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How to Write a Resume With No Experience or Degree (…and Get Hired!)

In the 21st century, the need for a college degree has become less important for many people, and even jobs. But a resume is still just as important as it was 20 years ago. This post is all about how to write a resume with no experience or degree, and still get hired!

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How to Write a Resume With No Experience or Degree

You have so many questions…you don’t even know where to start! Well, check out the common questions below and the answers to each. They should help clear up your thoughts a little!

Then, toward the end of the post, we’ll get more into the nuts and bolts of writing a resume…even with no experience or degree.

Can I make a resume if I have no job experience?

Can you write a resume if you have no job experience?

Of course, and experts recommend it!

Just because you don’t have job experience, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any experience at all.

  • Volunteer work,
  • skills you’ve taught yourself,
  • and even online courses from companies like SkillShare count as experience.

Should I put college on my resume if I didn’t graduate?

Even if you didn’t graduate from college, you should still list where you went and your relevant experience.

For example, did you learn critical thinking skills, graphic design, or even how to debate?

These are skills you can spin to be applicable in the work force.

What do I put on my resume if I have no experience or degree?

What should you put on your resume if you really don’t have the right experience or degree? 

It’s tough, but put what you know.

  • Were you great at English in high school?
  • Do you have any hard or soft skills like communication, leadership abilities, or a high emotional intelligence?

Don’t be afraid to showcase what you have accomplished, even if it wasn’t in a “traditional” job setting.

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Write a resume with no experience and get hired

What are hard skills on a resume?

When they ask you to list hard skills…what is that?

Hard skills are teachable and measurable capabilities.

These include:

  • writing,
  • reading,
  • math,
  • and even programming.

These skills show what you know and how you can apply them to the work that you will do on the job.

What are soft skills on a resume?

Then they might ask you about your soft skills. What do they mean by soft skills?

Soft skills are how you work in a job and how you interact and work with others.

So it’s not about what you know, but how you act.

  • Communication skills,
  • teamwork,
  • and listening skills are popular soft skills to add to a resume.

How do you write a resume if you’ve been unemployed?

What if you haven’t been employed for a while? What do you do with that on your resume?

Don’t skirt around the issue.

Directly address your current unemployment and talk about it.

  • Did you stay home with the kids?
  • Did you take time to travel and experience life and learn some lessons on the way?
  • Were you more focused on philanthropy or helping a family member that needed you?

By addressing a gap in your resume, you beat the hiring manager at showing who you are, and give them no room to assume the worst.

Write a resume with no experience by yourselfWrite A Resume With A Resume Builder

If you don’t have experience or a degree, you might be wondering how you’re going to get a decent job. Job searching could take days or even weeks, and the lack of a good resume won’t help. So it may be best to simplify the process by working with a resume builder. 

A resume builder will help you to build a better resume — so that it stands out among the crowd of your competitors.

You can also customize the look and feel of it, so you can feel good about representing your best self. In fact, this easy resume builder (from has more than 4,000 professional and modern templates to chose from.

And the best part?

Their system code is designed to bypass third-party software that automatically makes a list of candidates by words on sites like Indeed.

More About The Resume Builder If You’re Interested 

  • This smart resume builder will help you to make a resume online. You can create an individual and easy-to-read resume for each interviewer. This professional resume builder offers you 16 different options of how your resume will look like. 
  • Creating a resume with this designer now does not take much time and effort, a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Now you do not have to search for templates on the Internet or make them yourself. All you have to do is to select a template, fill it out and download it.
  • In the process of making a resume, you will receive professional recommendations to make sure that you do not make mistakes. Just enter the basic information about yourself, and experts will help you process it. After receiving a useful piece of advice, you will be ready to continue filling out the template.

How to Write Out A Better Resume With No Experience

Some people think that if they don’t have any experience or a degree, they can’t be strong candidates and secure an interesting position.

But that’s false.

In fact, there is a large number of high-paying professions, such as IT developing, sales, and executive assisting, in which a degree may not even be required. 

Instead, develop your resume to stand out.

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Show Off Professional Development Building

Have you taken courses for your professional growth? This could include leadership courses, programming courses, or any other online or in person course. And no, it doesn’t have to be through a college. 

Even attending a seminar or conference that helps you learn and grow is better than nothing at all. Plus, prospective jobs love to see hands-on learning and a growing (or specialized) skillset. 

When do you need a CPA?List Licenses and Certifications

A company may approve certificates and licenses over a degree.

For example a PMP (Project Management Professional) or Scrum Master certificate goes a long way in the tech field. Or, a real estate license helps if you’re great at sales and want to try your hand at real estate.

If you don’t have a college degree, make a section on your resume to talk about your certifications instead. And don’t be afraid to brag and show off what you learned and how you apply that knowledge!

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Talk About Experience

You might have already gained experience that will be useful to your job prospects. Why not try to go with it and put it on your resume?

You might not have a degree, but if you put in the work elsewhere, and can prove your skills, a job will most likely go with you over someone that’s fresh out of college with no experience. 

How to Write a Resume With No Experience or Degree and Get Hired!

No experience or the lack of a degree doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good job. With a little magic and the right words, you can showcase what you do know to win over just about any prospect. 

Are you ready to put together a quality resume with no experience? You could still get the job if you put in the time and effort!


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