlers. As a young mom, I was struggling to hold it all together, and I kept thinking that if I could just find a way to get more organized, somehow my life would fall into place. I was sure that the answer to all my problems lie somewhere in the aisles of Target, and so nearly every day I’d load the kids into the car and off we’d go.

Not surprisingly, all that time spent wandering around at Target wasn’t super awesome for my wallet, and soon my husband and I began fighting about money. A lot.  

I knew something had to give, and finally, after one make-it-or-break it fight, I was scared enough for the future of my marriage to actually make a change.”

You can see why Ruth made it on my list of top frugal mom bloggers. 

12) The Thrifty Issue

The Thrifty Issue was created for Aussie moms, but most of their stuff is relevant for all of us, even the non-moms!

Some of their recent posts are:

  • What to do with Christmas leftovers
  • How to Manifest Money or Anything
  • How I made $3,613.10 in November 2020
  • and… How to Do Christmas with No Money

Enticing, right? Check it out and see what you think!

13) Fun Cheap or Free

This fantastic site is run by Jordan Page. Let me tell you, she has quite the story! Don’t believe me? You’ll have to check out her “About” page!

Put simply, Jordan blogs about budgeting, productivity, food, and lifestyle. But she’s not the type of person to be labeled or put into a box. My guess is, if she thinks you should hear about it, she’s going to write about it and publish it! 🙂

Some of her recent posts are:

  • Make a Difference: Leave It Better Than You Found It
  • How Do I Even Start Budgeting? Get Motivated!!
  • Easy Meal Planning Ideas and Solutions for Everyone
  • How to Set Goals (and Actually Keep Them!)

14) Money Saving Mom

This blog is the brain-child of Crystal Paine after continually being inundated with questions about how her and her husband could get by on so little every month! 

Today, it’s a well-known name and still pumps out relevant posts each and every day. Most of the writing these days is for hot deals, but there are still quite a few heart-felt posts from Crystal for those looking for something deeper from time to time. 

Be sure to check this one out!

15) One Hundred Dollars a Month

Written by Mavis Butterfield – a wife and mom living in high-maintenance suburbia. The title of her blog came from her extreme couponing and gardening tactics, where she would only spend $100 a month for herself and her husband. 

“We might have drastically chopped our spending each month, but we still eat real food and so can you.  You just have to pull out a calculator and be prepared to put in a little extra time and effort.  Saving money and gardening are not rocket science. You just have to have discipline and be willing to roll up your sleeves a little bit.”

She’s a very unique personality and is almost certainly a must read for many! Top frugal mom blogs? Ummm, yeah, for sure!

16) Little House Living

This is one of those top frugal mom blogs you can get sucked into almost immediately. Marissa started this blog because she has had some rough and humble beginnings (like getting married dead broke at 19 years old!), and she has plenty to teach anyone that’s willing to listen. 

At this point, it looks like most of her posts are recipes and homemade goods, but hey, she’s saving you money by sharing how you can make these things at HOME rather than at the restaurant or the bakery. 

Give it a look. It’s worth it!

17) Six Figures Under

What a story! Stephanie and her husband were frugal people…but that law degree didn’t come cheap. By the end of school, they had $130,000 in student loan debt.


But, here’s how a bit of the next chapter went in their lives:

“At first, we weren’t sold on working to pay off our loans right away.  We really wanted to save for a house.  In November 2012 we paid off a small $4,000 loan just for the heck of it, but kept saving what little we could for a house.

Then in May 2013 I read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and started considering his ideas.  Once I crunched some numbers and realized how fast our loans are growing (and how enormous they would be if we put them on hold to save for a down payment first), I was convinced that paying off the loans first was what we should do.  I know my husband wanted a house even more than I do, but he was also willing to give his all to paying off debt first.

By the end of August 2013, we had paid off around $32,500.

Their story didn’t slow down from there. But to keep this story from becoming a cliffhanger, I’ll tell you that they DID pay off their loans. It was incredible what they did.

