Being broke sucks. I’ve been there. Throughout the last 10 years (since my broke period), I’ve been pouring myself into financial books, documentaries, articles, and many valid research studies. I’ve battled my way back from being broke on two occasions and am now completely debt free with a paid for house and rental property, not to mention a 6-figure savings account.

My wife and I are just 33 years old.

In the last ten years, we’ve been able to save up more than most people do in a lifetime. No, we’re not anything special, and we don’t even earn that much when compared to the national average. We were just able to dig through all the financial crap out there and find out what just flat-out works.

We want to teach you how to become wealthy too. AND, we want to teach you for free.

Free Tools to Help You Become Wealthy

Keep your money in your pocket. We don’t want it. We just want you to get out of debt and grow wealthy! Here are all the free tools we could find to get you that much closer to financial success. Enjoy!

1) ‘Start Your Own Blog’ Help

Do you realize how much a simple blog could change your life? What if you were able to earn an extra $500 a month with it? An extra $1,000 a month? $2,000 a month? It’s absolutely possible. I’ve done it with this site and I’m committing to do it with another one, just so I can show you the step-by-step process of how to create a successful blog. Follow this free page (link in the title above) so you can find all the free articles I’ve written about building a kick-butt blog!


2) Spending Comparison Spreadsheet

The rich often live like they’re broke, and broke often live their lives as if they’re rich. It’s why each are in their respective position. It may sound like a fable, but it’s absolutely true.

To get people thinking a little more about how they spend their money – like the broke or like the rich – I developed a spreadsheet where you can enter your after-tax income and see how each side of the spectrum would spend it. Find out if if you’re rich or broke based on your current spending!

Want to read more? Check out the original post!

How Much Should You Spend on That?

Spending Comparison Spreadsheet

3) Budget Spreadsheet

If you just want a regular spreadsheet to track your income and expenses, then click on the “Budget Spreadsheet” title above to download the free excel tool.

Save Hundreds of Dollars

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4) College Investment Calculator

Ever wonder how much money you should be putting toward your kid’s college fund every year? It’s no easy task. First, you have to figure that the cost of tuition will increase every year. Then, you have to account for your investment growing each year as well. It can be extremely confusing!

Thanks to this free tool though, all you have to do is enter the current cost of tuition, the amount you have saved, and the age of your children! BOOM, done! Click on the “College Investment Calculator” title to download the tool!

Free College Investment Calculator

Check out the original article here: Free College Investment Calculator: It Costs More Than You Think

5) Debt Snowball Tool

You’ve probably heard of the debt snowball, but I bet you’ve never laid out all your debts and tried to figure out exactly when you’ll pay them all off. It can be quite daunting actually. That’s why I made a tool that will quickly show you the exact number of months it will take you to pay off all your debts. Check it out!

The Debt Snowball

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How the Debt Snowball Really Works (Free Tool Included for YOUR Debt Snowball)

6) Wasted Retirement Spreadsheet

Are you ever close to buying something (like a new car) and wonder to yourself, “I wonder what this is doing to my financial future? Now you don’t have to wonder. Enter your current salary, your age, and the cost of that thing you want to buy, and this tool will show you how many years of retirement life it’s costing you.

Read the article here: How Many Years of Retirement Are You Wasting With That Purchase??

7) Rental Property Wealth Calculator

I’ve always wanted to know exactly how long it would take me to build up a net worth of $1,000,000 by purchasing my rental properties with cash. I heard that others were having a similar issue, so I figured it was time to stop wondering. It was time to build a calculator!

Rental Property Wealth Calculator

Want to read how to use it? Check out the article here.

8.) Will You Have Enough Money to Retire?

This tool can either put your mind at ease or prompt you to work a little bit harder at your retirement fund.

Will You Have Enough Money to RetireSimply enter:

  • your current age,
  • your desired retirement age,
  • the amount you have saved up,
  • the amount you contribute each month,
  • and how much you currently live on today.

The calculator will do the rest!

Download the retirement calculator tool here if you want to try it for yourself! And be sure to read the full article here!

