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30 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services (Is It a Good Career Path?)

Like to work with and help people? Consumer services might be right for you. Here's the top jobs.
Lauren Bedford - Finance Writer
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Lauren Bedford

Lauren Bedford - Finance Writer
Written by
Lauren Bedford
Finance Writer

Lauren is a published content writer and journalist. In the last five years, she has written about a range of subjects, including business, technology, and finance.

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Derek Sall - Founder/Personal Finance Expert
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Deepti Nickam

Deepti Nickam - Finance Writer
Deepti Nickam
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April, 27 2023

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You might shudder at the thought of talking to a stranger first thing on a Monday—especially before your morning dose of caffeine. 

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But if you’re the type of person who’ll happily chat away with the taxi driver, the know-it-all teenager, or even the grumpy cashier—a job in consumer services could satisfy all your people-person needs.

This article will show you—

  • The high paying customer service jobs. 
  • A breakdown of the best paying jobs in consumer services. 
  • If consumer services is a good career path.

Check out more of the best-paying jobs: 

What Is Consumer Services?

Put simply, working in consumer services (also known as customer service) is any job where you’ll be interacting with customers. Selling products, providing services, or giving advice—consumer services cover a whole range of jobs. 

What Do Consumer Services Jobs Pay? 

With so many jobs in consumer services to choose from, there are also a bunch of different salary ranges to pique your interest. 

As with most jobs, the managerial positions are the ones to go for if you want to score the top dollar—managers in consumer services can get paid $50,000–$185,000 a year, depending on the position. Other consumer jobs tend to fall into salesfinance, and IT—the best annual salaries for these sectors can range from $20,000 to $200,000.

Of course, the great thing about consumer services is that even if you start with a lower salary, there are plenty of opportunities to work your way up—especially if you have a degree under your belt. 

30 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services 

1. Customer Service Director 

Annual salary:$142,899$185,115

The top dog of customer service. You’ll have to take the enthusiasm of Michael Scott, the work ethic of Dwight Schrute, and a good dose of Jim Halpert to balance it out.

Customers love to complain—instead of giving them the eye roll (or worse), you’ll need to calm tensions and resolve any problems they throw at you. In 2022, 61% of care leadersi reported a growth in total calls—so to keep up, you’ll need to keep tabs on employees by setting goals, tracking progress, and training the newbies

Requirements: As the name suggests, you’ll be dealing with a bunch of customers, so plenty of experience in customer service or management is a standard requirement. Having a bachelor’s or master’s degree will also help you land the position.

2. Hedge Fund Manager

Annual salary:$118,182$159,477

Money doesn’t grow on trees, it grows on shrubbery—and that’s where hedge funds come from. No trimming bushes here—but you might need to trim down your client’s bad investment decisions. 

Hedge fund managers are given the shears to their client’s hedge funds, where you’ll be helping them grow off some steam by managing and making investment decisions. You’ll offer them the best in grass (last one) service by overseeing the hedge funds’ daily affairs and the investment portfolio

Requirements: To get this job, you’ll need to understand investments like a gardener understands pruning. Combining plenty of investment experience with a finance, economics, or mathematics degree will help you on your path to becoming a bush in a suit. 

3. Sales Manager

Annual salary:$61,090$173,000

If selling sand to the beach or underwear to the nudist is a walk in the park—you’re well on your way to becoming a sales manager. 

But mastering the art of sales isn’t the only requirement. You’ll use your managerial chops to oversee every step of the sales process, from setting prices to perfecting product descriptions. You’ll also have to keep your employees motivated and productive—after all, with cashiers, some things can be slow to register. 

Requirements: Having a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business management will help you out in getting a sales manager job—but if you’re already working in sales without a degree, working your way to the top isn’t out of the question. 

4. Financial Advisor 

Annual salary:$47,570$208,000

Ever given yourself a pandemic-style haircut or showered at the gym to save money? If you got more than a few money-saving tricks up your sleeve, you’re already on your way to working in finance. 

Financial planners are there to help people struggling with budgets, saving for retirement, and those going to bed when it gets dark to save on electricity. Your knack for number-crunching will help customers plan their finances and achieve their financial goals.

Requirements: To be trusted in giving financial advice, you’ll likely need a degree under your belt. This can include business, mathematics, or social sciences. Of course, knowing your numbers is also a must. 

