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34 Amazing Business Ideas for Kids (Make Some Real Money!)

Want to teach your kiddo about the value of a dollar? About work ethic? About doing something that could impact the world? Have them start a business with one of these 34 kid friendly business ideas below!

34 Kid Friendly Business Ideas – The Full List

These business ideas are great for your kids! Scroll through the post to learn more about each option!

  1. Kid Friendly Business IdeasWrite children’s books
  2. Baking
  3. Sell Art
  4. Pet Sitting
  5. Dog Walking
  6. Grow and Sell Flowers
  7. Gardening
  8. Car Washing
  9. Baby Sitting
  10. Tutoring
  11. Social Media Influencer
  12. Recycling Service
  13. House Cleaning
  14. Buy in Bulk and Resell
  15. Raking Leaves
  16. Shoveling Snow
  17. Build and Sell Shoe Racks
  18. Dog Poop Clean-up
  19. Help With Horses
  20. Bike Advertising
  21. Make and Sell Jewelry
  22. Car Detailing
  23. Mowing Lawns
  24. House Sitting
  25. Errand Running
  26. Hand Made Crafts
  27. Furniture Refurbishing
  28. Candle Making
  29. Buying and Selling Used Items
  30. Graphic Design
  31. Build Websites
  32. Blogging
  33. Photography
  34. Flipping Sneakers

My Personal Reason For Writing This Post

I started many business ideas when I was a child — buying in bulk and reselling, building shoe boxes, and mowing lawns (just to name a few). As an adult, I started this website and have grown it to a pretty decent following. Enough to earn some solid revenue anyway. 

My wife is similar. She used to manage various stores in her younger adult days. In the last 5 years, she’s been building her own photography business and is becoming quite successful with it. 

kid friendly business ideasWe’re a different breed I think. We just love the idea of making something out of nothing. And you know what? It’s how most successful people become successful – not by nodding their head to their boss at work, but by listening to the beat of their own drum and doing what they love instead! 

We want to teach our kids that they can do anything in life. And, a great way to do that is to have them start their own business as a child (perhaps with some adult help of course!).

My daughter is nearly 5 years old. We’re just getting her started with her own ice cream business, and she is stoked! She already has 3-4 customers that are ready for their first order. And, with her $2 in profits per order, she’s going to buy a giant stuffed animal! (We’re totally going to let her.)

Please please please inspire your kids to do the same. Let them dream, let them fail, and then pick them up and teach them that they can win (but that failure is often a necessary part of winning)! There’s no greater gift than teaching your kid these important life lessons!

Let’s start a kid friendly business, shall we?! 🙂

Kid Friendly Business Ideas: Ages 4-9

Starting your kid young? Great! But, this does limit your options a bit — no heavy machinery operation…and no cleaning houses (young kids are masters at ignoring a mess!!).

So what are some kid friendly business ideas for those elementary-aged kiddos?

1) Write Children’s Books

They obviously won’t do the writing if they’re super young, but little kids come up with the most off-the wall ideas for stories! You could sit down with them and let their imaginations run wild, take some notes, and then formulate the entire story at a later time.

The latest story by my 5 year old went something like this:

“There was once a man who lived in garbage land. He ate garbage all day every day, but he didn’t like it. So, he decided to move to band-aid land. He now eats band-aids.”

Okay, well, it may not be a best seller…Lol! But it’s a start!

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kid friendly business ideas2) Baking

For whatever reason, there are a ton of kids who love to bake (I was never one of them). I mean look at all the kid baking shows that are aired today. Other kids love to watch them and the contestants are always extremely talented!

Does your child like to bake? And are they pretty good at it?

Have them make some creations, then ask your friends and family if they’d like to buy some.

If they’re amazing, it could turn into full-time work and a TON of profits! If they’re mediocre at best, they’ll earn a few bucks and buy a stuffed animal! 😉

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3) Sell Art

Little kids can actually be quite the artists! And if you let them have a little practice, they might even be able to sell their art!

