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My Audacious Visitor Goals From June – How Did I Do?

My Visitor Goals from JuneI set some pretty lofty visitor goals for myself in 2020. At the end of June, I discovered that my monthly visitor numbers were on a downward spiral. They were once at 30,000 per month, and in June they were down to a paltry 16,000. I knew something had to change if this website was going to survive. It was time for a dramatic shift and new audacious visitor goals. Due to this figurative moment of cold water in my face, I set a new goal for myself — 100,000 readers a month by December.

Was that realistic? 

Was it even possible?

I believed it was, so I went for it.

Did I succeed? Or did I fail miserably? It’s time to dive in and find out.

The Plan to Achieve the Goal

I’m a dreamer, but I’m not naive enough to think that 100,000 visitors would just land in my lap. I needed to make a plan and follow-through. This post outlines it in detail, but here’s the bullet point summary:

  • Increased social media activity
  • More personal and strategic social postings
  • A faster site
  • More content
  • Better content (not pointless drivel…)
  • More email marketing
  • More giveaways

And here’s what my ramp-up plan was for those 6 months:

blog goals

I was ready.

I was pumped.

It was GOING to happen.

The Actual Results

I got through June. The goal was 20,000 visitors…which is what I thought my baseline was. But, like I mentioned before, my average visitor numbers were actually 16,000 per month.

So, considering that realization, my actual number in June were pretty respectable — 18,028. 

Pretty good. 

Below the goal, but still heading in the right direction.

Next was July

I pressed hard into July. 

  • I wrote amazing posts
  • Social media was ablaze with my constant publications
  • I even emailed a few personal notes to my subscribers

My final visitor total?


Again, better than the prior month…but below the goal – this time 7,000 visitors below my 26,000 goal.

Uh oh. This 100,000 target was already slipping away!

August thru December

I still pushed into August.

  • I continued writing great content.
  • And, I even pulled a few strings to increase the speed of my site (it’s still not amazing, but better)

Buuut, I started slacking on my social media posts. I felt like I was spending too much time on the short term gain of visitors, and not enough time on my content.

Then, in the later months, I started to lose steam on the quantity of posts I was publishing – sometimes getting down to just 2 per week.

So, my visitor numbers began to stagnate. 

Here’s how it all played out vs. my visitor goals of 100.000 a month:

So yeahhhh….. I pretty much peaked at 19,000 visitors and certainly didn’t get to the 100,000 visitor/month goal.

That’s the bad news. But there is a silver lining here.

The Good News

I didn’t even get close to hitting my goal by the end of December.

But, here’s the good news:

  1. I learned what didn’t work – It’s going to take more than quality writing and a little social promoting to get to 100,000 visitors. Okay, now I know.
  2. I DID increase my monthly visitor numbers by 19% each month – That’s something!!
  3. I failed at my goal, but I’m not dead…or even injured. This is just a blog. I want to impact lives, but my full goal just didn’t happen yet. No biggie. And no reason to shed tears.
  4. I can reset my goal – Guess what my goal is for 2021? You got it. Getting to 100,000 monthly visitors! 🙂
  5. Given the current economic climate, people are searching for great personal finance info – I’m in a prime spot to grow like CRAZY! It’s time to get after it!

And, one more bit of good news. The improved content has lead to more engagement on the site (ie. they’re hanging around longer and clicking through other pages). This means that even though I haven’t attracted that many more visitors (19% more visitors), my Google Ad earnings have jumped by nearly 200%!

Check it out (added bar chart below):

While it’s not my full intent to earn a ton more money, it has been a welcomed byproduct of my improved content quality. 

The Plan to Get to 100,000 in 2021

I’ll just go out on a limb here and admit it right off the bat — I don’t have an exact plan for attaining the 100,000 visitors…yet.

Like I said earlier. I know that a few good pieces of content isn’t going to cut it. I’ve got to do more.

Here’s my plan thus far:

  1. I tested the impact of publishing 5+ articles a week in the month of December (instead of 3). The response was better than I expected – both from direct traffic AND from SEO traffic. There may be something in Google’s algorithm that rewards those that publish often. So, that’s what I intend to do for a while – publish 5+ posts a week.
  2. I have a TON of people that find my site through Google, and then never visit ever again. It’s because my site is basically set up for them to do this – in other words, it’s set up poorly without a way for them to know what to do next and where to go next. I have already met with my developers and got them started on a “Get Started Here” page. The main page will have 15 steps to get uber-wealthy. Then, each of the steps will have a dozen or more articles that relate. It should entice people, keep them clicking around my page, and perhaps even get them coming back!
  3. Keep up with social – I’m getting better, slowly. I know Pinterest isn’t going to make me millions, but 50 extra visitors a day is pretty huge for me right now. And, if I can do it by only taking 20 minutes out of my day, it might just be worth it! Plus, it could lead to those 2,000 visitor days when one of my posts goes semi-viral!

Annnd I’m toying around with the idea of starting a forum on my site…but are forums even a thing anymore? I just need a better way for my readers to connect with me and the other readers of my site. There’s so much more than can be learned and understood beyond just reading a few articles a week!

What do you think? Start a forum? 

That’s my big question right now.

Stick With Me – We’re Going to Be Big Soon

You know what’s great about me having this 100,000 goal? You’re going to get a fricken awesome site – with great articles, constant interaction, and new features every month (‘get started here’ tab, new tools, and maybe even a forum!).

Are you ready for more awesomeness?

Yeah, I am too. 

Can’t wait!

More amazing posts and features to come! Be sure to cheer me on and let me know you’re with me (ie. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!!)!

Love you all!

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  1. Let’s go Derek! You’ll be hitting 100,000 visitors and my goal is to hit 1,000 visitors a month!

    • Gotta have goals! We’ll hit them, Mike! Thanks for the support!

      If you ever want to write a solid guest post for my site to try to boost your numbers, I’d be happy to host it. Let me know!

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