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Otto Insurance Review 2023: Is Otto Car Insurance Legit?

Our Otto Insurance review uncovers if the company is legit and gives you top Otto Insurance quotes.
Lauren Bedford - Finance Writer
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Lauren Bedford

Lauren Bedford - Finance Writer
Written by
Lauren Bedford
Finance Writer

Lauren is a published content writer who is passionate about helping and informing others through her content. In the last 5 years, Lauren has written about a range of subjects, including business, technology and finance.

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Deepti Nickam - Finance Writer

Deepti Nickam

Deepti Nickam - Finance Writer
Deepti Nickam
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June, 02 2023
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No one will ever admit they’re a bad driver, so let’s assume you want to dive into the gripping world of car insurance because you’ve had a few bumps on the road and you’re a sensible human being. Now, would you please pull over and have a look at Otto car Insurance. 

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This article will tell you—

  • What Otto Insurance is.
  • How the Otto Insurance company works. 
  • If Otto Insurance is legit. 
  • If Otto Insurance is safe.
  • Otto auto insurance quotes. 
  • Otto Insurance reviews. 

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What Is Otto Insurance? 

Otto Insurance is an auto insurance referral company which also covers pet, home, and life insurance. 

They say they’ve helped over 1,000,000 consumers find the best car insurance rates—but Otto Insurance isn’t your traditional insurance company. 

Instead of providing you with insurance themselves, they gather your information and match you with the best insurance carrier to suit your needs and preferences. 

Think of Tinder for insurance quotes. They’ve got hundreds of carriers on their database, pairing you with a potential match within seconds. Then it’s up to you to take action and decide how compatible you are. 

In other words, they don’t sell insurance. They just do the legwork in finding it for you. 

Who owns Otto Insurance? 

According to his LinkedIn, Joshua Keller founded the company in January 2022 and is currently the CEO. 

There’s not a lot to be found about the creation and history of the company. It seems that Otto Insurance likes to keep an air of mystery about themselves. 

Otto Insurance: Pros & Cons 



You can get partnered with top insurance carriers. 

You have to go to external sites to find the exact quotes.

You can choose from different types of insurance.

Otto doesn’t sell you insurance directly. 

Getting results is quick and simple. 

No option to choose which insurance carriers you get matched with.

It has an award-winning app. 

Your personal information is shared with third-party companies. 

Otto insurance is free to use. 

The free service means you could get unwanted calls from various insurance agents. 

How Does Otto Insurance Work? 

In basic terms, Otto Insurance takes your personal and financial information, and then uses it to find you the best insurance quotes for your needs. 

The questions are pretty quick and easy. Otto Insurance will compare carriers and deliver results in seconds. 

They have some well-established insurance companies on their roster, including:

  • Farmers Insurance 
  • Esurance 
  • American Family Insurance 
  • Progressive 
  • AAA Insurance 
  • Nationwide 
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance 
  • Mercury Insurance 

You can use Otto Insurance in any US state or territory, as long as you’re over eighteen years old. 

Otto Insurance: What to Keep in Mind

Speedy and handy? Sounds ideal. But there are a few catches you should know about— 

Once they’ve found you a “perfect match”, it’s up to you to start investigating. You’ll be directed to the insurance company’s website where you might have to enter more information to get an exact quote from them. 

This is great if you prefer to take matters into your own hands. But it can be time-consuming if you’ve got to fill out all your information again and hunt down the best rates. 

Having access to hundreds of insurance providers can certainly help you find some good coverage. 

Your information will be shared across all carriers, though—which means you could receive multiple calls and texts from various insurance companies who have access to your personal information. 

If you already avoid talking on the phone at all costs, rejecting phone calls will be nothing new—but consumers have expressed their irritation about being pestered too much. 

What is the minimum coverage for Otto Insurance?

Otto Insurance says you can find car insurance for as low as $19 per month—but it doesn’t say anything about the minimum coverage

Some more transparency would be handy, since you won’t find out your rates until after you’ve submitted your information and it’s been sent to the insurance carriers. 

Is Otto Insurance Legit? 

Yes. Otto Insurance is a legitimate company, just not a traditional insurance provider. 

It’d be more accurate to describe it as an insurance referral service, which connects you with established insurance carriers and agents. 

That being said, Otto Insurance loses some credibility points for not being accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)i which aims to help consumers find trusted businesses. 

If you want to check that a company is legitimate, you can—

  1. Investigate the company website, paying close attention to the Terms and Conditions. 
  2. Check the contact details—you can confirm them with the Local Chamber of Commerce. 
  3. Visit the address in person if you’re local to the company. 
  4. Make sure the payment method is secure and uses familiar services like PayPal. 
  5. Run a credit check—Creditsafe offers free company credit checks. 

