8 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Save Money on Fall Fun

save money on fall fun

When the first leaf of the season drops to the ground, some people declare it “Pumpkin Everything Season!!”  If it’s not you, I bet someone you know fits that description to a T.

You don’t have to be a pumpkin lover to want to make the most of the fall season.  Like most things in life, you can choose to splurge or save on this season.  But I’m here to argue that you can pack a ton of fun into your autumn without spending a fortune.

This post has been written by our fabulous staff writer, Jamie Jeffers.

8 Ways to Save Money on Fall Fun

In fact, here are 8 crazy simple ways to invest yourself in the season without emptying your wallet.

Host a Bonfire

Fire?  Food on a stick?  Cozy flannels and warm drinks?  What’s not to love!

Assuming you don’t need a pricey burn permit for . . . → Read More: 8 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Save Money on Fall Fun

Healthy Foods for a Tight Budget

healthy foods

“But buying healthy foods is expensive!” – I hear people say that nearly every day. But it’s not true.

I understand where the notion originates. It is cheaper to buy Ramen Noodles than Quinoa ravioli. Thus, without putting in much effort, buying healthy is definitely more expensive than buying nasty processed food. But with a little planning, eating healthy foods can be cheap. What I’ll share in this post is how to eat healthy while staying on a budget. The fact is, I eat healthy on $75/month. It can be done.

Healthy Foods on a Tight Budget

What you want to do is aim to buy foods that are naturally cheap. This way, you don’t have to rely on coupons or sales. Here are healthy foods that are cheap to grow, therefore cheap to buy:

Carrots Red delicious apples Bananas Pumpkin Strawberries Oranges Grapes Peanuts/peanut butter Cottage cheese Canned vegetables . . . → Read More: Healthy Foods for a Tight Budget

A Dozen Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

travel on next to nothing


Authorbio: Dominique Brown of YourFinancesSimplified.com wrote this article. You should subscribe to his blog and his video blog! He gives great financial tips for saving money.

Grocery shopping is a necessary evil for some and an enjoyable errand for others. Either way, it is something that we all have to do. Whether you are single or married, regular trips to the grocery are necessary to supply for the needs of each member of the household. The money we have to spend on groceries varies depending on the size and needs of your family.

For sure, bigger families require more supplies than smaller families, but even if you are single or have a small family, budgeting and proper allotment of cash is vital so that the grocery expenses will not be too high.

Here are some tips to minimize your grocery shopping expenses.

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Online Coupon Site: Couponology


Do you ever shop online? Do you ever find yourself staring at that empty box near the bottom that says, “Promotion Code”? I know I have, and every time I don’t fill it with an online coupon code, I feel like I’m getting ripped off!

Couponology is a site that will help you fill that blank promo code box. This site is easy to navigate and there are many methods to find yourself a quality coupon that’s going to save you money.

Here are all the ways you can find coupons and coupon codes on the site:

Coupons by Store: This is exactly what it sounds like, with stores listed alphabetically. You’ll find coupon codes for many of the stores you probably shop at, including Target, Adidas, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Best Buy, and for those of you that love fashion, there’s also Nordstrom coupon codes. Coupons by Category: . . . → Read More: Online Coupon Site: Couponology

Buy One, Get One Free; Is it Really a Bargain?

My wife calls me “cheap”, but I’m just a man that loves a good bargain. If there’s a way for me to save money on groceries, I’ll jump at the opportunity. If I spend less on the essentials, that means I can throw some more money at our debts and we can start living our dream lifestyle even sooner than we had originally planned. So, yes, I’ll certainly be cheap in the present so that I can live the dream in our near future.

Lately, I have been intrigued by coupon clipping. I saw a news story about a woman that saves nearly 90% on her groceries. When I witnessed that story, I immediately wanted to begin clipping coupons and saving like the pros. In my first outing, I saved 29%. It wasn’t nearly the savings that I had hoped for, but I was still determined to learn the art . . . → Read More: Buy One, Get One Free; Is it Really a Bargain?

Never Pay Retail Price; Find a Bargain

We have all walked into a retail store and saw that one item that we absolutely HAD TO HAVE! For me, this is most likely a big screen TV, or that PS3 that I’ve always wanted. For my wife it’s probably a Coach purse, or more recently, a puppy! Haha! Well, we still have some debt to pay off before we get that puppy, or anything else that I just mentioned for that matter.

If you are in a currently looking to make a purchase (any purchase really, not just big ticket items), don’t forget to scour the internet for coupon codes and discounts. Sure, something might be on sale, but there might also be a coupon code that’s posted on a third party website. This way, you can still purchase your brand new item, but at a wholesale price.

I recently stumbled upon a great website that has coupon . . . → Read More: Never Pay Retail Price; Find a Bargain

Coupon Clipping Saves on the Food Budget

My wife and I began budgeting in January. We’ve struggled to stay within the budget for a few categories, but there is one where we stay within the budget every time, and that’s the food budget. We allow ourselves $400 a month for food and toiletries, which normally allows us to go out to eat about two times a month. We think our food budget is a good one, but we’d like to go out to eat and enjoy ourselves more often. The solution: (no, it’s not increasing the budget) coupon clipping!

Susan Samtur, a woman who is famous for mastering the art of coupon clipping, was on the news a few months ago, showcasing her skills in the aisles her local supermarket. With a cart full of groceries, and a bill of only $9.00, I was immediately intrigued and vowed that I would learn this money saving art.

I . . . → Read More: Coupon Clipping Saves on the Food Budget

Save Big On Groceries

About 2 months ago, I saw a news story about a woman (it turned out to be Susan Samtur) that was showing a reporter how she saved money on her groceries ever week. The short clip zoomed in on her handful of coupons, and for some reason I was immediately intrigued. Actually, I know why I was intrigued. The story was going to show me how to save money! That’s always a topic of interest! Anyway, even though this was a news story, I didn’t expect much from it. I figured she was going to save 30% or something. But, as my wife would often tell you, I was wrong again. There she was, looking at her receipt as her cart was overflowing with bags of groceries. The total? $0.89. I think my eyes were popping out of their sockets.

As you are all probably well aware, my wife and . . . → Read More: Save Big On Groceries