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How To Make An Extra 1k a Month (10 Great Ideas Here!!)

Have you ever thought about how to make an extra 1k a month? Maybe it’s to pay off your debt faster, or to save more money, or even to reach long-term financial goals. Whatever the case may be, you may have found yourself Googling how to make more money. Instead of searching through countless articles, let’s talk about the easiest ways (online and off) to earn extra money!

How Can I Make Extra Income?

First, how can you make extra income in general? Before you even get started with a side hustle, you need to decide how much time and money you have to put into it.

For example, if you only have 5-10 extra hours a week, it wouldn’t make sense to get a part-time job. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money to get started, selling products that you have to make wouldn’t be wise either.

But, if you have 5-10 hours and a car, you can get started on a side hustle like DoorDash! Or you could deliver for you local pizza joint!

Once you decide how much time and money you have to dedicate to your side hustle, you’ll be able to find one that fits you best.

How to make 1k extra per month - 10 great ways to do it!How can I make 1000 extra a month?

There are many ways that you can make an extra $1,000 a month. This includes both online and off.

But, just know that the ideas on this list are not to “get rich quick”. Yes, they could make you $1,000 extra a month. But, they will take time, diligence, and even some grit and elbow grease. Keep reading to find out some great side hustles!

How to Make Extra Income While Working Full-Time

Looking for ways to make an extra 1k a month while still working full-time? You are certainly NOT alone!

Lucky for you, there are more ways than ever to make an extra 1,000 extra per month. We spell out 10 ways below, but within this post we link to many other articles that will lead you to dozens (perhaps nearly 100) ways to make that extra grand a month!

Here’s the process you should take to secure the extra income:

  • find the right job for you (one that’s kind of fun for you AND pays well)
  • find out how much you could make per hour
  • then, take $1,000 divided by the amount of money you make per hour (This is how many hours you’ll have to work a month to earn $1,000 extra dollars)

Let’s say your gig earns $20 an hour and you want to earn $1,000 a extra per month. 

  • Simply do this: $1,000/$20 = 50 hours a month

You’d need to work 50 hours to make an extra grand. So, roughly 12 hours a week. It’s doable!

Now, what if you could figure out a way to earn $50 an hour?

  • $1,000/$50 = 20 hours a month

Boom! That would be GREAT! you’d work just 5 hours a week to make an extra grand every month!

…But how can you do this? Keep scrolling down to see our 10 ideas plus all the links to other ideas!!

How Can a Beginner Make Money Online?

Now, how can a beginner make money online?

Online side hustles are all the rage these days. Between more people being home, working from home, or just not wanting to leave home, online side hustles have exploded.

But can a beginner make money online?


Can a beginner make 1k a month online?


There are plenty of online side hustles that you can try (more to come on this in the post below!).

How can I make $1000 a month online in 2022?

While there will be some ideas below, the easiest way to make an extra 1k a month online in 2022 is to start your own side hustle.

This could be…

  • a service-based business (like virtual assistant), or a
  • product-based (like your knitting projects!).

Of course, this will cost money and time upfront. But these side hustles have also turned into full-time businesses for many people, so that’s always a plus!

How Can I Make 1000 Extra Fast?

Want to make $1000 extra fast? Like, in a few days fast? It’s not easy, but it’s possible with some of our suggestions (ie. Keep reading!!)

It’s important to know that you’re not going to make $1,000 overnight (unless you’re very lucky!). However, the side hustles below will help you reach $1,000 faster than just working a 9-to-5 only.

make a passive income - build multiple income streamsHow Can I Make an Extra 1000 a Month in Passive Income?

Are you looking to earn an extra $1000 a month in passive income? It’s possible, but not easy!

While passive income is amazing and can really help with your monthly budget (and eventual retirement), it usually requires investments to grow. But a side hustle could earn you $1,000 this month.

If you want help making an extra 1000 a month in passive income, check out these articles:

Also, remember that passive income does require time and effort too. While it’ll be nice to see your money grow month over month, it takes some work before that happens!

How to Make $1000 a Month As a Teenager

If you’re 30, you have pretty much every possible option available to you when it comes to making money. But what if you’re still fairly young? This is an important question, “How to make $1000 a month as a teenager”.

If you’re 16 and can drive, I’d go the pizza delivery route. The pay is decent, the tips are good, and you can earn $15-$20 an hour without too much skill. You’ve just got to be willing to hustle.

The other major route for making 1k a month as a teenager is one that I absolutely LOVE. Starting your own business. 🙂

  • Tutor
  • Babysit
  • Detail cars
  • Mow lawns
  • Clean houses
  • Buy and resell
  • Create websites
  • Walk dogs/dog sit
  • Refurbish furniture

And there are so many other options!! Just think about what you like to do, what you’re good at, and then start telling people about it! Don’t overcomplicate it! Just get started!!

start a blog with bluehostHow To Make An Extra 1k A Month

Okay, we’ve talked about passive income, how beginners can start making money, and how to use side jobs to make $1,000 a month.

Now let’s talk about the meat and bones of what this article is all about! …The full list of how to make an extra 1k a month.

1) Start A Website

Thinking of how to make an extra 1k a month online? Starting a website and blog can be an awesome way to earn extra money each month.

It’s important to mention that you won’t make money fast with blogging. But, depending on how you want to earn your money, and how much effort you put into the blog, you can earn quite a bit (like…some people earn $1,000,000 a year with their blogs! It’s insane!!).

