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5 Reasons People Are Moving to Nashville

For many people living in the biggest cities of the United States, the pandemic has been a strange time. Rents are high and the large cities are densely populated. With fewer and fewer reasons to stay in an expensive city and remote working becoming a reality for many, people have been moved to smaller, less complicated cities….Which is exactly why many people are thinking about moving to Nashville!

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Is It Worth Moving to Nashville?

Austin, Texas came into the news recently when celebrities like Elon Musk and Joe Rogan moved there, but Nashville has seen a similar string of moves.

Even before the pandemic, about 80 people were moving to Nashville a day. With plenty of reasons people are moving to Music City, there’s no wondering why it is a great place to live. Check out all the great reasons below!

Top Reasons Why People Are Moving to Nashville

Wondering if Nashville is a good place to move to? Thinking about moving to Nashville in 2021? I think quite a few people are asking these questions.

Further questions might be:

  • Does it make monetary sense?
  • And does it make sense from a quality of life standpoint?

Based on my recent research, it certainly doesn’t sound too shabby!

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Why are people moving to Nashville1) Vibrant & Artistic Culture

If Nashville is known for one thing, it’s known for music. It’s called Music City for a reason.

The origins were in country western but the city goes way beyond that in what it has to offer in the way of live music. Jack White’s Third Man Records is located in Nashville, which has attracted an eclectic music scene.

Beyond music, there is plenty of art in the city.

  • There are museums,
  • restaurants,
  • record stores, and more.

If you love music and you’re wondering if it’s worth moving to Nashville, it probably is. 😉

2) Business is Booming

Like Austin, people are moving to Nashville because business is booming. Fortune 500 companies are relocating to the city and with them are thousands of professionals.

Not only is it boosting the economy of the city, workers are getting better jobs with better pay. A single company moving to Nashville creates hundreds of jobs and people are moving from all over to cash in these opportunities.

With the pandemic putting millions of people on unemployment, many people want to change their career. The more people come to Nashville, the more people it attracts.

3) Property is Reasonable

Is Nashville expensive to live in?

Compared to some of the big cities, the property in Nashville is actually quite reasonable.

The market is thriving, making Nashville a great place to invest in real estate. Another reason is that the Tennessee property tax rate is one of the lowest in the country. It is the 12th lowest tax rate out of the 50 states.

Since it is well below the national average, Nashville is an enticing place to buy property because it is accessible and profitable. The prices will only go up. Now is the time to invest in Nashville.

4) Nightlife

Is Nashville a good place to move to? How about moving to Nashville alone? How is the nightlife?

Nightlife in Nashville isn’t just live music. There are so many things to do, places to drink, and shows to see.

  • Go see live comedy.
  • Attend a honky-tonk.
  • Try some Nashville hot chicken after some beverages.

Whatever it is you are into, Nashville is a great place to spend your evenings.

People don’t just want to move to the city because it has a booming economy, low rent, and a vibrant culture. It’s also an incredibly fun place to spend your time.

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5) Outdoors

Nashville also has some great outdoor activities. It was awarded the best urban green spaces in North America by USA today.

The parks are famous, with over a million people enjoying themselves every year.

  • A few hours away is the Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • Outside of Nashville, Tennessee has so many options for hiking, camping, and more.

If you want to live in a city but have amazing nature in your backyard, Nashville is a great option.

Is It Worth Moving to Nashville?

Whether you’re into music, nightlife, the outdoors, or food, Nashville has so many things to offer.

It is a gloriously vibrant city with a unique and welcoming culture. Most people who live in Nashville aren’t from the city, but the carpetbaggers are welcomed with native Tennesseans. It is a city of people from elsewhere, coming to Nashville for dreams.

Nowadays those dreams are coming true…

  • It is where you come to make it in music, but it’s also where you come to save money on property and business taxes.
  • The economy is booming.
  • Real estate is a great investment.
  • There are plenty of jobs.
  • The bars and restaurants are great.
  • The people are amazing.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do for a living, and why you want to move from where you live, Nashville is an incredibly awesome place to find what you’ve been looking for. If you’re looking for something new and exciting, you’ll likely find it in Nashville. 

Are you thinking about moving to Nashville? What’s your take? 



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