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Revvi Credit Card Review 2023 (Is It a Good Card For You?)

The Revvi credit card is a Visa rewards card designed to help improve your credit score.

Kimberly Studdard - Finance Writer
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Kimberly Studdard

Kimberly Studdard - Finance Writer
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Kimberly Studdard
Finance Writer

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7 min
August, 07 2023

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Table of contents:
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The Revvi Visa® Credit Card is an unsecured credit card that may be able to help you improve your credit. It doesn’t require a security deposit and your account history will be reported to all three credit bureaus. 

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But is it the right credit card for people with fair or poor credit?

Let’s see—

Revvi Credit Card at a Glance

Type: Rewards card 

Annual fee: $75

Maintenance fee: $8.25 per month

Credit score: Poor / Fair (500+)

Cash back: 1% cash back rewards

Intro offer: N/A 

Benefits: Price protection, roadside dispatch, travel accident insurance

How Does the Revvi Card Work?

Revvi is a Visa® credit card that can help you raise your credit score. 

It has an application process that takes less than fifteen minutes to complete, and offers a credit card option for those that don’t have good credit. 

In addition, Revvi provides 1% cash back for on-time paymentsi.

Unforunately, the card has quite a few fees, including a monthly fee, annual fee, and more. Plus, its APR is extremely high. 

So if you don’t want to pay a bunch of fees—and have better than poor or fair credit—this card won’t offer much. 

Let’s explore— 

Revvi Credit Card: Overall Card Review




35.99% variable

Annual fee


Intro offer


Standard Rewards

1% cash back 

Maximum Rewards

1% cash back 

Overall credit card rating


What is the Revvi Credit Card processing fee?

The Revvi card has quite a few fees, but the two most important to keep in mind are the annual fee ($75 for first year) and a “program” fee which is a one-time cost of $95.

You can pay this fee in three installments if needed, but you won’t be able to use your card until it’s paid in full.

The credit card has many other fees too:

Revvi credit card fees



Annual fee

$75/first year ($48/year after)

Processing fee


Monthly maintenance fee

$0 for the first 12 months; then $8.25 per month



APR for cash advances


Balance transfer fee


Cash advance fee

0% the first year; either $10 or 3% (whichever is greater) afterward

Foreign transaction fee


Late fee

Up to $41

Minimum interest charge fee


Returned payment fee

Up to $41

Overlimit fee


Additional card fee

$29 annually for each additional card

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly—Our Honest Revvi Credit Card Review

Why we like it

  • The card reports to all three credit bureaus. 
  • It’s easy to get approved even with poor credit. 
  • You get 1% cash back. 

Note that 

  • The APR is high.
  • The card carries many different fees. 

What we like

The card reports to all three credit bureaus

Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion receive monthly reports regarding your payment history and other account information from the Revvi Visa® Credit Card. 

But it’s important to note that many credit cards do this as well, so this feature is fairly standardi

Approval odds

If you have poor credit, you may still qualify for this card. Revvi only expects a score of 500 or better when it comes to approval odds. 


There are some restrictions on the Revvi Visa® 1% cash-back benefits. Each point is worth one cent, and they can only be exchanged for a statement credit. 

And, unlike other credit cards, you only receive rewards when you pay down the balance on your card, not when you make purchases. 

Additionally, you can only redeem points in increments of 500 points and you can't redeem prizes until you've had your card for six months. 

Things to keep in mind

High APR 

The APR for the Revvi Card is 35.99%. In contrast, the average APR on most credit cards is less than 25%. 

To showcase how this would affect you, let’s say you have a $1,000 balance: If you pay it off within a year, you’ll still have a $203 interest charge. 

This is not the type of card to carry a balance with, as it’s incredibly expensive to keep up. 

Lots of fees 

With its one-time program charge of $95 alone, the Revvi Card surpasses most other card fees. 

Then you’re looking at paying $75 the first year and $47 per year after that for annual fees. You also have to pay $8.25 per month for maintenance fees. 

You’re far better off with a card with no annual charge or monthly maintenance costs.

Revvi Credit Card—Your Questions Answered

Is Revvi a real credit card?

Yes, Revvi is a real credit card. It’s also a Visa® card and can be used wherever Visa® cards are accepted. 

But it’s not the best credit card for many people (especially those with better than fair credit). 

What bank is Revvi credit card with?

Vervent’s brand name for the Revvi Card is “Revvi,” and it’s used in marketing efforts. 

Vervent is the organization in charge of managing these credit card accounts and the MRV Bank is the bank that issues the cardsi.

Is the Revvi credit card legit?

Yes, the Revvi card is legit, and is an approved Visa® credit card. 

But even though it’s legit, there are other cards that may be a better fit for you depending on your financial needs. 

How much does Revvi approve you for?

When you first get approved for the Revvi card, your initial balance will be $300. 

While this may increase, it’s the starting point for anyone with poor or fair credit. 

Can I use my Revvi card right away?

No, you can’t immediately use your Revvi Card after approval. They don’t offer virtual card numbers, but your Revvi Card should arrive in around 14 business days. 

You’ll need to activate the card after receiving it in order to utilize it.

How do I pay my Revvi card?

There are a few different ways to pay your Revvi card. 

First, you can do it online by accessing your account and looking for the payment button. 

You can also call 1-(800)-755-9203, enter your card details when prompted, and then follow the on-screen instructions to pay with another credit card. 

Last but not least, you can pay using the mobile app, and selecting “Make a Payment.”

Can you get cash back from the Revvi credit card?

Technically, yes, you can. But you only get cash back when you pay your card’s balance, whether in full or the minimum. 

You don’t get cash back for purchases like other cards offer. 

How Does the Revvi Credit Card Compare to Other Cards?


Revvi Visa® Card 

Indigo® Platinum Mastercard®

Self Visa® Credit Card

Annual fee 





35.99% Variable 

29.99% Variable 

28.24% Variable 

Starting limit




Is the Revvi Credit Card Good for Me?

For those with poor credit who need to borrow money for emergencies but still want to earn rewards, the Revvi Card is an okay option when it comes to unsecured credit cards. 

You’ll also get 1% cash back when you make payments to the card, and it has a $300 minimum credit limit with no security deposit required. 

However, with all of the costs associated with it, the Revvi Card is pricey. 

And because of its 35.99% APR, any balance you carry from month to month will accrue heavy interest fees.

If your main goal is to build or fix your credit, there are many cheaper alternatives available.


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