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Meaningful Bucket List Ideas for Anyone – From Students to the Elderly

When you think of a bucket list, you may think of a list of all of the crazy, expensive, and “once of a lifetime” to-do’s that someone would want to accomplish before they die. But, life doesn’t have to be so crazy and out of this world in order to be a good life. Instead, there are many smaller things you can do to feel accomplished and good about yourself. This post is all about simple bucket list ideas that anyone can accomplish.

What Is a Bucket List?

We basically gave it away already, but a bucket list is simply a list of things that you want to do before you die. 

simple bucket list ideas for students

Some examples of bucket list items are:

  • Skydiving
  • Writing a song
  • Writing a book
  • Climbing a mountain
  • Reconciling with a friend or family
  • Taking a cross-country road trip with your partner

It could be anything!

Some people have huge bucket lists. Other have fewer items, but their bucket list is much crazier than most. And, still others just have simple things that may have a huge impact.

Maybe you don’t really have a bucket list, but you’d like one. This post is for you!

Simple Bucket List Ideas for 2021

Are you looking for simple bucket list ideas for couples? Or perhaps simple bucket lists for students? Or maybe you just want a meaningful bucket list. I truly believe that the below items will help you put together your very own bucket list.

1) Brighten Someone’s Day

Bucket list ideas can be cheap. It truly doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day.

  • You can pay for their cup of coffee.
  • Or, maybe slip a $5 bill in a book in the library or bookstore.

Sometimes, people just need a nice compliment to feel great about their day. Just take the time to do just one simple good deed for someone else. It will make them feel good, and make you feel good too.

2) Go Out & Have Fun (Alone)

These ideas don’t always have to involve someone. Items on your bucket list could be done alone as a single person!

You don’t have to be a solo traveler to have fun alone. Instead, take yourself out for the day or night and do what you love to do, alone.

  • Maybe you’ll want to go to a museum.
  • Or, maybe you’ll just want to sit at a nice dinner by yourself.
  • My personal favorite is going to the movies by myself.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to be by yourself and enjoy your own company. This doesn’t mean you have to be isolated forever (although many introverts like myself LOVE being alone). But, it just gives you a chance to really enjoy what you love without the hassle of planning for everyone else.

Watch the sunset3) Watch A Sunrise & Sunset

Want a cheap bucket list idea? This one’s for you!

Even if you’re not a morning person, there’s just something about watching a sunrise. It’s even better if you live near a beach or body of water, or the mountains. But no matter what, watching a sunrise and sunset is completely free. And, it makes it easy to appreciate the day and reflect.

4) Make A Time Capsule

It’s crazy to look back at your younger years and realize how much has changed and how much you’ve changed. Nostalgia doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and there’s nothing wrong with having fond memories.

This bucket list idea can change your perspective!

Make a time capsule of the things you love right now, write a quick letter to yourself, and make a plan to wait 10 years or longer to open your time capsule.

In those years, you may forget about what you put in the capsule, but opening it and seeing old but happy items and a note will be something you won’t forget.

5) Have A Drastic Hair Change

Lol. This bucket list idea is simple and cheap…but a little bit crazy too!

Women and men can make a drastic hair change, and sometimes it just feels good to do.

  • You can color your hair,
  • try a different cut (mullets are back in!),
  • or even go all out and do it all.

But there’s something so freeing about realizing that hair is just hair. As long as you don’t have a job that requires a certain hairstyle or color, you can do whatever you want!

skydive for your bucket list6) Do One Thing That Scares You

We should almost have something scary on our bucket list. After all, if nothing on the list scares you, then you’re not growing as a person! And, you’ll never have any stories to tell! 🙂

This idea can be as out of this world or as simple as you make it. 

  • Maybe you want to go skydiving to get over your fear of heights.
  • Or maybe you just want to go to a petting zoo and pet a goat because they terrify you.

It doesn’t matter what it is you decide to do, as long as it takes you out of your comfort zone. Life is full of surprises, so you may find yourself enjoying it.

7) Write A Letter To Future You

What do you want to tell your future self?

What are you doing right now that you think your future self will want to remember?

Write a letter to the future you, and tell them everything. You can even use a site like Future Me, so it automatically delivers your letter to you.