Don’t believe me?

There’s actually a 2 year old in New York that’s legit making big waves in the art world

I’m dead serious. 

Her name is Lola June and she’s selling her pieces (well, technically, her parents are selling her pieces) for $1,000 a piece! It’s pretty amazing. 

If your child is just 10% as talented as Lola June, you might be able to made a hundred bucks here and there!

Perhaps the best place to sell your kid’s artwork? Etsy! There’s nearly 130,000 pieces out there right now and are selling for $30 a piece. Pretty cool stuff!

4) Pet Sitting

Pet sitting (mostly dog sitting). It’s pretty easy. All you have to do is:

  • remember to let them out to go to the bathroom
  • clean up after them
  • feed them
  • and maybe take them for walks if needed

That’s it! My five year old could probably handle it.

And the money in pet setting is actually really good

  • Have a dog for the day, make $15
  • If you have a pet for a week including overnight stays, you can make $250+

That’s AMAZING money for a 4-9 year old!

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extra grand a month5) Dog Walking

This one might take a little bit more help on your part, especially if you don’t live in the city. But, the concept is simple at least.

  • Go to someone’s residence,
  • Attach leash
  • Go walk with the dog
  • Go back to the house
  • Detach leach

Lol! Super simple! You can go and walk dogs with your kiddo, collect the dollars (usually $10 per walk or thereabouts), and get a little exercise in the process!

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6) Grow and Sell Flowers

This is a cool one, and really doesn’t take that much effort on your behalf or your kid’s. It will take a little patience though (after all, you WILL have to wait for those flowers to grow!).

Start with the end in mind on this one.

When is it that people most want flowers? 

Most often, in the spring, and then throughout the summer and fall. So, you may want to start planting some seeds inside late in the winter.

But, once you get those flowers blooming, you can set up a road-side stand for $3 per group of flowers. Plan on putting together 100 “batches” of flowers together. Sell each batch for $3, and that’s $300 for your kiddo!

That’s good money for an elementary kid!

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best tips for frugal living7) Gardening to Sell Food

This is similar to the flower idea, only with fruits and vegetables! Something that people love as well. AND, if it’s your cute little kiddo that’s selling all the produce, you’re bound to rake in quite a few sales!

  • Plant the veggies early in the year
  • Grow them to maturity
  • Get a spot at your local farmer’s market and sell the heck out of those fruits and veggies! (Don’t forget to market them with your cute kid’s face and name on everything!)

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Kid Friendly Business Ideas: Ages 10-13

Once kids hit age 10, their minds are really getting active.

  • They’re starting to see business opportunities,
  • they know what it means to do a good job,
  • and they can really be driven by earning a profit and making money on their own!

Here’s a few kid friendly business ideas that your pre-teen can do beyond what’s already been listed above.

8) Car Washing

Ahhhh, this one is sooo simple! Get your kiddo ready in your driveway with a gallon of car wash soap, a water hose, and a sponge. Charge $5 a car wash and put up signs on a few street corners in your neighborhood so your neighbors can drive on over. (Or, if you can figure out how to take orders, maybe your kid can actually “deliver” the car washes and just wash everyone’s car in their own driveway. Dang, that’s a good idea! Wish I thought of that one when I was a kid!).

Want to hear a real-life story?

  • An 11 and 14 year old started their own car wash business.
  • They charged roughly $3 a car and soon were able to wash 20 cars a week.
  • After the minimal costs, the kids were each netting a profit of $23 a week.

Quickly, word got out in the neighborhood that these boys were cleaning cars quickly and for a cheap price. Orders came flooding in and they just couldn’t keep up. So, they did exactly what they should have when demand exceeds the supply.

  1. They “hired” another employee (the sister of one of the boys)
  2. And, they raised the price from $3 to $6 per wash (which was still far cheaper than the $10 local car wash price).

They were also amazingly brilliant on the marketing and developed a “loyalty card” for repeat customers and gave them the rate of $5 per wash.

