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Innovative Ideas To Make Money As A Content Creator

Content creation is a new profession that is gradually gaining popularity. Decades ago, creating content was a hobby, but now many people are able to make it a professional career. But how can you make money as a content creator? The below article provides many ideas to help you make money while creating content and promoting your brand.

Let’s check it out!

Who is a Content Creator?

Any individual creating educational or entertainment that’s targeted at a specific audience is a content creator. There are several platforms where they share their content with the public. This includes social media (like TikTok), YouTube, blogs, and more.

And, many get paid for uploading their content. So, you can quickly develop a strong following if you have the passion.

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What Are the Types of Content That Content Creators Make?

Content comes in various forms. It can be a video, audio recording, or even words. Every content creator focuses on a specific content type to maximize authenticity and brand uniqueness.

How to Make Money as a Content CreatorThe following are some popular types of content:

  • Videos
  • Pinterest boards and blog posts
  • Art and music
  • Live stream gaming
  • Blog posts with affiliate links
  • TikToks or Reels
  • Instagram Posts
  • eBooks and courses

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How do you make money as a content creator?

There are quite a few ways to make money as a content creator. But, this will depend on if you create content as an employee or create content as a freelancer.

As an employee, your job title would be along the lines of “marketing coordinator” or “marketing manager”. But the concept is the same. You’d create content to build trust with the businesses’ audience and get them to purchase goods or services.

As a freelancer, you’d be looked at more like an “influencer”. Your content would depend on what YOU want to sell or offer, as well as what you enjoy talking about. For example, there are content creators that create recipes, travel guides, and even homeschool resources. There is a way to make money with just about any content.

Is being a content creator worth it?

It can be. But just like any other venture, some will make it and some won’t. But content creation as a whole is growing.

In fact, 55% of marketing agencies are looking to increase content creation. And, social media ad revenues reached $41.5 billion in 2020 alone, making up nearly 30% of all internet ad revenue. It can be very lucrative to create content.

How much do content creators earn?

What is the average content creator’s salary? Is it worth getting started?

According to ZipRecruiter, “content creation” as a freelance job is very new, so stats aren’t as conclusive. However currently, the average is around $48,000, and top earners can make upwards of $73,000.

But, if you look up marketing managers, they make around $110,000 a year. So it all depends on if you freelance, work for a company, where you live, and what your niche is. But, the work is certainly there!

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How to make $1000 a month blogging. It takes time, but is NOT that hard!!Are content creators in demand?

…Which leads us to our next question that many wanna-be content creators are asking. Are content creators in demand?

Short answer: Yes!

92% of businesses in the US consider content creation as a highly valuable asset. And, 55% of B2C (ie. selling to consumers) businesses actually outsource their content creation. Now is the perfect time to become a content creator, since social media and website presence is steadily growing.

Think about it this way… this piece of content that you’re reading right now was crafted by a content creator. And, this is just one post on a site with many other pieces of content. Almost everything you read, watch, and consume is written, filmed, edited, and more by content creators.

Is content creation a career?

I would say so. It’s an integral part of marketing, especially considering that many countries practice capitalism in some form. And, it won’t go away any time soon. Social media, video content, and more are just continuing to grow.

Want to know how to make $1,000 a month (or WAY more) blogging?

It’s certainly possible. Derek, the owner of this blog, gives his tips here!

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Is there a future in content writing?

Absolutely. Content writing will never go away, although it may change as the years go by. For example, content creators have always existed. Think about Shakespeare — who wrote plays that people performed for entertainment.

These days, content creation revolves around areas like social media and websites, but even when that changes, content writing will still be around.

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How To Get A Job As A Content Creator

Luckily, you don’t need a degree to get a job as a content creator, although it may be helpful. For example, degrees in marketing, journalism, and even business admin can be helpful. But, they aren’t always necessary.

The biggest key to getting a job as a content creator is to KNOW what you offer.

For example…

  • Can you film and edit videos on a budget?
  • Can you spot trends?
  • Have you ever gone viral on social media and been able to recreate the success?

These are what businesses want to know when hiring content creators.

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The Top Ways To Make Money As A Content Creator

If you decide to freelance, you may be wondering how you can make money. Here are some ideas.

Ways to Make Money as a Content CreatorCreate an Online Community

First, you can create an online community for their fanbase. The community platform should allow the members to connect and share like-minded ideas to work to their advantage. Think of platforms like Facebook Groups, Patreon, and “course” forums for students who have questions about your content.

They can share valuable tips, advice, and tricks related to some common concerns faced by the group. You can also use the platform to update your followers on new content and get better feedback.

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Offer Exclusive Content

Uniqueness is vital in the content-creating industry. You need to ensure your brand stands out from the competition. Why not offer exclusive content to your followers only?

For example, many YouTubers offer subscriptions where their paid subscribers get first looks at their new videos, can chat with them, and more.

Exclusive content is vital when you want to rank in an influencer app, so make sure your content is high quality.

Another advantage of exclusive content is the pricing. You are at liberty of deciding the final price. Trust me, many people would be more than willing to pay an extra fee for exclusive content from you.


A working collaboration allows both parties to make money. As a content creator, you can work with leading brands or influencers in your industry. These collaborations are typically called “sponsorships”, and you may have seen them if you watch YouTube or if you’re active on social media.

Keep in mind that it’s essential to take your time to build a strong relationship before venturing into any collaborations. The arrangement is more likely to succeed this way.

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side hustle ideas - online coursesOffer a Product

You can also decide to create a product and sell it on your platform. This can earn you money as a content creator when collaborations or affiliates aren’t as hot one month. It’s always good to have multiple revenue streams as a freelance content creator!

For example, if you talk about traveling and how to do it cheaply, you could create guides that show the ins and outs, as well as cost breakdowns, for the cities and countries you visit. These guides wouldn’t have to be expensive either. But they’re a way to draw in other sources of revenue.

Digital subscriptions and coupons can also serve as products. The primary goal is to motivate your audience to remain loyal to your brand while earning you a living.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising is necessary to develop a steady income flow for your business. You can use social media platforms to promote brand awareness and share your content with your target market.

Your choice of social media platform and advertising strategy will depend on you, your product, and how much you’re willing to spend on ads. Some platforms allow you to focus on a specific target market by providing advertisement tools. This can be a great option for many if they hone in on their biggest, most in-tune audience groups.

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Make Money As A Content Creator Today!

There are many strategies a content creator can use to make money, and we didn’t even list all of them. But, the above are the most common options and are easy to jump into if you’re just getting started.

Just remember, content creation isn’t going anywhere. So if you want to make money as a creator, now is a great time to start!

What about you? Are you ready to make money as a content creator? What’s your desired niche?

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