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Life And My Finances was founded in 2010. Back then, it was just a hobby - a means to capture life's happenings and perhaps help a few people with their financial journey along the way. Since then, the mission has grown exponentially. There are millions of people out there that need help with their finances, and we've made it our sole purpose to reach them.

To accomplish our mission, we carefully selected a team of experts who could explain complicated legal regulations, help you choose the best financial products, tell you how to save money and what to invest your money in. Because, as you know: “Money is not a problem. Lack of money - that's the problem."

Wise financial decisions require both knowledge and calculations. We provide you with the tools, guides and tips you need to make key life decisions. The world of finance, although difficult, is fascinating - check out our articles to see for yourself!

Editorial Process

LifeAndMyFinances strives to provide you with objective, well-researched educational content. We take complex ideas, break them down, and explain them in plain English. Although we like the occasional pun, we adhere to strict editorial guidelines. Learn more about our editorial process here.

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FIT Credit Card Agreement

FIT Credit Card Agreement

FIT credit card interest rates, charges, and fees. See all the fine print detail here.
42 min
Reflex® Platinum Mastercard® Review: A Credit Building Option

Reflex Credit Card Review

The Reflex card is provided by Continental Finance with initial credit limits from $300 to $1,000.
7 min