Just 9 months into the venture, the boys were each earning over $100 per week! Now THAT’S impressive!

Can your kid wash a car? Then they could be earning $100 a week on their own and learning a ton about business and marketing!

side hustles you can start this weekend - babysitting9) Baby Sitting

Almost all of us have baby-sat at one time or another in our lives. If your kid is mature for their age and can play with kids and lead them without much effort, then out of all the kid friendly business ideas, this one might be the best one for them!

How much can they charge?

According to, for a night out, parents pay baby sitters…

  • $18 for one child
  • $20 for two children
  • and nearly $22 for three children

That’s pretty good for an evening’s work!

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10) Tutoring

Is your kid a star student? 

Can he/she teach effectively?

Are they empathetic and good with other kids?

Turn them into a tutor!

The clients are already in their classrooms, and this experience will greatly help them guide, lead, and grow themselves in their future adult lives!

Oh, and they could make $20-$25 an hour, which is an INSANE hourly rate for a kid!

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kid friendly business ideas11) Social Media Influencer

I’m 35 years old…so I’m getting to be a little bit of a dinosaur in the social media space (Facebook is the social medium for kids…right…?? Lol. ;)).

Seriously though. Kids are proving time and time again that entertainment can pay off BIG TIME!

If your kid has a lovable, outgoing personality, then they might just rock it in the social media space. 

Case and point…Ryan’s World

Ryan Kaji started a YouTube channel a few years back where he would unbox and review toys. The channel has grown to an out of control number. And, get this, Ryan has earned over $26 million from his popular YouTube channel. 

It is INSANE. But obviously, it’s possible.

Another Example — Anastasia Radzinskaya

This girl is 5 years old, and earned $18 million this past year with her channel. And it’s just videos of her playing with her father. Simple…but the idea is earning $18 million!!


Maybe your kid’s channel won’t earn $18M or $26M, but what if it earned $50,000? That would still be incredible!

12) Recycling Service

We just talked about making $26 million a year. Let’s dial that waaaayyyyyyy back. 

When I was a kid, my sister and I liked to rent video games. BUT, my mom would rarely give us money for it. So, we started making our own money…by collecting soda cans!

We lived in Michigan where the return amount was 10 cents per can. We found cans on the side of the road, in garbage receptacles around the city (and did some dumpster diving occasionally!), and the hot spots were around parks and golf courses. 

Every week, we’d earn a few bucks, which was enough for another video game!

If you want your kid to one-up us, have him or her remove old appliances for people and take them to the scrap yard for cash. You’ll need to provide some of the muscle (and a truck with gas in it), but they’ll be pretty excited about earning $5-$10 per item!

high paying jobs without a degree13) House Cleaning

Another one of the best kid friendly business ideas is cleaning houses. 

If your kid is cleanly and wants to start a business that earn some decent money, start to clean houses! 

Adults typically charge $25-$30 an hour to clean houses. If your kid charged $15-$20 an hour, I bet they could start to get some gigs!

Just advertise through your church, work, or other community function and I bet you could get your kid’s business rolling!

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14) Buy in Bulk and Resell

This was actually my first business venture at 8 years old. I bought 144 smiley face key chains out of an Oriental Trading Magazine for $15. I sold nearly all of them and probably earned $23-$24. My first business venture made me $7 or $8 — that’s pretty solid profits for an 8 year old!

Looking back, my business was small-time. I could have earned so much more.

Your kids could buy these items in bulk and sell them for way more to their friends at school:

  • Soda
  • Candy
  • Water bottles
  • Donuts (Krispy Kreme)

Buy the soda for $3 for 12 cans, sell them for $1.00 a can. You’d earn $9 every time you’d do this! And realistically, you could probably earn this amount every day at school!!

buying life insurance - money protected15) Raking Leaves

In the spring or fall, there are leaves. People hate to take care of leaves. 

If your kids offered to rake up some leaves for a reasonable price, there are SO MANY people in your neighborhood that would jump at the deal. 