5. Patient Care Coordinator

Annual salary: $83,180$102,910 

If we’ve learned anything from watching Grey’s Anatomy, it’s that being a doctor is full of stress and drama—no, thanks. Patient care coordinators get much less airtime—but the lack of drama isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

Your patient will be the center of your attention as you assess, plan, and care for all their health needs. While most of us will mistake Kleine-Levin for some fancy underwear brand, you’ll be able to break down all the strange-sounding medical conditions and the even stranger medications that go with them. 

Requirements: Unlike other medical-related fields, you don’t need a medical or nursing degree to get this job (although it certainly helps). Instead, you can go after a degree in social work, sociology, or counseling. 

6. Call Center Manager 

Annual salary: $78,800$104,500

It’s no secret that cold callers (or telesales, if we’re being nice) aren’t winning any popularity contests. If you’ve got no patience for being hung up on or told where to go, why not manage the people who do have the patience? 

You’ll be in charge of hiring and training those who have the knack for talking to customers. Once you’ve got a solid team, you’ll use your motivational know-how to keep the ball rolling, achieve goals and get results for the company. 

Requirements: Understanding the frustrations of your sales team is tricky if you haven’t walked in their shoes. So, having experience in a call center is a great start to working your way up. Getting a degree in communications or business management will also give you an extra boost. 

7. Accountant 

Annual salary: $47,970$128,970

You’re at a restaurant with a group of friends. You want to sit back and enjoy—but with Karen ordering a side salad and John ordering a 14oz steak, all you can think about is how the heck you’re going to split the check. 

Now, imagine the check arriving with electricity bills, taxes, mortgage repayments, and an overdue credit card balance. If this doesn’t make you want to run a mile, being a number-crunching accountant could be for you. You’ll help your clients deal with all their personal finance issues, such as tax returns and bookkeeping. 

Requirements: Accountant jobs are expected to grow 6% from 2021–2031i, so having a degree in accounting or business will give you an extra advantage when fighting for that accountant position. 

8. Community Service Manager 

Annual salary: $46,550$118,650

We all know someone who loves to complain about how the neighborhood isn’t what it used to be or that the kids have nothing to do nowadays but cause trouble. 

If you’re tired of the complaining, working as a community service manager is a great way to turn things around. You’ll need a good mix of leadership savvy, creative flair, and people skills to come up with community programs and services to keep community members happy. 

Requirements: To win over your community, you’ll need to know your stuff. Having a degree in social work, business administration, or public health will give you the tools to make an impact. 

9. Compliance Officer 

Annual salary: $38,950$117,500

Rules and regulations can get a bad rap. But rules are there to catch the bad guys, protect the vulnerable, and stop donkeys from sleeping in bathtubs after 7 p.m. (yes, that’s a real law). 

As a compliance officer, you can live out your superhero fantasies (if Batman worked in an office) as you’ll solve problems and manage risks that your company didn’t even know existed. You’ll make sure your employer doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to following all the laws, regulations, and internal procedures

Requirements: Superhero abilities won’t cut it if you want to make it as a compliance officer. Instead, you’ll need to get yourself a degree in business, accounting, finance, or a related field to land the role. 

10. Market Research Analyst 

Annual salary: $37,570$128,320 

Which social media site is currently number one? What’s the latest tech product Gen Z is raving about? What’s the best way to market a new line of pet wigs?

As a market research analyst, you’ll always be one step ahead of the latest trends and know exactly what consumers want. You’ll also keep a watchful eye on the competition and make sure your company comes out on top with its pricing and products. 

Requirements: You might be the trendsetter of your group, but without a degree in market research, you’re unlikely to get the job. Other degrees worth pursuing include business, communications, or social science. 

11. Loan Officer 

Annual salary: $32,520$138,310

If you ever need a loan, ask a pessimist—they’ll never expect you to pay it back. Ok, so you don’t need to be a pessimist—but you’ll need plenty of patience for those attempting to dodge a loan repayment. 

We get it—the thought of loans might not fire you up in the morning. But you can get plenty of satisfaction from helping someone start a business or buy their first house. Yes, you’ll have to learn all the ins and outs of loans, but the smile on your client’s face (and the generous commission) will make it all worth it. 

Requirements: The world of loans isn’t as simple as borrowing and paying back. To really know your stuff, most loan officers are expected to get a degree in business, accounting, or finance

12. Computer Support Specialist 

Annual salary: $38,560$102,410

Tech is everywhere—but that doesn’t mean everyone is tech-savvy. Some still can’t figure out how to print blue colors on blue paper—or spill water on their laptop and can’t understand why everything is flashing (been there, done that). 

If your computer skills go beyond repeatedly rebooting the computer, plenty of technically challenged (or just plain clumsy) customers need your help. You’ll be available via phone, email, or in-person to solve any tech issues—no matter how ridiculous they may seem. 