Otto Auto Insurance: Types of Insurance

While Otto’s main focus is car insurance, they also have home, life, and pet insurance (might be handy when your dog gets a funny tummy after eating the car seat). 

Here’s an overview of the Otto insurance types and the application process—

Car Insurance 

There are a handful of auto insurance types to cover a range of issues:

  • Collision insurance protects against any damage to your vehicle. 
  • Gap insurance covers your car if it gets totaled in an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage includes incidents like theft, vandalism, or damage from weather conditions. 
  • Uninsured motorist insurance protects your car if it’s damaged by an uninsured driver. 
  • Personal injury (PIP) covers medical expenses. 

Keep in mind that the Otto Insurance website doesn’t mention anything about Otto motorcycle insurance. 

To get results that best match your preferences, you’ll need to fill in your personal information:

  • Name, gender, and birthdate
  • Email address 
  • Zip code and homeowner status
  • Vehicle make, year, model, and trim
  • Marital status 
  • Current insurance details 
  • Credit score 

Before sending your information, Otto will give you a heads-up that they’ll pass your details on to their partner companies so they can contact you with the email or phone number you provided. 

Otto Home Insurance 

For Otto home insurance the process is similar—and it only takes a few minutes (with some questions to find out what type of insurance is the best fit for you). 

You’ll have to submit: 

  • Name, gender, and birthdate
  • Email address 
  • Credit score 
  • Marital and homeowner status
  • Date of property
  • Type of home, property, and roof 
  • Number of stories, bathrooms, and bedrooms 
  • Property square footage 

If you’re lucky, you could get a discount based on your zip code. 

Find out more about how much it costs to buy a home

Otto Life Insurance

Around 83% buy life insurancei to cover funeral costs—and 65% get it so they can transfer their wealth to others. 

Here are the reasons Otto lists for getting life insurance:

  • Debt protection (e.g. mortgage or medical bills)
  • End-of-life expenses, like funeral costs 
  • Income replacement 
  • Money for family members 
  • Money for a personal business or charity 
  • Replacing an existing policy 

You’ll need to choose the reasons for your application and fill in other details, such as:

  • Name, gender, and birthdate
  • Email and residential address
  • Employment status
  • Weight and height 
  • Marital status, children, and pets 
  • Use of tobacco products 
  • Any prescription medications or medical conditions 

Pet Insurance 

Seeing as Otto’s mascot is an otter, it seems appropriate that their insurance services also covers our four-legged friends. 

Unlike with its other insurance offerings, if you apply for pet insurance, you’ll get redirected to the Physicians Mutual Pet Insurance site. 

This is a legitimate insurance company that will provide coverage for any dog or cat—you’ll just need to send them recent medical records or a documented vet exam. 

They also offer a money-back guarantee after fifteen days if you’re not happy with their services.

Otto Insurance Quotes 

Here’s how you can get an insurance quote from Otto Insurance— 

Otto Insurance won’t reveal your quotes until you’ve submitted your personal information. This is so they can use your details to compare and match you with the right insurance carrier. 

Once you’ve got your ideal insurance company matches, you’ll need to go to their site and start investigating the quotes on offer. 

You’ll also likely be contacted by other insurance carriers offering you their own deals. 

And if you’re not sure if you’re getting a good deal, the stats say that the national average cost of car insurance is $1,601 per yeari (with Vermont and Idaho having the cheapest rates, and California and Michigan being the most expensive). 

Among insurance companies, USAA and Nationwide offer the lowest annual car insurance costs, while Allstate and Farmers are on the higher end (at $2,206 and $2,227 respectively). 

Why Is Otto Insurance So Cheap?

Otto Insurance is free to use. But, as you know, nothing in life is free. 

You won’t have to pay a cent for filling out the application and getting matched with potential insurance companies—but that’s where the free ride ends. 

Your insurance rates will depend on the type of insurance you’re looking for and the personal details you provided. 

So how does Otto Insurance make money? It’s not clear on their website—but they probably make a commission once you match with and buy insurance from one of their service providers. 

Is Otto Insurance Safe?

Despite sharing your personal information with third-party companies, Otto Insurance is generally safe to use.

They lay out all the details in their Privacy Policy so you can see what you're getting yourself into.

Otto Insurance explains that all their service providers have agreed to secure any personal information they receive and to limit how they can use this information. 

Service providers also must stick to federal and state privacy regulations. 

Otto also says they limit access to personal information from employees and insurance agents within the company, and apply safeguards that meet federal standards. 