Not only are they saving themselves from having to labor outside, but they also get to feel warm and fuzzy by supporting a young kiddo with a bit of cash!

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16) Shoveling Snow

Same story as raking leaves. Shoveling snow isn’t a fun job…and that means your kid can make some money doing it!

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17) Build and Sell Shoe Racks

I told you about my first business as a kid – buying and selling smiley face key chains.

My second business was building shoe racks out of scrap lumber. The materials were basically free and I made $8 per shoe cabinet. I made hundreds of dollars in just one summer! 

If your kid is just mildly gifted with woodworking, this could be a pretty lucrative gig for them. Those racks don’t have to be perfect, they’re for shoes for goodness sakes!

18) Dog Poop Clean-up

Raking leaves, shoveling snow…these are jobs that you’re not real fond of, but they’re not terrible. And then there’s picking up dog poop…a job that absolutely NO ONE wants to do. 

This is where Erica Krupin found her gold mine. She set up a business called, “Kroopin’s Poopin Scoopin” and agreed to visit her customer’s house once per week and clear their yard of poop for just $15. 

Doesn’t sound like much….until she built it up to 80 customers!

That’s $1,200 per week!

Ummm, I bet your 10-13 year old could pick up some poop around the neighborhood if it turned into $1,200 a week. That’s crazy!

19) Helping With Horses

And, speaking of picking up poop, what about horses? 

Your kid is just what those horse owners are looking for – someone that’s young, healthy, strong, and not afraid of a little dirty work. 

Find a barn in your area and see what you can make happen.

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20) Bike Advertising

I never thought about this business opportunity when I was a kid, but before you’re 16 years old, how are you getting around town?

On your bike!

And if you like to go places, then people are going to be seeing your bike constantly!

So as a kid, why not sell some ad space on your bike? That’s what Milo did in Duluth, Minnesota. At the time of the article, Milo had 12 paying customers who were paying him $10 for making 5 trips around Duluth. 

The article didn’t say how much he was making each month, but you’ve got to admit the business idea is pretty inventive!

21) Make and Sell Jewelry

When girls turn 9 or 10 years old, they really start to get into jewelry. Sure, they like to wear it, but they also like to make it. There are a ton of kits out there that you can use, or your preteen can develop her very own patterns and designs!

Sell them to family, friends, or set up shop on Etsy!

Kid Friendly Business Ideas: Ages 14+

When kids get to be 14 years old or older, the business world really starts to open up to them. Sure, they can start any of the kid friendly business ideas above, but they can also make some solid money trying their hand at the below ideas as well!

our new truck!!22) Car Detailing

Go beyond just cleaning cars, detail them inside and out. Instead of earning $5 a wash, you can earn $100 per detail. Sure, it’s going to take longer, but it’s $100!!

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23) Mowing Lawns

When I was in my mid-20s, I thought I was too busy to mow my own lawn. So, I hired a self-employed kid that owned and operated “Zippy Z’s” – pretty sure his name was Zach. It cost me $20 per mow and it took him 15 minutes or less.

If he had two other houses to mow in my area, he could have been making $60 an hour! Pretty solid!

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24) House Sitting

Now more than ever, people are ditching their houses for their more-remote summer homes. But, they don’t want their primary homes left open to damage while they’re gone. This is where your kid comes in!

Apparently, people watch houses as a full-time gig and earn an average of $70k a year doing it! Well that’s pretty impressive! 

What if your kid can make just a tenth of that? I bet they’d be stoked!

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kid friendly business ideas25) Errand Running

If your kid is 16 years old and can drive, they can make $20-$35 an hour just by running errands for people

  • Get groceries
  • Pick up an item or two
  • Maybe even pick up a person

Whatever it is, there are people in your community that need help running errands. If your kiddo is reliable and a safe driver, this could be a great option for them!

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26) Hand Made Crafts

Love crafting? Then this could be one of your top kid friendly business ideas!

If you can make something that people want, crafting can be a pretty profitable venture.

