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How to Turn $100 into $1 Million!!

Want to know how to turn $100 into $1 million? Well of course you do! And, it’s not as far fetched as one would think. Buuut, it’s not going to happen the way you’d guess either, which is why so few actually do it!

Turn $100 into $1 Million with the Stock Market?

When I start talking about how to turn $100 into $1 million, most people automatically assume I’m talking about the stock market.

You know…you’d buy stock in an up-and-coming company, hold onto it until it’s worth bazillions, and then sell it and retire to the beach!

But is this really possible? Do people really do this? It’s time to investigate and find out the TRUTH!

Penny Stocks

First and foremost, what is a penny stock?

Put simply, it’s a stock that you can purchase for less than a dollar – ie. for pennies.

There really aren’t many of these out there, so the terminology can be stretched a bit — to the $2 or $3 mark. (So, when a stock price is $3 or less, it may still be referred to as a penny stock.)

How often do these penny stocks rise in value? And rise substantially?

In hunting for the most successful penny stock performances in history, I was surprised to discover that there really aren’t any! Even the sites where the owner has claimed to make it big in penny stocks, he admits that he only got there by trading stocks, not by buying and holding stocks that shot up in value over the years.

The best “get rich with penny stocks” example I found recently was Snap Inc. (which is most well-known for the Snapchat app). In 2019, the stock price was down around $5 per share. Today, it’s trading at about $50! Well, dang! That’s a pretty massive increase!

While this growth is astounding, would it have turned our $100 investment into $1 million?

Ummmm…not even close. 

The stock price has increased by 10 times, which means a $100 investment would become $1,000… While this is pretty awesome, it’s a far cry from $1 million.

I think it’s safe to say that buying penny stocks and hoping that they’ll earn you a million bucks is NOT going to happen.

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How to Turn $100 into $1 MillionDay Trading

If penny stocks alone won’t get you to a million bucks on a $100 investment, what about day trading? Is this a good way to get you to millionaire status??

First off, what is day trading?

Day trading is when investors enter and exit the market in a very short time frame. In fact, they typically buy stocks and sell them within the same day!

They look for certain indicators or market events that would suggest the stock would move up or down. Then, they quickly buy, wait for the stock to go up a small percentage, and then they sell again. 

To make big money, it helps if you have big money – for two reasons:

  1. When you day trade, you don’t want to invest all your money again and again. That’s a great way to go broke with just one wrong move. Ideally, you want to invest just 1% of your overall stash at a time.
  2. If you want to make a sizable amount of money, you really need to invest a sizable amount of money. ie. If you invest $100 and make 5% in a day. You’ve only made $5. But, if you invest $100,000 and earn 5%, you’ve just made yourself a cool $5,000!

Can you really make big money day trading?

A few people do make some serious money by day trading, but the odds are quite slim. Based on the overall consensus, only 5-10% of day traders actually make money. Not great odds…

So can you turn $100 into $1 million by day trading?

First of all, $100 just isn’t enough to play with. Secondly, it’s wayyy more likely that you’ll lose that $100 vs. earn any money with penny stocks, let alone make a million! 

I’m not going to start day trading any time soon, and I’d suggest that you steer clear of it too!

Highly Successful IPO’s

If penny stocks don’t do it and day trading isn’t the answer, then investing in baby companies that flourish into mega-businesses must be the answer, right?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most successful companies out there right now – Amazon and Tesla.


Jeff Bezos took the company public in 1997. At the time, you could buy the stock for $18 a share. Since then the stock has become wildly popular and has split three times (one was a 3 for 1 split, the others were a 2 for 1). Today, the stock trades at $3,263 a share.

When it’s all said and done (after factoring in the splits), a $100 investment in 1997 would be worth roughly $196,000 today.

Pretty dang good! But still not a million bucks. Plus, out of the thousands of companies out there, what are the odds that you invest in just the right company to pull this off? 

Probably not going to happen…


Elon Musk, one of the most recognizable public figures in the business arena, took his company public in 2010. Since then, the stock has been incredibly successful, outperforming nearly every other company out there, large or small. Since that IPO (initial public offering), the stock has risen by 18,318%.

That’s incredible!

Buuuut that still means that our $100 only turns into $18,318. A far cry from the $1 million we’re hunting for.

What’s Next…?

All in all, investing in smaller, younger, flourishing companies doesn’t seem to be the answer either. 

So, what else can we explore? What else promises huge returns for little investment? How can you turn $100 into $1 million?

Turn $100 into $1 Million at the Casino or with the Lottery?