If you have a change of heart (or you’ve decided to go undercover), you can request that they remove all your personal information from their database. 

Otto Insurance Reviews 

Do you enjoy scrolling through countless customer reviews before making a purchase? You’re going to be disappointed. 

It’s difficult to find more than a handful of Otto auto insurance reviews.

Their Facebook page has around 22,000 likes and only a bunch of comments (mostly negative). 

Some highlighted rude customer service and a flawed website. People complained that they send you on a wild goose chase instead of giving you a quote themselves. 

On Quora, the term “Otto Insurance scam” was thrown around, with many customers saying that the insurance company is misleading—and that it should be clearer that it’s a referral service.

Even though there aren’t many reviews to get a solid outlook, there’s no harm in contacting customer service and unleashing all your questions.

Otto vs Other Insurance Quotes 

When looking for insurance, our top tip is to play the field.

Avoid going for the first quote you see. Shop around and see what’s on offer instead. 

Here are some other insurance companies similar to Otto—


Insurify is an online marketplace that compares and provides fast insurance quotes based on your personal information. 

Their website says they’ve generated over $44,000,000 in savings with more than 26 million real-time quotes. 

The company has received an A+ rating from BBB and has partnered with established insurers, like Esurance, Nationwide, and Farmers. 

Insurify has mostly positive customer reviews. Many customers say they helped them lower their insurance rates with multiple companies to choose from. 


Jerry is a licensed insurance agency that operates across fifty states. It’ll compare up to fifty insurance companies to find the right match for you. 

Unlike Otto, Jerry promises you won’t receive unwanted calls or spam. They also say you can sign up within 45 seconds (with no long forms to be seen). 

Jerry has received largely positive reviews on their website and the app store—with many pointing out how easy the app is to use and how the company has helped them save hundreds. 


QuoteWizard is an online insurance platform that compares different insurance providers to connect them with consumers. 

The company promises to deliver free matches from top providers in minutes. QuoteWizard works with thirty top companies, such as Farmers, Nationwide, Esurance, and Liberty Mutual. 

QuoteWizard is a legit business with an A+ from the BBB, but has received mixed reviews—with some complaining that they didn’t receive quotes instantly. 

The Zebra

The Zebra get points for transparency. They make it clear that they’re not an insurance carrier but an insurance comparison site—and they’re open about how they make money through commissions. 

The Zebra has partnered with over 100 licensed insurance companies to instantly find you the best quotes to match your preferences. 

When searching for a quote, you can either go to an external site after getting matched up, or you can buy a policy through The Zebra (skipping the detour). 

How To Save Money on Car Insurance 

Here are some simple steps to follow if you want to save money on car insurance—

  1. Build up your credit: You could get lower quotes if you have a better credit history
  2. Have a clean record: Insurance rates go up after accidents or violations. 
  3. Find the right car: Pricey cars have higher insurance rates as they’re more likely to get stolen—affordable or used cars tend to have lower coverage options. 
  4. Look for discounts: Keep an eye out for student and good driver behavior discounts. 
  5. Bundle policies: Many providers offer price reductions if you apply for multiple policies. 
  6. Compare companies: Do your research and compare the different rates. 

If you want to save some serious cash, check out the top savings accounts

Is Otto Car Insurance Worth It?

Here’s the deal—Otto Insurance is a referral company. If you expect to get a quote on their website, you’re going to feel let down and irritated. 

Otto Insurance is for those who need to be pointed in the right direction, but are willing to take it solo after they’ve matched you up with the right insurance company. 

We don’t recommend Otto auto insurance for those who want a quote upfront. While they deliver results in seconds, you’ll have to go to a third-party site to find out the exact rates. 

It’s also best to stay from Otto if you don’t fancy being semi-bombarded with insurance companies offering you their “best deals”.


Is Otto car insurance legit?

Yes. Otto car insurance is a legitimate business that compares different insurance carriers and matches you with the best providers for your preferences. 

But it’s not an insurance company, and it doesn’t supply you with direct quotes. It’ll direct you to external insurance agencies instead. Otto insurance is also not recognized by BBB. 

Why is Otto Insurance so cheap? 

Otto Insurance is completely free to use. This includes filling in the application and getting matched with the top insurance companies. 

The company likely makes its money through commissions after you match with one of its service providers. 

Is Otto car insurance good?

Otto car insurance is free and easy to use. Their website can provide you with results in seconds. 

They work with hundreds of companies to find you the best insurance—but this can backfire once you start receiving a handful of phone calls and messages. 

Is Otto Insurance real?

Yes. Otto Insurance is a real company and has partnered with established insurance providers. 

However, its website says nothing about the company’s history and quotes you should expect to find. 


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