One of my blogger friends, Millennial Boss, sells printables on Etsy. She earns over $2,000 a year with them. Not too shabby!

Others make much less, and still others make much more. It all depends on the product and what the demand is.

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27) Furniture Refurbishing

This right here is my most favorite of all the kid friendly business ideas. People that refurbish furniture must make a TON of money per hour. 

Here’s how they make their money:

  • They get old beat up furniture for free
  • They sand it down and repaint it to give it a shabby chic look
  • Then, they sell the piece for $500 or more

If your kid is a bit artistic and can handle a sander and a paint brush, this gig is for them!

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28) Candle Making

A few years back, my friend and his wife desperately wanted to adopt a child. The only problem? It’s crazy expensive! So, they started brainstorming ways to make more money. 

One of their top business ventures became making and selling candles! He told me they weren’t that expensive to make and that it was actually pretty easy. While I never got the exact recipe from him for candle making, I trust he was telling me the truth.

Maybe your teenager could do the same thing! Buy some supplies, turn them into candles, and then sell them for a couple bucks less than what they’re going for in the store!

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kid friendly business ideas29) Buying and Selling Used Items

Do you know a particular market really well? I mean, do you see something for sale on Facebook or Craigslist and think, “Man, they are selling that waayyy too cheap.” Then this might be the business for you. 

Whether you want to buy and sell…

  • books
  • art
  • trading cards
  • antiques
  • or even cars…

…if you buy it for cheap and can sell it for a huge mark-up, then this is the business for you!

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30) Graphic Design

Is your teen a designer through and through? Do they whip out designs that you didn’t even know were possible?

Long story short, they could be making bank. 

On average, graphic designers make $25 an hour. That’s a pretty solid rate for a teen!

So how do they get started? Here’s the best instructions I’ve seen — How to Start Your Own Graphic Design Business

31) Build Websites

I once built a website, forgot about it for 3 years, and then sold it for $1,500. It was one of my greatest accidents!

Your kid could do the same thing. All you’ve got to do is come up with a solid web domain, make it look pretty, and add a few articles. BOOM, you suddenly own something that’s valuable!

And, if you get really good at building websites, you could even charge other people to improve their sites (Heck, I paid over $3,000 to make mine look pretty!)!

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blog goals32) Blogging

I have personally earned over $100,000 with this blog (and I’ll be closing in on $200,000 pretty soon). Insane, right? 

Here’s the key — write something that people want to read about. If you have eyeballs on the site, you can make money with it. Potentially, a LOT of money.

If you’re a teen and you love to write and people love what you put out there, then blogging might be for you!

You just never know unless until you try!

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33) Photography

Like I said in the intro, my wife is a photographer. She’s slowly built up her business while being a stay at home mom to two young kiddos. By only working a few hours a week, she brings in $10,000+ a year. 

If you’re a teen, you likely have no responsibilities and a TON of time to learn a skill and make some money. If you’re interested in photography, it’s a great industry to get into! You’ll need to buy a camera and some lenses, but after that, you can really earn some good money (like, thousands of dollars at a time!).

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34) Flipping Sneakers

This one is awesome. A guy from Brooklyn, NY flips shoes for a living! That’s right, making a living on sneakers!

His story is here on Side Hustle Nation.

In short, he looks for new and used shoes that are for sale in the $500-$1,000 range. He then looks on eBay to see what the shoes are selling for. If the typical selling price is hundreds of dollars more, he’ll simply buy them and immediately put them up for sale on various sites.

This way, he can earn thousands of dollars a week just by purchasing and reselling a couple dozen sneakers!

It’s a crazy market that I know nothing about, but it certainly is real and there’s tremendous opportunity there for someone that’s willing to learn.

Kid Friendly Business Ideas – Which Is Your Favorite?

There you have it. Thirty four solid kid friendly business ideas for you to choose from. My only question to you is, “Which is your favorite?” Which do you think your kid will start soon? And why?

Tell us in the comments below!

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