This should be self-explanatory for most, but for kicks and giggles, let’s prove this one wrong anyway.. 😉

dumbest ways to pay off debt - lotteryCasino

Let’s say you’re at the roulette wheel. You’re deciding to place your bets on red or black. And, for the sake of simplicity, let’s say your odds are 50:50 (they’re not because of the green double zero…but we’ll stick with 50:50 to keep this example simple).

How many times do you have to guess right to turn $100 into $1 million?

The answer….14 times

That actually doesn’t sound too crazy…but what are the odds of doing this?

0.00610%, or 1 in 17,000 attempts

And, like I said initially, the odds are actually worse than this simplified example, soooo, it’s probably not going to happen. Stay away from the casino!


Florida has a lottery going right now that’s called, “The Fastest Road to $1 Million”. It’s a $30 scratch off and it promises to pay out 155 top prizes of $1 million. Pretty enticing! 

But what are the odds?

Lay your $30 on the table and your odds of winning are 1 in 270,717. With $100, you could play three times and bring those odds down to 1 in 90,000… but still a pretty big stretch. 

Chances are, you’ll either win a single dollar or nothing at all.

Stay away from the casino and stay away from the lottery. You’re far more likely to lose everything than turn $100 into $1 million!

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is art a good investmentTurn $100 into $1 Million with Art/Collectibles?

What about something more sensible?

  • What about investing in appreciating art?
  • Or maybe some Star Wars Chewbacca still in its original packaging?

Could those turn $100 into $1 million?

Likely not. In fact, according to Investopedia, the average collectible returns less than a money market fund, which currently yields about 0.5% a year. Now that’s pretty sad!

Sure, your collectible may return better yields than that, but they’re still likely less than 10% a year. And even at that rate, it would take 97 years of waiting before you could cash in your $100 item for $1 million!

Unless you start collecting straight out of the womb, I doubt you’ll live long enough to enjoy your millionaire status. Sorry.

The Truth About How to Turn $100 Into $1 Million

After all this, you might be quite discouraged. 

Is it really even possible to turn $100 into $1 million??!!

My answer. Absolutely!

But, like I said in the intro, it’s probably not in the manner you’d think (ie. all the above methods).

Here’s the big lesson of the day.

If you want to turn $100 into $1 million, you’re going to have to work it. You’re going to have to start a business with that crisp $100 bill, and then you’re going to need to hustle like nobody’s business! 

Business Ideas to Make $1 Million with Just $100 in Start-Up Costs

It’s possible my friends! And here are some great ideas to get you on your way toward that million bucks!

start a blog with bluehostStart a Blog

I started this blog in 2010. So far, I’ve earned over $100,000 (probably closer to $200,000 at this point, but I’m losing track). Some of my blogger friends are earning that much or more EACH YEAR. It’s really insane, but people are doing it!

And, the crazy part is, you can fund your entire first year of blogging for less than $100. 

That’s what I did back in the day, and boy am I glad I did!

Interested in starting a blog? Check out my “How to Start a Blog” page for the step-by-step tutorial! (Or, click the image with my face on it to use my affiliate link and head straight to the web host offer!).

Write Books/eBooks

Books cost basically nothing to write and publish. I mean, you probably already own a laptop and have the internet, so there’s no additional dollars needed. The only risk is your time. 

So, if you have a bit of time and you love to write, it might be worth the investment!

How much are the royalties?

On average, publishing companies pay out a 10% royalty on all books sold. So, if a book sells for $20, you earn $2 on every sale.

Let’s play this out.

If you want to earn $1 million, you’ve got to sell 500,000 books! Yeah, that’s quite a bit, but maybe it’s not via one book title. Maybe you write 10 different books! That means you either only need one big hit, or you sell an average of 50,000 copies per title.

However the math plays out, $1 million is possible. And, at the end of the day, it’d be pretty cool to call yourself an author!

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blog goalsOnline Real Estate

About a year ago, I accidentally made $1,500 on a website I had forgotten about. Seriously.

I started the site a few years back to show people how easy it is to start one and make it look pretty decent from day one. I wrote three articles, linked to my new site from this one, and then forgot about it.

When I finally remembered that it still existed, I decided to sell it since it really wasn’t doing anything for me. I made $1,500 on the sale and was blown away.

Think about what could happen if you actually tried to make money in the online real estate world? 

You’d simply have to:

If you could buy four sites for $100 total, and sell them for $1,000 a piece, you’d suddenly have $4,000 in your pocket. 