Requirements: Nowadays, there are plenty of online courses and apprenticeships to get you up to speed. But, a degree in computer science or a related field will take you from tech savvy to tech wizard. 

13. Financial Planner 

Annual salary: $53,844$70,176

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably figured out that there’s no shortage of people looking for financial help. For many of us, the idea of calculating our taxes and the debt we keep avoiding is enough to make us consider moving to a money-free hippie commune. 

However, if your brain welcomes numbers and problem-solving with open arms, being a financial planner could be the right fit for you. You’ll help your clients tackle their finances, from budgeting and taxes to investments and savings.

Requirements: Being finance savvy is handy, but having a finance-related degree will boost your chances of becoming a financial planner. You can also get a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification to prove you’re the genuine article.

14. Flight Attendant 

Annual salary: $37,020$81,400

Working on land is overrated. Why not opt for a workplace in the clouds—where time doesn’t exist, and passengers are either on a holiday-high or in a sleep-deprived zombie state. 

As a flight attendant, you’ll deal with overwhelmed parents, first-time flyer nerves, and that group of friends determined to get sloshed before touching down in Ibiza. Aside from the in-flight entertainment, you’ll also take care of all the health and safety procedures behind the scenes.

Requirements: Traveling around the world has never been cheaper, as you don’t even need to fork out for a college degree. While 24% of flight attendants in the USi have a business degree, a high school diploma or GED is usually enough

15. Real Estate Broker 

Annual salary: $28,270$102,170

Flashy cars, designer clothes, and a pearly white smile. Being a real estate broker might not match exactly what you see on Selling Sunset—but it can deliver a decent commission if you’re willing to roll up your perfectly ironed sleeves. 

Being a real estate broker means taking a beat-up bungalow and selling it as a rustic cottage. Cracks in the ceiling? Suspicious smells? It simply adds to the historic charm. Whether buying or selling, you’ll help your clients deal with contracts and transactions and use your expertise to help out through the entire process. 

Requirements: The top requirement for a real estate broker is a real estate license and plenty of experience in commercial real estate to prove you’re the real deal. Some charm and business acumen won’t hurt either. 

16. Restaurant Manager 

Annual salary: $36,630$98,070

We’ve all been to a restaurant and complained about the slow service, the bad food, or the questionable smells coming from the kitchen. Maybe you even plucked up the courage to speak to the manager. 

As a restaurant manager, you’ll get the chance to deal with all those customer complaints, or if you’re doing your job right, avoid them altogether. The goal is to keep the customers happy and make sure your employees are on top of their game. Whether it’s fussy eating or passive-aggressive chefs, your job is to keep everything running smoothly. 

Requirements: Working in a restaurant can be stressful at the best of times, so having experience in a restaurant or hospitality can really help you out. A business, hospitality management, or culinary school degree will also give you an advantage. 

17. Hotel Manager 

Annual salary: $35,530$103,780

There’s something special about walking into a hotel. You’re surrounded by vacation buzz—where it’s perfectly acceptable to party with strangers, eat ten croissants at the buffet, or have a beer at 10 a.m.. 

As a hotel manager, you won’t get all those privileges (during work hours), but you’ll still experience the vacation excitement every day—at least for the first week. You’ll run all the day-to-day operations while making sure all departments are working efficiently to deliver a memorable guest experience. 

Requirements: Managers of larger hotels deal with dozens of customers and employees every day—so having a degree in hospitality or hotel management can help give you the tools to succeed. However, smaller hotels will usually settle for a certificate in hotel management

18. Client Relations Associate 

Annual salary: $47,461$66,391 

Maybe you’ve heard the term client relations associate before—but what is it exactly? Well, it’s basically a fancy way of describing someone who’s there to keep clients happy. Simple. 

Well, it’s not so simple—but at least that’ll be your main responsibility. Other duties will involve planning projects, assisting in client acquisition, and reviewing company protocols. The client comes first—so even if your partner just broke up with you or your dog ate your purse, you’ll still show up ready to solve any problem your client throws at you. 

Requirements: Communication is key if you want to land this role, so getting a degree in communications or business will put you on the right track. Experience in customer service or sales will also give you the tools to deal with clients—even on your bad days. 

19. Insurance Sales Agent 

Annual salary: $29,970$126,510

Buying insurance is what keeps people poor so that they can end up dying rich (a little dark, but true). Insurance doesn’t claim to help brighten your day—but it’s necessary, and it’s here to stay, 

For all those planning for retirement, moving house, or traveling to a mosquito-infested country—you’ll act as their lifeline and provide whatever type of insurance they need. Not everyone will be scrambling for insurance policies—so having the skills to win over your customers will help save you from having a MetLife career crisis. 

