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5 Reasons Why Spending Time Online Isn’t All That Bad

Each day, new reports are published that encourage us to step away from our screens in favour of spending more time outside or engaging with the ‘real world’. While reducing your screen time is important, it’s also impossible to deny that this technology can also be used to enhance your life in many different ways. There are reasons why spending time online isn’t all that bad.

5 Reasons Why Spending Time Online Isn’t All That Bad

Want me to prove it? Check out all the great reasons below!

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1) Spending Time Online Can Enhance Your Career

Whether you are considering changing your career or simply fancy a change, spending time online could be the key to advancing in your career.

Spending time online may not be a bad thingFor example, by using social networking pages such as LinkedIn to your advantage – you can make meaningful connections with other professionals in your industry. This can open numerous doors through knowledge exchange or even personalized recommendations when you apply for a job within their company.

Furthermore, most job openings are advertised entirely online – meaning you’d be hard-pressed to seek out opportunities without spending some time at your computer or desktop.

Finally, having a strong online presence can help you take your career to the next level, as you are more likely to be spotted by recruiters. 

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2) Spending Time Online Can Help You Stay Connected

By now, you’ve probably participated (and hopefully won) your fair share of zoom quizzes. And while you may be fully ready to step back into in-person meetings again, the fact that getting online helps us to connect with others cannot be denied.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that many people will now feel nervous about attending public gatherings, especially those who may be immunocompromised – meaning that they may prefer to meet up online for the time being. 

Getting online can also help you stay connected with the world at large as you can keep on top of news reports and learn more about major global events. So, despite what others may try to tell you, whether you go online to spend time with distant friends or learn something new, you aren’t wasting your time. 

3) Being Online Can Help You With Your Health

Spending more time online can also help you stay on top of your health.

For example, if you’re looking to improve your diet – you can begin by researching healthy recipes. This way, you can plan out your meals ahead of time and ensure you have everything you need to hand, meaning you will be less tempted to reach for the takeout menu after a busy day at work.

In addition to healthy eating advice, you can also take better care of your health by joining online exercise classes. This is a great way to get fit without spending the same amount of money you would have to spend on a monthly gym membership. 

You can also use your screen-time to request repeat nhs prescriptions or consult with a virtual pharmacist from the comfort of your own home.

This can be particularly beneficial for those who have a super busy schedule and may not always have time to stop by the pharmacy and collect medications – as you can have the medications delivered directly to your home (often within 24hours). 

4) Spending Time Online Can Help You Earn Money

Money management is something that we all worry about from time to time. However, these worries may feel more pronounced during the pandemic as we are yet to see the full financial effect that lockdowns and restrictions have had on the economy and job market. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many people are now looking for ways to reach financial health online

legitimate ways to make money onlineThankfully, there are plenty of ways to earn money online, many of which require very little effort on your end.

  • For example, you could receive payment for voicing your opinion in online focus groups or participating in surveys.
  • Additionally, you could even begin running your own blog.

While this might not earn your hundreds of dollars right away, it can provide you with a little extra financial security during these troubling times. 

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You could take your online money ventures to the next level by launching your own online business.

While this is no doubt a challenge, it can be a great way to really get on top of your finances and take charge of your career. Furthermore, when running an online business – your monthly expenses are much lower as you do not need to pay to rent or lease office space. 

You can also use your screen time to improve your financial health by reading financial guides or advice blogs.

For example, if you find that you are constantly dipping into your savings, you could keep an eye out for budgeting tips and guidance, or even download budgeting apps and software onto your phone that will help you keep on top of your pennies. 

5) Spending Time Online Can Expand Your Horizons

Over the past year, millions of children around the room attended school behind the screen. While this was no doubt an adjustment, online teaching has proven that it’s possible to expand your horizons and develop new knowledge online.

Therefore, you could use your own screen time to further your knowledge by signing up for online courses.

Thankfully, there are thousands upon thousands of courses for you to choose from. As an example, you could take a course that relates specifically to career progressions – such as a leadership or teamwork course. That, or these courses could also be completely unrelated to your profession. For example, if you’ve always wanted to learn another language – now is your time to try it out.

Will You Keep Spending Time Online?

In short, there are various reasons why spending time online isn’t that bad – especially as it can help you make significant changes in your life. If used wisely, your screen time can help you take the next steps in your career while ensuring that your social life continues to flourish.

That being said, all good things must be practiced in moderation – so you shouldn’t ensure that you don’t spend the entire day at your desk (or on your phone) either!

How are you doing with your screen time??


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