9) Do You Have a Rich Mindset or a Poor Mindset?

How much of your income do you save and invest for the future? This number says it all – if you’ve got a broke or rich mindset that is. Put in your numbers to find out where you are!

rich mindset

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10) Are You Eating Your Lunch or Is Your Lunch Eating You?

Small purchases add up, and this calculator proves it! Check out how much money you’re losing with this tool….if you dare!

small changes

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11) Mortgage Payoff Calculator

Are you ready to tackle your mortgage debt head on? I bet you don’t even realize how fast you could do it! Check out this tool. I think you might just surprise yourself and get pumped for you incredible future!

mortgage payoff calculator


Be sure to check out the full post here.

Other Helpful Links…

101 Ways to Make More Money – written by yours truly

Simply subscribe to this website via FeedBurner and earn yourself a free copy of my book, “101 Ways to Make More Money”. This book will give you tons of ideas about how you can earn more money in your life – mostly through side hustles and part-time work. There are so many choices here that I’m confident everyone can find a way to earn more money after reading it.

Credit Karma

Want to check your credit score for free? ….Without having to pay some hidden fee during sign-up? I’ve used Credit Karma for over three years and they’ve not only shown me my credit score for free, but they’ve offered up ways to improve it. I enjoy working with Credit Karma and recommend them to anyone that’s concerned about their credit.

Budgeting is one of the most important things you can do if you want to grow your wealth. In order to get where you want to go, you first need to know where you are and what tribulations you’re currently in. is the best budgeting tool on the market. To put my love of Mint into perspective, I’m able to earn $100 for every sign-up to a competitor company of Mint….and I still refer people to Mint. It’s easy to use, it’s secure, and there’s no other company that I’ve found that does it better.

ValoreBooks Search Page

Do you think Amazon has the best prices when it comes to used books? I don’t think so. Based on my research, I’ve found that ValoreBooks is the cheapest, most reliable book resale company on the web. Any time I need a book, I can often find it for $0.01 on ValoreBooks. It’s pretty tough to beat that.

facebook-page-screenshotFacebook Feed

Want to catch all my posts and a few other life-changing posts from other sites? Then be sure to friend me on Facebook.

Twitter Feed

Twitter is a pretty fun place to hang out, to instill my wisdom in 140 characters or less, and to see everyone else’s wisdom as well. There are quite a few smart people out there in this world! And…there are some that are not-so-smart, but this site just has yet to reach them! We’ll impact them soon enough! If you want to follow me through Twitter, just click on the link above.

Pinterest Feed

I held out for as long as I could on Pinterest. For years I thought it was just a huge waste of time (I mean really, people just looking at pictures all day long??), but now I realize its importance and power. So many people turn to Pinterest with their DIY questions, their fitness questions, and now their FINANCE questions. I started to reach out through Pinterest less than a month ago already have 166 followers. This is going to be HUGE! Join me to see my posts, my repins, and my likes. It could change your entire financial outlook.

Partners of

I absolutely love to give away tools for free. But, it’s also kind of nice to earn a few bucks too. Which is why I have partnered with two fantastic companies: iPage and Motif Investing.

This website has been hosted by iPage since its origination in 2010. When I first started out, it cost $43 to get my blog up and running. Today it costs only $23.88 for the entire first year, and that includes your domain name!

If you want to start your own website for the lowest possible price, click on the iPage banner below and follow these detailed sign-up instructions.

Motif Investing

This is my absolute favorite way to invest, so it makes it incredibly easy to recommend! With Motif, you can:

  • trade up to 30 stocks for only one transaction fee (which is freekin incredible by the way)
  • contribute to Traditional and Roth IRA’s
  • get additional money just for making a few trades (like, up to $150!)

To help people get started, I created this step-by-step sign up guide. Just click on the guide and then start signing up via the banner below.

Thanks for stopping in to the Free Tools page! I hope you found everything you needed. If you still need some guidance, feel free to email me directly at derek [at]  lifeandmyfinances [dot]  com. Thanks friends!