Requirements: While a business degree can help you get started as an insurance agent, if you have the right skills and charisma, usually a high school diploma will be just fine. You’ll also need to be licensed in the state where you work. 

20. Event planner 

Annual salary: $30,170$96,230

Ah, the joy of getting engaged—and the excitement of an upcoming wedding. Then boom—reality hits. Stress soon creeps in as you lose sleep (and money) planning the venue, outfits, flowers, honeymoon, reception, cake, rings—the list goes on. 

That’s where you come in. A thorough checklist and plenty of creative flair will be your best friend as you plan every detail—whether it’s a wedding, a Sweet 16, or an awkward high school reunion. No request will be too much. Finding a unicorn for a pony party? No problem. Hiring a Ryan Reynolds lookalike for the bachelorette party? Easy. 

Requirements: Even the most organized person will usually need a business, marketing, or public relations degree to get the top event planning jobs. However, a degree isn’t always necessary if you already have plenty of experience. 

21. Travel Agent 

Annual salary: $28,280$74,220

If travel floats your boat, why not work in the world of vacations? Sure, you won’t actually be jetting off yourself—but browsing beachy resorts, giving expert advice, and chatting to excitable honeymooners isn’t a bad way to pass the day. 

Of course, there are the not-so-fun parts like arranging transportation, getting insurance, and dealing with the dreaded refund requests. Winging it just isn’t an option—you’ll make sure that no trip is plane and that guests aren’t tide down to one activity when there’s plenty to sea. 

Requirements: If you’ve mastered powers of persuasion and have an eye for details, you could become a travel agent with just a high school diploma. Having certification or a degree in tourism will also be a nice addition. 

22. Medical Administrative Assistant 

Annual salary: $29,040$53,630

Hospital waiting rooms can be chaotic at the best of times. There’s Uncle Ben, who had too much to drink at the Christmas gathering. Little Lucy who had a timely nosebleed at her birthday party. And the panicker who’s already been diagnosed by Google. 

Behind the scenes keeping order, arranging appointments, updating records, and calming nerves is the medical administrative assistant. Working in a hospital means that no day will be the same—you’ll help keep everything running smoothly, even when faced with unexpected emergencies or impatient patients. 

Requirements: If you’ve ever wanted to work in a hospital without a degree, this one’s for you. Usually, you’ll just need a high school diploma and some experience to get the job. If a lack of experience is holding you back, several Medical Assistant programs are also available. 

23. Bank Teller 

Annual salary: $28,120$46,320 

Spending money is great until you see the damage to your bank account. So, rather than spend it yourself, you can help others spend their money—it might even make you feel less guilty about your own spending habits. 

As a bank teller, you’ll be dealing with all things cash-related. You’ll help your client cash checks, make withdrawals, pay loans, and perform other banking transactions. There’s no messing about when it comes to money, so it makes cents to have strong maths skills and attention to detail. 

Requirements: Aside from having a solid maths brain, you’ll need at least a high school diploma to get this job. If you want to work your way up, getting a degree in finance will set you up nicely. 

24. Information Clerk

Annual salary: $24,010$60,230

The existence of Google means we can access any information at the click of a button. But if you want to find out which restaurant is best for your gluten-free, semi-vegan, lactose-intolerant teenager with a shellfish allergy—you might need some in-person advice. 

Information clerks are basically your personal, alternative version of Google. You’ll be there to answer any questions regarding products, services, or extreme dietary requirements. If you don’t fancy dealing with customers face-to-face, you can chat away via phone or email instead.

Requirements: Having a high school diploma is usually enough to become an information clerk. You’ll also be expected to grow your knowledge and learn on the job if you want to become a human version of Google. 

25. Technical Customer Support Representative

Annual salary: $32,667$41,843 

We live in a world where going to a fancy restaurant means you can’t eat until you’ve taken a photo. Where reading a book is a novelty—and the TV has become the new babysitter. 

Love or hate it—technology is growing faster than most of us can keep up with. For those who just can’t hack the tech jargon or can’t figure out how to stop their laptop from beeping—you’ll be there to the rescue. Your tech wizardry will help you identify and solve any issues, and maintain and improve company systems

Requirements: To get the job, you’ll need at least a high school diploma. But more importantly, you’ll need to know tech like the back of your hand. You’ll have a knack for explaining complicated tech resolutions—even for the biggest technophobes. 