Here are just a few ways that you can make money with your website:

  • Affiliate advertising
  • Display ads
  • Sell your services
  • Sell your products
  • Sponsorships
  • & more!

Interested in getting started? Here’s my affiliate link to Bluehost (this gives you special pricing of just $2.95 a month, and they give me a little kickback for the referral as well!). And, if you want more direction about why and HOW to start a blog, check out the link below!!

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2) Teach Online

Do you have a college degree? Do you love kids and want to work with them? Have you had experience as a teacher or tutor in the past?

Want to know how to earn 1k a month?

Try teaching online!

There is plenty of demand for online teachers and tutors, both part-time and even full-time.

Here are just a few places that you can apply for:

While this is an online opportunity, you will need to dedicate a few hours each week to consistently teach and tutor the kids you work with. However, you could make up to $30 an hour.

You’ll also need a computer, headset, and reliable internet access to work.

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buy a new or used car3) Rent Out Your Car

Want to know how to make 1,000 extra a month without doing much work?

Yeah…who wouldn’t??

If you work from home or have multiple cars, you may have a car in your home that you don’t drive a lot.

Instead of letting it sit and collect dust, rent it out!

And, the best part about this side hustle is that YOU don’t have to do much work (besides excepting bookings and inspecting the car when you get it back!).

Here are services that let you do this:

Something else to mention is that these companies also cover your car with their insurance while it’s rented. So, if someone wrecks or damages it, these companies will pay for it.

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4) Rent Out Some Space

Wondering, “How can I make an extra 1k a month with some extra space?”

This is the money making idea for you.

Just like you may have an extra car, you may have some extra space.

  • This could be an RV you don’t use,
  • a space in your home (including a basement!),
  • or even your garage.

If you’re willing to share your space with others, you can rent it out on a site like Airbnb. If you’re looking to rent out your garage or driveway space for people to park, try a site like Neighbor.

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5) Do Voiceover Work

Have you been told that you have a great voice? Do you love mimicking other voices, accents, and characters? If so, you can narrate audiobooks or offer voicework for money. This could be your ticket to earning an extra $1,000 a month!

Many authors, podcasters, and more need help with voice work to bring their works to life, and you can get paid to do so.

While you’ll need to find your own clients (by pitching or auditioning), there are some sites that will make this easier. And, you could earn upwards of $100-$200 an hour!

Here are a few sites to check out:

Of course, you could also look at websites like Fiverr. But keep in mind that many people are looking for “cheap” labor and may not pay as much on sites like this.

Make an extra grand per month with grocery delivery!6) Deliver Food/Groceries

Have a few extra hours each week and a reliable vehicle? Want to earn 1k extra per month? Try delivering food or groceries!

There are many apps that will pay weekly (plus tips!) for you to deliver food orders or grocery orders.

Here are just a few that are currently accepting applicants:

Of course, each of these has its own rules and requirements. But, you can drive for one (or multiple) ones in order to make more money and tips. And, many let you drive a moped or bike if you don’t have a car. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to be in a bigger city for those options!

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7) Work With Animals

Love cats and dogs? Why not try a side hustle that gets you access to new and cute furry friends? And earn $1,000 a month doing it!!

With sites like Rover and Wag, you can walk, play with, and house sit animals. And, these sites also let you choose your own rate and schedule. So you don’t have to worry about overworking or not being able to meet a new client!

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Make an extra 1k per month as a handy man!8) Be Handy

Are you a handy person? Do you enjoy variety? And, can you complete domestic tasks like mounting a TV, cleaning, or even mowing a lawn?

If you have all of those skills and want to know how to make an extra 1k a month, you want to try this side hustle.

Basically, you can market anything that you do. Sites like TaskRabbit allow you to perform tasks or errands and get paid for them. And, the work is all local, so you’ll know where you’re going.

Here are just a few tasks you can offer:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Furniture delivery and assembly
  • Moving help
  • Cleaning
  • Home repairs
  • Landscaping
  • And more!

The best part?

The pay is weekly and you can earn tips. If you want to work more hours some weeks, you could certainly make more than $1,000 a month.

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9) Become A Traveling Mechanic

Car people listen up… you can get paid to repair and maintain cars, without working at a mechanic shop.

That’s right, you totally can. And, you can choose the jobs you want to work on with the tools you already have on hand!

Sites like YourMechanic are great if you’re looking to become a traveling mechanic. This site specifically helps you find people in your area who need maintenance or repair help, and partners you up with them. And, they say you can make upwards of $65 an hour!

Make an extra 1k a month as a loan agent10) Become A Loan Signing Agent

If you’ve ever become a notary or bought a house, you may have heard of the term loan signing agents. This gig is in high demand and expected to grow due to the housing market! And the best part is that you could get paid $100 an hour for helping people sign paperwork. That means you could work just 2.5 hours a week to earn an extra 1k a month!!

Now, you will need to be a notary to get started with this (in most states). But, once you accomplish this, it’s as simple as booking your first client.

Courses like Loan Signing System can help you get started.

It will show you how to…

  • get your notary license,
  • find your first client,
  • and even balance a 9-to-5 with this side gig!

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How To Earn 1K A Month – You can do this!!

Well, there you go, how to make an extra 1k a month! 10 pretty simple ways to do it!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to earn 1k (or more!) each month. And, many of these side hustles can be combined or done at different times to help you rake in more dough. The key is to find something you’re good at so you can be consistent with it!

Are you ready to start earning an extra 1k a month? How do you plan to do it??

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