Stephanie still writes regularly about how you can save money and get out of debt, which is why she made my top 20 list of frugal mom blogs!

18) Money Bliss

A great blog by Kristy! This blog gives great advice on managing money, budgeting, saving money, making money, and financial freedom (pretty much the full gambit!). But, behind all those details is an awesome story about money and a relationship. 

Here’s just a clipping of Kristy’s story:

“All was well.  I made more money than I spent and had a little savings (and a student loan that would eventually be paid off).

Life was good.

Fast forward to meeting my husband, who is a true saver at heart.  His philosophy was “No reason to fix or replace it, if it isn’t broken .”

Two worlds collided on the concept of money…

A solid read and an easy decision for placement on this list of frugal mom blogs. Be sure to check it out!

19) Mum’s Money

Written by Emma Healey – she’s quite the powerhouse! She has a ton of features on prominent finance sites like YahooFinance, LifeHacker, SimpleDollar, and even Readers’ Digest!

What’s her story? Here’s a quick summary in her own words:

“I want to be home with my kids when they are sick. I want to spend school holidays making memories. I also want to do fulfilling work and build a chunky retirement stash.

Basically, I want it all.

As it turns out, she basically got the balance she’s always wanted just recently. Congrats, Emma!

Interested in reading more? Emma specializes in making money, money management, and family living. Check her out when you get a chance!

20) Cents and Purpose

Kristin was frustrated with her finances. Then, she frankly just had enough! Her and her husband paid off $54,500 in just 20 months and learned a ton along the way. 

She got through the minefield and she wants to extend a hand and get you through as well!

Kristin can help you…

  • budget
  • get out of debt
  • save money
  • and live with purpose!

It’s a great blog and Kristin obviously has a huge heart for helping others, which is why we included this one in our list of top frugal mom blogs!

Top Frugal Mom Blogs – Which Are Your Favorite?

Alright! Well that was a TON of frugal mom blogs! Did you check them all out? Which ones were your favorites? I definitely have mine, but I want to hear from you!

Be sure to leave your love on their site (ie. leave a comment!) because the one thing that keeps bloggers going is proof that people are reading and interested in their content!

And, of course, thank you for reading THIS blog! We love you and can’t say enough about our following. You’re all AWESOME!!

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My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. I’m so honored to have made the cut! (Crazy enough…I actually started my blog in 2009. But who’s counting?;)).

    Here’s to another 10 years of blogging.

    • 2009?! You’ve got me beat!! Well I’m glad you’re still in the blogging game, Amanda. It’s good to connect once in a while. And, you’re still producing awesome stuff! Keep it up!!

  2. I love all the Mom Saving Blogs! You’ve provided a great resource page to save money in every way possible. If anyone knows where the best savings are, it can be found on these sites.

    • You’re welcome, Barry! Each one of them deserve the highlight!

  3. And the winner is…Modern Frugality gets my vote. I found her by way of a book search on budgeting purchased and read it. The No-spend Challenge Guide (How To Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay Off Debt Fast, And Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams). Besides her books and blogs speaking to me I found her personality and delivery of her money smarts very relatable. Her FB group for 2021 5 Day Money Saving Challenge: Fast Track Your 2021 Money Saving Goals! Makes me feel like one of the (Debt Free-living community) Family, as she delivers content in a very simplistic manner where I am finally getting it (wow! I can do this). I thrive on structure and grasp things better when it’s spelled out one thing at a time. And Jen Smith is my main squeeze (no pun:-) for killing the financial freedom game in my book.

    • Great! Thanks for the comment, Carla!!

  4. Derek!! Thank you!! I’m SO honored to be part of this list!!

    • You’re welcome, Lindsey! You write great stuff and needed to be recognized!

      • That means a lot to me!

  5. Thanks so much for including my Derek, this is a great list!

    • You’re welcome, Emma! It DID turn into a great list! Hopefully it will be a great resource for many years to come!

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