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Kacper Kozicki - Editor
Kacper Kozicki
Editor, copywriter, and multilingual translator with expertise in producing tailored content for global online brands. When not editing articles for LifeAndMyFinances.com, he enjoys rummaging through paper dictionaries, walking in nature, and making travel plans.

Important info

  • Kacper is an avid runner, cyclist, and hiker, with a passion for good food.
  • He's a practising minimalist and advocate of frugal, eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • He loves to read about psychology, nutrition, and science.


Before going on to sit on in-house content teams at startups and global brands, he worked as a freelance writer and translator, traveling and dabbling in a variety of odd jobs at the same time—he profiled casino gamblers, managed a guesthouse, and even had a brief stint as an interpreter at an embassy.


Kacper has a bachelor's degree from the University of Warsaw and a master’s degree from the University of Birmingham.


Easily applicable, no-nonsense financial advice can change people’s lives—that’s what we’re here to do!