26. Customer Service Representative

Annual salary: $31,901$40,100

This is the obvious choice when we think of jobs in consumer services. As a customer service representative, your entire world revolves around customers—so if you’re not a people person, probably best to stay clear of this one. 

However, if you’ve ever been told you’re as calm as a cucumber, have the patience of a saint, or the persuasion of a politician—you’ll likely excel in this role. Your days will be spent answering questions, dealing with complaints, and explaining that, no, there are no refunds available for underwear you bought over a month ago. 

Requirements: A high school diploma is all you need to become a customer service representative. Having experience in customer service will also look impressive to potential employers. 

27. Concierge

Annual salary: $25,030$57,750

Have you ever dreamed of working with the rich and famous, but don’t have the talent (or a famous relative) to get into the industry? Working as a concierge could be the next best thing. Sure, you won’t be getting Lady Gaga’s salary—but the tips aren’t bad. 

For the guests you’ll be attending to, you’ll be at their beck and call for whatever they need. Whether that’s making dinner reservations, arranging transportation, or finding an encrusted gold plate for their caviar—you’ll do it all. If you deliver top service and always be prepared for the unexpected, the tips will soon come pouring in. 

Requirements: No degree is necessary here, but having experience working with guests in a hotel will go a long way. You can also get certified in a hospitality-related field to give you that extra edge. 

28. Receptionist 

Annual salary: $32,956$41,737

If you’re looking for a job where you meet new people every day, and still have time to play Tetris when nobody is around, working as a receptionist could be an interesting career path.

You’ll have your phone voice perfected as you take calls, arrange appointments and deal with any complaints. You’ll be the first face a guest or customer sees, so making a good impression is key (having a bowl of candy nearby is always a winner). You’ll also maintain calendars, sort mail, and make copies on the semi-functional office printer. 

Requirements: high school diploma is fine for a receptionist position unless you want to work in a specialist organization like healthcare or legal. If you really want to secure that job, a degree in business or communications will be a big help. 

29. Retail Customer Service Representative

Annual salary: $26,015$31,578 

Working in retail means the customer is always right. Whether it’s a customer complaining that the cake they bought was too sweet (after eating it all) or demanding a refund for the shirt they bought two years ago—the correct response is always to smile and nod. 

Ok, so working in retail can be frustrating. But—between stacking shelves, organizing products, and pricing items—you’ll get a lot of exercise. Handling payments and working in a fast-paced environment will also give you the skills (and lots of patience) to work your way up to those top positions in the world of retail. 

Requirements: Typically, a high school diploma will be enough to land an entry-level job in retail. Prior retail experience or knowledge of sales will also be a big advantage. 

30. Host/Hostess

Annual salary: $18,160$33,050

Ready to be the hostess with mostess? Working as a host or hostess is similar to working as a waiter, only with better pay, probably less stress, and a touch of fine-dining luxury (if you’re lucky).

With Instagrammable opportunities and the need for stimulation at all times, going to a restaurant isn’t just about the food anymore, but the whole experience—and it starts with you. You’ll greet guests and answer any questions with a friendly face and a calm head. Servers aren’t the only ones earning tips—so don’t hold back on the charm offensive.

Requirements: high school diploma and experience working in a restaurant are all you need to work as a host or hostess. But to go that extra mile, getting a certificate in hospitality will come in handy. 

Is Consumer Services a Good Career Path?

With consumer services, our first thought often goes straight to sales, retail, or hospitality. These jobs can get a bad rap—but for those without a college education, it’s a chance to enter the industry and work your way up. Plus, you’ll learn a bunch of useful skills on the way. 

For those with a degree, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store with plenty to choose from. If math and problem-solving are your thing, there are plenty of jobs in finance. If you want to help others or show off your creativity—jobs in administration, marketing, or event planning might take your fancy.

So, if you like some variety and consider yourself a people person, a job in consumer services is a great career path

Frequently Asked Questions

What companies are in the consumer services field?

Many companies in the hospitality, sales, healthcare, and finance industries belong to the field of consumer services. Top companies include Walmart, Amazon, McDonald’s, Pfizer, and Apple. 

How many jobs are available in consumer services? 

As so many jobs are available in consumer services, the job market is always changing. To give you an idea, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are about 389,400 openings every year in customer service and 594,499 in retail sales

What is the average customer service salary?

The average customer service salary can depend on your industry and position. A sales manager’s median salary was $127,490 in 2021—while a customer service representative’s median hourly wage was $17.75 in the same year. 


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