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All You Need to Know About Starting a Window Cleaning Side Hustle – Including Liability Insurance

Do you enjoy the outdoors and talking to people? If so, there are many different side hustles that you can start to make extra money. This includes starting a window cleaning side hustle. That’s right, you can make money window cleaning!

Did you know that you could actually make hundreds each month just by doing this side hustle on the weekends?

Here’s what you need to know!

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Is window cleaning a good side hustle?

It can be! Especially if you live in a climate with mild or warmer weather year-round. But even if you live in a place that rains or snows, you could easily clean windows for cash for a few months each year.

The best part about window cleaning as a side hustle is that it doesn’t cost much to start, and most people can get started with less than $500 spent, and that includes insurance and licensing in most states!

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Window Cleaning Side Hustle How profitable is a window cleaning business?

Wondering about the profitability of window washing side hustles? Can you make money with a window cleaning business?

If you were to wash windows full-time, you could easily make a window cleaning income of $100,000, and some window cleaners with their own business do.

But as a side hustle, you can expect to make a window cleaning wage of $45-$50 an hour. If you were to work 16 hours a week, that’s up to $3,200 a month! That’s nearly $40,000 a year for a part-time window cleaning gig!

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What insurance does a window cleaner need?

Insurance for a window cleaner will depend on your county and state. But typically, window cleaners would need to have  general liability insurance — since you risk injury and property damage. Of course, be sure to ask your local municipality to see what you need specifically, and how much you need to have.

Do I need a license to clean windows?

There is no one license or permit that you need for a window cleaning side hustle. You’ll want to check your state’s business resources and talk to a business attorney and accountant to ensure you’re covered.

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How many houses can a window cleaner clean in a day?

This depends on the weather, your efficiency, and your route. But typically, a single window cleaner can clean 15 to 30 houses daily.

If you decide to have a helper or clean commercial windows, this may change your speed and how much money you can earn. So keep that in mind.

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How long does it take to clean a window?

That depends too! The average home with under 15 windows could take less than 45 minutes. But a commercial property or home with specialty windows (or that requires special equipment) can take upwards of six hours. This is based on a single cleaner.

If you’re just getting started with cleaning windows, I suggest working on your efficiency and charging. a little less to start out. That way, you can build your skill and make customers happy.

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How much can you make window cleaning per window?

So what does that mean when you break it all down? How much can you make per window with window cleaning? 

  • You can likely clean 20 windows per hour
  • Your hourly rate is between $40-$50 an hour
  • This means that you’ll charge roughly $2.00-$2.50 per window.

Not a bad per-window rate when you’re cleaning one window every 3 minutes! You’re earning nearly a dollar every minute!

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Window Cleaning InstructionsWindow Cleaning Instructions

How do you actually clean a window? What’s the right way to do it? 

You might want to know this before you actually start a window cleaning business!

Here’s Bob Vila’s take on how to clean outdoor windows:

  1. Rinse the windows with a hose
  2. Fill a bucket with clean water and a few drips of liquid dish soap
  3. Wipe the windows with the soapy water. Use a microfiber cloth.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with the hose
  5. Spray or mop with vinegar and water solution
  6. Wipe clean with squeegee 

There, now you have the knowledge to clean windows and you know what to charge.

What’s next? Marketing!

How do I market my window washing business?

One of the easiest (and free!) ways to market your window washing business is by utilizing social media. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even YouTube can catapult your business without you having to put too much money into it. However, this does take time and energy to keep up with, so keep that in mind!

Another way to market your window cleaning side hustle is word of mouth!

Referrals are still a popular way to get business without spending the money to market to new customers. You can even have a referral program where each customer gets a discount for referring you.

No matter what you decide to do, I also highly recommend a website. This will make it easy for customers to contact you, leave reviews, and book your services.

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How can I make money cleaning windows?

Ready to start a window cleaning side hustle? Here’s how to get started in a few simple steps!

Know Your Business

While you don’t need a traditional business plan to start a window cleaning side hustle, you should know what you’ll do with your new business venture. This includes choosing a target market (residential, commercial, or both? Where?) and seeing what the competition is like. Is there a certain niche that you can serve better?

  • Also, how much money can you put into this side hustle?
  • Do you need a website?
  • Uniforms?
  • Insurance?

Now is the time to add up these costs. Also, remember that you’ll be doing a LOT of driving. You can write off certain expenses like gas and mileage for some businesses. But be sure to check with an accountant.

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Start a businessRegister Your Business

Once you’ve figured out how you’ll start your side hustle and who you want to work with, now is the time to make your business official.

First, start with a business name. Be sure to register this name if you get an LLC or website, and get social media handles with this name too. You want potential customers to know who you are!

You’ll also choose a business entity. While a sole proprietorship is most common for side hustles, you may want to be an LLC or S-Corp. Be sure to talk to an accountant about this, and even a business attorney if needed. This will affect how you file taxes and run your business for years to come. You don’t want to mess it up. 

Now is the time to file for your EIN too. It’s free to do and can help you with filing your taxes and if you hire contractors or employees down the road.

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Figure Out Your Prices

How do you plan on charging customers to clean their windows? Some cleaners charge per hour, while others charge by the job.

Of course, you want to be fair and still profit, but keep in mind that you’ll be slower when you’re new to the job. Your customers shouldn’t have to pay for more because of inefficiency, so try to start with smaller or cheaper jobs until you gain enough experience and know how much to charge. 

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Get Any Needed Permits And Insurance

Again, this will depend on your county and state, but you’ll most likely need a business license and general liability insurance when starting a window cleaning side hustle.

If your county or state requires more, keep all of your paperwork and get what you need. 

Fund Your Business

A window cleaning side hustle is one of the cheapest businesses that you can start.

You usually need very few tools and reliable transportation that can carry those tools. Most people can get started for about $500 or less, but this may depend on where you’re starting your business and what all you need.

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Business Plan for starting an online businessSo, how will you pay for that?

I recommend self-funding with cash, but sometimes we have to spend money in hopes of making money, and $500 might be a stretch for you. A low-interest credit card or personal loan may work well, but make sure you pay it off as soon as you can!

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Market Your Business

We already covered how you could market your window cleaning business, but you actually have to do it! When you’re first getting started, no one will know who you are and how good you are at what you do. So you need to market yourself and your business in order to build trust and get new clients.

What Are You Waiting For? Start A Window Cleaning Side Hustle!

Starting a window cleaning side hustle is fairly easy and affordable. And it’s a great option for those that love working outdoors and who aren’t afraid to talk to customers and potential clients. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make extra money!

Are you ready to start a window cleaning side hustle? Tell us in the comments below!

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