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How Your Financial Love Language Affects Your Life

Did you know that the way you view and value money can affect your life, even in ways you didn’t expect? It’s true, and it’s also true that you have a financial love language that impacts those views. Here’s how to find yours out, and how to use it to get a better handle on your finances.

getting married on a budgetWhat Is Your Financial Love Language?

First, what’s your financial love language? Well, it’s actually a two-part system.

You can think about it this way… your money personality affects how you see money and what you do with it. Your love language affects your relationships and how you communicate with others when it comes to money.

Is Your Financial Love Language The Same As Your Regular Love Language?

Not exactly, but your love language can affect how you treat money. For example, based on the love languages, here’s how you most likely communicate and feel about money:

  • Acts of Service: You spend your money on family/friends in order to help them. You will have practical money meetings and focus on bills, investments, and necessities for your family.
  • Words Of Affirmation: You may need an accountability partner to help you with managing the day to day financials, and love having weekly meetings to discuss finances.
  • Physical Touch: You have an easier time spending on a credit card or debit card, but find it hard to physically part with cash.
  • Quality Time: You love spending money on experiences, and don’t prefer spending money on “stuff” or things that you feel cause clutter.
  • Gifts: You tend to be an over-spender (especially for loved ones), and may have even gotten into debt because you think gifts = happiness.

Of course, this isn’t always entirely accurate, especially if you fit in between multiple love languages, or if your money personality and how you see money is slightly different than your love language. The best way to get a completely accurate position on your financial love language is to find both your money personality and your regular love language.

Do you know your financial love language?How Your Love Languages Affect Your Life

Now, how do these affect your life, especially when it comes to your money habits?

They affect you in more ways than you may think! Let’s explore.

They Help Determine Your Spending Habits

Let’s say that you’re a natural saver and that your love language is acts of service. With these personality traits, you will find it hard to part with your money, and may also squirrel away money, even when you know you’re financially prepared. You may also have anxiety surrounding spending money, especially on “non-essential” items.

I use the above example because that is my financial love language. My love language is acts of service, and my money personality is considered a “saver”.

On the opposite end, if you’re a spender, and your love language is gifts, you may find yourself constantly spending money. Money may also burn a whole in your pocket as soon as you receive it. This may be a bad money personality to some, but in reality, being aware of your money personality can help you reel in spending habits if needed.

They Help Determine How You Communicate About Money

Your financial love language also affects how you communicate about money. Those with a words of affirmation love language may communicate about money and hope to get praise or kudos when they budget correctly. Those who have an investing money personality may find themselves comparing themselves to those who are investing more (or better than) them.

how to talk about money as a couple

As an example, my husband has a spending personality, and his love language is words of affirmation. So when he does well at not spending, and finds himself saving more money, he loves to talk to me about his progress. However, when he overspends or doesn’t save as much as he’d like, he can get in a sullen mood and not want to talk about finances. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just who he is.

They May Show An Increased Chance In Financial Infidelity

However, some money personalities and love languages may have an increased chance in financial infidelity. There is no hard or fast rule about who will be financially unfaithful, but those with spending personalities and love languages like gifts or physical touch may find themselves hiding overspending habits, credit card debt, and secret accounts for spending.

They Can Affect What You Value

Of course, the biggest affect that your financial love language has on you is what you value. Those with acts of service and investment love languages and personalities will value saving and investing for their future more than buying a new car. Those with gifts love language and spending money personalities may appreciate expensive gifts and items over saving more money each month.

Your Financial Love Language Isn’t Everything

No matter what, your financial love language doesn’t mean you’ll have a bad or good relationship with money. It simply means you should be aware of how you’re spending, saving, and investing your money based on what you value and prefer.

Overall, no financial love language is superior, and all have their pros and cons. It’s up to you to figure out how you work best, and how your money can help you be your best self.

What is your financial love language? What would you say are the pros and cons for that language?

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