With that $4,000, you could host 160 sites (instead of that initial 4). Sell those for $1,000 a piece and you’ve got yourself $160,000.

Dannng, see how quickly this could add up to $1 million?! Definitely possible!

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Lawn Mowing Business

Have a lawn mower?

Know how to use it?

You’ve got a million dollar business brewing. 

I’m dead serious! You could mow one simple lawn and earn $25. It might take you 30 minutes. That’s a $50 an hour gig.

  • Work 20 hours a week
  • Earn $1,000 a week
  • That’s $50,000 in year one!

Then, it’s time to expand.

  • Get another 100 clients
  • Tell your buddy you’ll pay him $25 an hour to mow lawns
  • You pocket the other $25 an hour since you’re the brains behind the operation
  • That’s an extra $25,000 on top of your $50,000 in year two!

Add another 100 clients in year 3, and another 100 clients in year 4. 

Soon, you’ll be making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with an investment that cost you less than $100 to begin with.

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How to Turn $100 into $1 Million – The List Goes On and On

I have so many other ideas for you, it’s insane. It seriously takes just $100 to make a million.

Here’s some more quick hitters to keep your brain churning.

Car Parts Shop

Buy a junker car from your buddy for $100, sell as many parts on eBay as you can and make $1,000. Then, repeat!

Furniture Restoration

People are always giving away their old outdated furniture.

  • Just pick up their unwanted pieces (for free),
  • sand them down,
  • give it a rustic paint job, and
  • sell them for $500 each!

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Hardwood Floor Resurfacing

I recently got a quote for a guy to refinish our hardwood floors. The quote was over $5,000. And truthfully, it’s not that hard. It just takes time.

  • Rent the sanders you need
  • Do the job as fast as you can
  • Buy the finishing oil (with the down payment from your customers)

And boom! You earned a $4,700 profit. 

Rinse and repeat this idea for a cool million dollar business!

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Website Design

Have experience here? Then your overhead is probably $0.

The demand here is insane. If you can prove your worth, you can easily earn $100,000 a year. 

Want to go for the million?

Expand your operations with a few employees and take on more clients! You’ll work only slightly more, but exponentially increase your profits!

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outsource home tasks or diyHouse Painting Business

People pay $3,000+ to get the outside of their house painted.

Why not tackle this yourself? The upside is HUGE and there’s very little cost to get started. Your only investment is the time it will take.

Home Cleaning Business

Here’s the model for most people today:

  • Get a great job
  • Work your way up the corporate ladder
  • Earn as much as possible, but work a ton in the process
  • And, you therefore don’t have time to clean your own house
  • BUT, you do have $50 to shell out each week to have someone else do it!

Want to help them out? Charge $50 for a couple hours of work. Build up your clients, expand your operations, and you could very well have a million dollar business in just a few years!

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Dog Walking/Pet Sitting Business

Dog walking can earn you $20-30 per dog for a half-hour of work. Want to earn more than that? Walk more than one dog at a time. You could easily make $200 an hour by walking just a few dogs at a time.

And, you could earn even more money by agreeing to watch people’s dogs for them while they’re out on vacation. The average pay for dog watching is between $250-$350 a week. That could add up quickly with just a few dogs a month!

Want to scale it up? You’d just need to build up your clientele and contract a few workers to help you. Pay them $15 per dog walk and you could pocket the other $15!

Once you grow large enough to contract a few people, you could soon be earning more from their work than your own!

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freelancingVirtual Assistant Work

There are so many profitable websites today, owners are in need of virtual assistants – good ones.

Do you fit the mold?

The pay for virtual assistants isn’t great – typically $20 an hour – but it’s certainly something you could scale if you had enough work (and believe me, there’s enough work out there!). First, do a great job as a virtual assistant yourself, then start a team of high caliber workers like yourself.

You’ll grow so fast, that million dollars could soon become a reality!

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How to Turn $100 into $1 Million – It IS Possible!

Looking to turn $100 into $1 million?

You’re not going to do it with:

  • penny stocks
  • day trading
  • IPOs
  • the casino
  • the lottery

Instead, you’re going to have to work it!

Start a business, earn a healthy wage for yourself, then find a way to hire or contract individuals to grow your business and your wages! THAT’s how you’re going to turn $100 into a million dollars.

Don’t want to work it? Then you’re not going to become a millionaire. Sorry, but that’s just the cold, hard truth. 

Instead, put in your blood, sweat, and tears and claw your way there. It’s much more fulfilling that way anyway!

How will you turn $100 into $1 million? What business would you choose? Tell us in the comments below!

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