8) Have A Staycation

Need a cheap bucket list idea? This one is perfect! 

Some people love to travel, but sometimes they can’t always afford it. Instead, take a weekend and become a tourist in your own city.

  • Rent a hotel or stay at home,
  • make an itinerary of things you want to do but haven’t done yet,
  • and choose some new places to eat.

Enjoy the weekend, and explore new things!

best finance documentaries9) Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

Sometimes bucket list ideas can be super simple. Don’t overcomplicate them. Just plan a spa day! 🙂

  • You can do an at home spa day,
  • go to your local community college or trade school,
  • or go to an actual spa for your spa day.
  • Choose a treatment or two, and enjoy the day relaxing while someone else takes care of you (or enjoy the self-care).

If you’re looking to save more money, you can also go on a site like Groupon and find some incredible spa deals. I’ve been able to get massages, facials, and more at 35% off or more.

10) Bake/Cook Completely From Scratch

Sometimes a bucket list is about accomplishing something that you’ve never done before…even if it’s been done by many before you.

We don’t always have time to cook from scratch. But there is something so gratifying about knowing you made a meal or baked something from scratch.

I’m not a baker, but I took a class on how to bake a cake. And although mine wasn’t perfect, I felt like a true chef after.

And the best part? You get to eat what you make.

11) Volunteer Your Time

Want to make a difference with your bucket list? Then you need to finally do it! Volunteer!

You don’t have to donate thousands of dollars or start a non-profit in order to make a huge difference in the lives of others. Instead, volunteer your time.

  • You can volunteer at an animal shelter,
  • soup kitchen,
  • and so many other places in your local community that need help.

And not only will you make a difference, but you’ll feel good doing so.

12) Host A Potluck/Party

Extroverts rejoice! Lol!

And introverts… get out of your comfort zone at least once.

Host a themed party or potluck, and have fun with your loved ones for the night.

Here are some bucket list great party ideas:

  • Host your own gala and have everyone dress up fancy
  • Host a “time period” theme and have everyone dress up for the era they pick
  • Have a backyard games party and BBQ
  • Have everyone bring a game (digital or board/card) and serve appetizers while everyone has fun competing
  • Pick your favorite show or movie and host a party with that theme

No matter what you choose, make the plans and be a good host. Your family and friends will have fun, and it will give you some great memories. And if you’re lucky, people will bring up how great the party was for years to come!

cast iron cookware - save money13) Eat One “Exotic” Meal or Ingredient

I don’t know about you, but I love food and all different types of cuisines. I was lucky enough to grow up around the world and have the experience of tasting food from France, Germany, South Korea, and more.

But, you don’t have to travel to experience a new food or meal. In fact, it’s easier than ever to eat out of your comfort zone!

Have an exotic bucket list meal!

Find a local store that specializes in exotic foods, or try a restaurant that serves a different cuisine. Don’t look for “Americanized” places (like Panda Express – sorry to say but that’s not true Chinese food, no matter how good it tastes!). Really focus on a place, cuisine, or ingredient that isn’t local.

Who knows, it may become your new favorite food!

14) Take A Class/Training

Even when we get out of school, we should never stop learning.

  • Take a class,
  • learn a new language,
  • brush up on some old skills,
  • or take a training on something you’ve been wanting to learn.

This doesn’t even have to be expensive. Check out your local community college or a site like Skillshare, and pick something that sounds interesting.

bucket list donate plasma15) Become A Donor

This is a fantastic idea to put on your simple bucket list!

Being a donor is one of the most selfless things you can do, and it could save a life.

You could become a donor simply by checking “yes” the next time you renew your license.

But you could also be a live donor and donate…

Of course, the decision is yours on if you want to donate or not, but if you do, it could be a life changing experience for both you and for the person you did it for.

Simple Bucket List Ideas That Anyone Can Accomplish!

Well there you have it, 15 simple bucket list ideas that anyone can accomplish! And you know what? They’re all cheap bucket list ideas too, so you can’t pull the “I don’t have enough money for that” card!

These simple bucket list ideas are just the start though. You can add to this list as much as you want. The key is to live your life to the fullest, and these ideas are just here to get you started.

What are your favorite bucket list ideas? Do you have more to add! Leave them in the comments below!

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