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Best 2nd Jobs for Single Moms to Have in 2023

Let’s be honest, being a single parent is hard. In fact, studies have been done on single parenthood, and they show that single parents tend to actually work harder than those who are married. And with working hard, many choose a second job or side hustle to make ends meet or to put a bit more money into their pockets. If you’re a single parent looking for another way to earn money, here is my recommendation for the best 2nd job for single moms (and you can do this as a single dad too!).

The Best 2nd Job For Single Moms

Okay really quick, there is NO right answer for the best 2nd job. That’s because we all have our own strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. So in reality, the best 2nd job for a single mom would be one that she loves (or at least doesn’t hate) and that plays to her strengths. So with that, let me give you the 6 best options that I’ve found.

Best 2nd Job for Single Moms1) Work At The School

My husband told me that his grandmother (a single mom) would work at the school as a lunch lady to make extra income during the school year.

She also had a night time job that she worked at full-time, but her part-time job at the school paid for extra lessons, food, and more. And, she even saved up enough money to start her new life when she moved to America as a Honduran immigrant. Talk about a great 2nd income!

Many school jobs also offer “first dibs” to parents in the area, because they know kids the best and are close enough that transportation shouldn’t be a problem.

For example, before my daughter went to school, we got an email about job openings that didn’t require much experience or education. They just really needed the help!

The job openings included a:

  • receptionist,
  • lunch lady, and
  • bus drivers.

These jobs offered full-time and part-time options, had school benefits, and started at around $17 an hour (not bad!!).

If you already work a job at night, but still need a 2nd job during the day (part-time or full-time), check with your child’s school district. They may have an opening available!

2) Work Weekends

Many jobs NEED extra help on the weekends, because let’s be honest, most people don’t like working weekends (me included!). This is great if you work a 9-to-5 but need some side income. This will depending on your skill-set, but there are many options available for weekend work.

These include:

  • bartending,
  • waitressing,
  • weekend reception work,
  • warehouse work,
  • and so much more.

If you’re looking for a weekend only side gig, check out Indeed or LinkedIn and just type in “weekend jobs” to see what’s available in your area.

3) Start A Blog

start a blog with bluehost

Looking to work from home for your second gig? Start a blog! You can start a blog for less than $50 in your first year, and start making money on your own time.

Now, this is not to say that blogging is easy. As someone who has owned 3 blogs, it does take work, and persistence, to earn money from your blog. But, there are so many ways to earn money. My favorite is by selling my own products and earning money through affiliate links, but there are other ways to earn money too (like ads or showcasing your freelancing services). All of this brings me to my next work from home suggestion…

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freelancer tools4) Freelance

When I was working a full-time job, I still needed to earn more income. And the best solution for my skill-set was freelancing. That’s actually how I started writing for this website! After writing for a few months, I ventured out and started offering other services. I became a virtual assistant, and since then, I’ve been able to turn my side income to a full-time business.

Even as a single mom, you can fit freelancing around your schedule. Many single moms who freelance (like Alexa at Single Moms Income) started freelancing on the side, on weekends, or early mornings before work.

No matter when you decide to work, you can offer many freelancing services including;

  • freelance writing,
  • virtual assistant work,
  • graphic design,
  • coding,
  • and much more!

successful single moms5) Nanny/Babysit/Open A Daycare

Want more time with your child(ren)? You can be a nanny, babysit, or even open a daycare. While this will all depend on how much time you have to dedicate to a 2nd job, any of these options can help you earn money without leaving your children.

I’ve heard of someone who has a “weekend only” daycare. Basically, she takes 4-6 kids on Saturday’s and Sunday’s for 6-8 hours. The parent’s pay per day (she charges around $40 for each kid), and they get a free and clear weekend to run errands, work, etc. Because she can watch up to 6 kids a day, she could earn up to $640 from one weekend. Not a bad deal.

You may not be able to watch as many kids, and that’s okay. But even just babysitting or nannying a few times a week could bring in $300+ a month.

6) Clean Homes

Another great option if you want to be with your kids, but still need the extra income, is to clean homes.

As a personal example, a fellow mom I know cleans my home a few times a month. And she can typically clean my whole house in 3 hours or less, but she charges a set fee of $150 each time. That’s $50 an hour!

And I’m not her only client!

She actually works with 5 families right now, and this is just her part-time job. She brings her school-aged child with her to most of the homes, and she only accepts clients that are okay with this. Her daughter does help her clean, and then she pays her a portion of the wages. So not only is she getting paid, but she’s also paying her daughter and providing an income for her too!

Whether you can (or want to) bring your kid(s) with you or not, you can make quite a bit of money cleaning homes on the side. And if you can offer other services, like deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. you could earn even more!

Bottom Line: The Best 2nd Job For Single Moms

Single moms have many more options for 2nd jobs than they ever have before. And while I hope we get to the point in our country where this isn’t mandatory, I will say that I have the upmost respect for parent’s who decide to work multiple jobs to provide. You can do this!

Did you see the best 2nd job for single moms for you? Which was it? Tell us in the comments below!

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