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Lauren Bedford - Finance Writer

Lauren Bedford

Finance Writer
Lauren is a published content writer and journalist. In the last five years, she has written about a range of subjects, including business, technology, and finance.

Important info

  • Lauren was born in June 1994 in the UK, but relocated to Barcelona five years ago. 
  • Initially covering topics like business and technology, Lauren is now dedicated to her position as a personal finance journalist.
  • Lauren is always keen to keep learning and evolving as a finance writer.


Lauren worked as a freelance writer for several years and wrote for different blogs on a variety of topics. Her articles covered everything from health and technology to entertainment and business. 

For the past year, Lauren has focused on producing personal finance content. She enjoys breaking down complex financial concepts into simplified guidance for all readers.


Lauren graduated from Keele University in the UK with a BA in History and American Studies.   

Since becoming a content writer, Lauren has taken several courses to improve her skills, such as becoming a Certified Surfer Expert.


To break down any jargon and help everyday people understand their finances, so they have the opportunity to learn and grow.

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