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Hi all! Welcome to! My name is Derek Sall and I want to help you.

I want to help you develop a plan for your cash flow. I want to help you get out of debt. I want to help you beef up your emergency fund. I want to help you invest in your future. And, if you would like, I would love to help you become rich!

My Story

I earned my Bachelors in Finance in 2008 and followed that up a few years later with my Masters of Business in 2014. I’ve learned a ton about business and finance, and with this education (and also with trial and error…emphasis on the error) I’m ready to rock your world with financial goodness! 😉

My story isn’t pretty, but it’s mine.

It comes with highs, lows, and highs again. Thankfully, right now I feel like I’m standing on a mountain top. So high I couldn’t imagine being any higher. But, before I get too far ahead of myself, let me walk you through my story.

Young Bliss…for a second

When I started this website in 2010 I was married and had about $18,000 worth of debt. I tackled the debt head on and paid off every penny within 14 months.

My World Fell Apart

“I want a divorce”

I can still see her lips moving. I can still feel the wall rise behind me as I slunk down to the floor. It’s a day I’m sure I’ll never forget.

My wife left me in 2012 and wanted her half of our net worth…which equated to $21,000… I never thought it would happen, but I was back in debt.

Climbing From the Depths

I was depressed, angry, vulnerable, but I was also driven to just get the whole painful thing over with. So, I rolled up my sleeves and paid my ex the full amount – $21,000 – in just 6 short months.

After paying off that debt, I figured, “Why stop here?”, so I started chunking money toward my house debt. After 12 months in 2014 I had paid off all $54,500 of my mortgage loanI AM NOW COMPLETELY DEBT FREE and it is simply amazing! No more payments whatsoever, so all of my income gets paid to me – not to my car, my house, or to my credit cards. My money goes to ME. It’s a fantastic feeling and I pray that you can experience it someday as well.

Rising to the Peaks of the Mountain

Today, I’m married to a beautiful, intelligent, and caring woman that I can’t imagine being without. We have two kids that we absolutely LOVE spending time with!

On top of this, our finances couldn’t be better.

  • We’re still completely debt free,
  • we own one rental property,
  • and we’re currently looking for another!

What’s Next? You’d Better Follow Me to Stay in Touch!

Stay tuned for what’s next in this crazy life of mine! I can’t wait to share everything with you while we continue our journey.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to my feed  for future financial tips and life lessons! 🙂

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It is extremely cool to be featured by large publications. Not only do I get a spike in traffic because of it, but it also lets me know that I’m doing something right with my writing. A little pat on the back is nice every now and then.

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